A/N: Heyyyyyyo! So this is my first Klaine fan fic! There weren't too many stories where they go on vacation and I was just thinking of all the fun crazy things the Warblers could do! :)

Characters based of of CP Coutler's Dalton, slightly based of of foraworldundeserving's story Sail.

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Summer With the Warblers

I rolled over in my bed, only to open my eyes up to my boyfriend, Kurt Hummel sleeping soundly next to me. I smiled at the sight, Kurt's eyes closed, mouth slightly parted, and his hair all over the place. I smiled and placed a light kiss on his forehead, making Kurt sigh with content.

While I was waiting for Kurt to wake up, I started thinking of the next 2 weeks ahead of us. Me, Kurt, and some of the Warblers were on vacation for 2 weeks on my family boat...Well, it was really more like a small yacht. It had 13 rooms, a back deck where my parent's usually held the parties, and a front deck which held a bunch of lounge chairs and had a perfect view of the ocean out in front of us. My parents were on a 2 week business trip to the Philippines, so they had allowed us to use the boat. So now, me, Kurt, Wes, David, Nick, Jeff, Ethan, Evan, Reed, Thad, Trent and Cameron were leaving at 3 PM to go on out little "cruise".

While I was daydreaming, Kurt must've woken up because the next thing I knew, his arms were around me, and he was kissing my jawline, slowly making his way up to my lips where he placed a gentle kiss. I grinned into the kiss and wrapped my arms around him also, letting his hands play with my unruly, curly hair.

"Morning, baby. Sleep well?" Kurt mumbled something unintelligent, pulling me back to kiss me again. I chuckled at this before pulling away, making my boyfriend make a small sound of protest.

"Come on babe. It's already 9 and we need to get going!" Kurt's eyes got wide in realization of what was happening today. He jumped out of bed and ran to the other side, pulling me out.

"Blaine Anderson, hurry your ass up and go shower!" I saluted him with a goofy grin on my face as I grabbed my change of clothes and my toiletries. I made my way to the bathroom, turning on the shower and jumping in when the temperature was just right. I washed my hair and body and turned off the water. I wrapped one of my fluffy white towels around my waist, making my way to the sink. I brushed my teeth and dried myself off, rubbing my hair down with the towel. I got dressed and quickly picked up my things knowing Kurt wouldn't be too pleased with my messiness.

As I exited the bathroom, Kurt ran inside, almost before I could get out. I knew he was going to be taking at least an hour so I made my way downstairs to the kitchen. I walked over to the refrigerator and started pulling out eggs and bacon. I quickly made breakfast, pouring orange juice into 2 glasses. I set the plates and cups onto a large tray and carried it carefully up to my room. Kurt was still in the bathroom, but the shower was turned off.

"Kurt! Breakfast is ready!"

"Okay, just give me like, 5 more minutes!"

I sat down on my bed, lifting one of the plates from the tray and settling down to eat. When I was about half way done with my food, Kurt walked out of the bathroom, looking well to say the least, sexy. He was wearing tight, tight, tight black skinny jeans, a light gray button up, and a black vest. His hair was in his usual perfect coif and his eyes seemed brighter than ever.
I felt my jaw drop as I saw him, Kurt smirking as he saw this.

"Blaine close your mouth. It's not polite to show others what you're eating," I blushed and immediately chewing and swallowing my food, Kurt doing the same.

Once we were done, we set the empty cups and plates back on the tray, setting it on my nightstand. We had packed a few nights before hand. Well, I packed then, Kurt had started packing practically when he got the OK from his dad that he could go, which was about 4 weeks ago. Still, we grabbed a few other things that were lying around my room and in the bathroom, quickly adding them to our suitcases. When it was around 10 o'clock, we made our way downstairs, satisfied with what we had accomplished.

"Wanna watch a movie?" I suggested.

"Sure! What do you wanna watch?"

"Something Disney!" Kurt laughed at this predictability.

"Of course something Disney," he winked. "What one do you want to watch?"

"Ummm...oh! The Little Mermaid!" I grabbed his hand and practically pulled him to our living room, on our couch.

Once Kurt popped the movie in, we snuggled up on the couch, silently mouthing the lines. We were about 3/4ths into the movie before my phone buzzed. I whipped it out seeing it was a text from Wes.

Yo, dude what's the address of the boarding dock again? And what time do we have to be there? And how long after that will we be leaving?

