Hey guys this is my second story and after my first I thought the world would be better without my writing, but for me, I am in love with Runther, and I have this idea in my head but no one has thought of it, yet so here it is. It is a little random but I like it, so here it goes.

Rocky's POV

"Okay class , I want you to write a small paragraph, on who is your best friend, and why. You have twenty minutes so start going." Mrs. Hemm said as if these were her last words.

Rocky Blue was surprisingly at a loss for words, everyone knows that Cece and her are best friends till' death, but why?' Rocky tried and tried to get something out, but nothing. She was blocked.


" Okay, class, lets share out…everyone you can raise your hands now…nobody…..fine… um …. Rocky, you probably have a brilliant essay on Cece, so let's hear it." Mrs. Hemm said sarcastically.

"Ummm…. Okay," Rocky said unsurely as she walked up followed by a whole lot of 'here we go' s. Rocky was probably the most worried she has ever been in her life, except when she audition for Shake it up Chicago with her best friend. 'Maybe I can talk about that,…..no that's stupid, everyone already know that story.' Then Rocky really got worried, looking at the 37 acne covered teenagers looking right back at her. The quick, smart, thinking Rocky Blue walked up there knowing, she had a blank page.

After about a minute, of standing up there, saying nothing, and receiving a whole bunch of 'duh' and 'talk' s , she says;

"Okay, so my best friend is …." Rocky said trying to extended the statement as long as possible….


"Oh thank god," I said

"Huh, what did you say Rocky?"

"Oh Mrs. Hemm I was saying darn, that I can't present till next class….. Got to go. Bye!"

As Rocky was walking was to the classroom exit as quickly as possible,BAM, she was blinded by the Hessenheffers new sparkly outfits. And….. BAM , Rocky ran right into the wall.

"Owww" Rocky said , drowned out by the Hessenheffers nonstop laughing as they exited the room. Tinka walks off but Gunther stays.

"Hey, Rocky are you ok?" Gunther said with his heavy accent and kind eyes.

"Yea , thanks Gunther"

" GUNTHER, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Tinka asked, outraged.

"Oh, just getting in my last insult, Loser!...Sorry Rocky." Gunther said nervously. Also, saying that last part under his breath. As he hastily