I sighed at my best friend's horrible memory as i quickly typed back a reply, telling him all the information he needed before settling down next to my boyfriend again. Once the movie was over, it was around noon. I looked over and saw that Kurt had fallen asleep, his head in my lap. I smiled and just stroked his hair softly, but not enough to mess it up. We just sat there for the longest time before my stomach grumbled, waking up Kurt.

"Whattimeisit?" he mumbled rubbing his eyes.

"It's about..." I checked my watch. "It's exactly 1:53,"

"Oh. I'm hungry. And I'm assuming you are too if your stomach didn't tell me that much already," he winked at me getting up and shuffling his way to the kitchen pulling out numerous items. I followed him over there as he was cutting up some vegetables. I came up behind him snaking my arms around his waist, nuzzling my face in his neck.

"Blaaaaaaine, I'm gonna cut myself making lunch if you don't stop..." he tried to sound warning but ended up just sounding like he couldn't care less. I hummed in response, finally letting go of him and stepping around the counter. Soon enough there were bowls of salad with grilled chicken on top.

We quickly ate, cleaned up and put everything back. By the time we left it was around 2:20 and it takes us 30 minutes to get to the boarding dock.

When we got there, the twins, Nick, Jeff, Cameron, Trent and Thad were already there, talking amongst themselves. When Kurt and I walked up to them, Nick and Jeff were the first one's to notice us, running over hand in hand, pulling us in a huge hug.

"Dude thanks so much for taking us!" Nick exclaimed pulling back. All the other guys shouted agreements up in the air.

"It was no problem! You guys are my best friends! Of course you'd be coming with me!" The guys all "awww"ed in response. Kurt laughed and rolled his eyes, picking up his bags.

"Come on guys, or this monster's gonna leave without us!" at that, all the Warblers flew around collecting their things and running on the dock to board the boat. I went off to talk to the staff and captain really quick, just double checking things. Once I boarded the boat, I found all of my friends on the front deck, Kurt and Reed by the railing taking in the view, Wes, David, and Thad inspecting every little thing, Nick and Jeff already on a lounge chair together talking quietly, and the Twins, Trent and Cameron rough housing. I shook my head smiling a little bit.

"Alright! Is anyone forgetting anything?" I got everyone's attention.

"NOPE!" was the response I got. Satisfied, I walked over to Kurt quietly, wrapping my arms around him like earlier in the kitchen. He turned around and dropped his head on my shoulder sighing softly, his warm breath hitting my neck.

"Um, I'm just gonna go..." Reed winked at us and walked over to Wes and David.

When I finally pulled back, I looked into Kurt's beautiful blue/green/gray eyes.

"Hi," he whispered.

"Hi, there," I replied just as softly. I leaned in and gave him a simple, yet passionate kiss. He deepened it slightly by running his tongue across my bottom lip. I immediately gave him access, my tongue meeting his. Suddenly wolf-whistles were being given along with teasing cat calls and shouts.

"Hey love birds! Get a room!"

"Get some Anderson!"

"I didn't need to see that..." the last reply coming from Cameron. Kurt pulled back, blushing but still managed to pull his bitch glare on him.

"Blaine, how are we doing rooming arrangements?" Of course that was Wes who was always in order, apparently even on vacation.

"Oh! Thanks for reminding me! Okay: Me and Kurt,"

"Shocker..." muttered Thad. I glared at him before returning to the list.

"Me and Kurt, Wes and David, Nick and Jeff, Evan and Reed, Ethan, and Cameron, and Thad and Trent!" I finished off.

"Okay! When's Dinner?" The twins said together before turning to each other and high-fiving each other, big grins on their faces.

"Well. It's only 3:15...so not for like 3 hours," everyone groaned.

"Just go to your rooms and unpack and then I guess we can explore and hang out!" David took charge. I sent him a grateful look.

Soon everyone was gone, lugging their suitcases and bags behind them. I could vaguely hear the twins singing "Row Row Row Your Boat" before hearing cries of protest, figuring Wes had pulled out his gavel on them.

I shook my head and smiled before collecting my suitcases as well and taking Kurt's hand, leading us to our room. Once we were inside, we put our suitcases on the bed and I sat down on one bed. Kurt soon followed suit, wrapping his arm around my waist and resting his head on my shoulder. I turned and kissed the top of his head softly. He smiled and lifted his head giving me full access to his lips. I quickly deepened the kiss, moving to his jaw and planting soft kisses down his jaw line and neck. He raised his head a little giving me a better view on his neck. A little moan came from his partially red, swollen lips, giving me the shivers.

"Bl-Blaine, the g-guys are gonn-ohmygod, their gonna be out s-s-soon wanting to do so-omething,"

"Don't worry about them. They'll be fine," I mumbled against his neck. But as if on cue, we heard a loud bang. I pulled back, half groaning and sighing.

"Told you," Kurt smirked.

I glared at him before getting up and quickly making my way to the loud sound. When I reached the main deck, I saw the twins standing there trying to drive a remote control car, but ending up sending it into walls and people's feet.

Evan looked up and grinned at us. "Hey Alice and White Rabbit!" Both Kurt and I rolled our eyes at the nicknames.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Um, isn't it obvious?" Ethan motioned to the controller in his hands. I sighed.

"Just don't break anything,"

"Us?" They put their hands to their chests in mock shock. Rolling my eyes I made my way further onto the deck.

"Hey Kurt and Bl-WHOA!" Reed came running over to us, only to end up falling flat on his face tripping over his shoes. "Ow," he sat up rubbing his forehead.

"Reed, when are you going to learn you have to be careful, especially on this boat!" Kurt sighed as he helped Reed to his feet. Reed smiled sheepishly, muttering a thanks.

For the next couple of hours we just hung out on the main deck, talking about what we wanted to do for the next 2 weeks. Soon the smell of steak and french fries came wafting through the air. That was all it took for every single one of the guys to run to the dinner table that was set up. The chefs came out placing everything on the tables. They had barely been able to get the platters on the table before all 12 of us boys attacked the food like we hadn't eaten in days.

Once we were done with dinner, we decided to go to the back deck and play truth or dare. Once we were in a circle, Jeff started the game.

"Okay, Cameron, truth or dare?"


"Hmm...okay I dare you to make out with Trent for 3 minutes...GO!" Cameron just shrugged used to his friend's antics and went to Trent and leaned in. 3 minutes later he pulled back and went and sat back down, not saying anything. He smirked at all his friend's shocked faces.

"Um, wow. Okay. Cameron, ask someone," Nick broke the silence.

"Okay, Kurt truth or dare?"

"I'll have to go truth,"

"Okay, who tops?" All the guys sniggered while Kurt and I blushed furiously.

"Um. We haven't really, uh...gotten there..." he blushed even more.


"GUYS! You don't need to know ANYTHING about Kurt and My sex life!" my face had to be beat red by now.

Wes shook his head. "Anyways, Kurt go,"

"Um...Nick, truth or dare?"

"Dare," he responded immediately.

"I dare you to strip tease for Jeff," Jeff's eyes got really wide as my boyfriend said this. It was all I could do from busting out laughing while Kurt kept a straight, blank face. Slowly, Nick got up and stood in front of a blushing Jeff. He slowly started unbuttoning his shirt and let it float to the ground. Jeff was just staring at his boyfriend, while the rest of the Warblers were letting out choked laughs and sniggers. Once Nick got to his belt, Jeff jumped up and grabbed Nick's wrist dragging them towards the direction of their room.

"Use protection!" Cameron yelled after them laughing along with the others. The game continued for another good 45 minutes, the dares getting racier and the we learned many things about the guys, some they didn't need to know, some things they already knew. Around 9 the boys slowly went their ways to their cabins. Only Kurt and I stayed out on the deck, standing side by side leaning against the railing looking at the moon's reflection on the lake. It was a clear, perfect, warm night. A comfortable silence lingered in the air between them, but Kurt broke it after some time.

"It's so beautiful out here. It makes me never want to go home," I chuckled at this.

"Well, we've only been on the boat for about 6 hours, you've got plenty of time," I said turning to him. He turned towards me also, out eyes locking together.

"You're so beautiful," I murmured, reaching out and caressing his face with my hand. He blushed and I couldn't help but how cute he looked when he did that.

"Have you looked in the mirror lately?" I'm guessing he was trying to make it as a joke, but it was so soft and sweet, there was no way of really knowing for sure. I smiled and leaned in to kiss him. It was a simple, sweet, loving kiss.

"Ready to go to bed?" I offered him my hand, which he took gratefully.

"Yeah. I can't wait for tomorrow,"

"Me either, babe. Me either," I kissed his cheek and we walked hand in hand towards our room, settling down for a perfect night's rest.

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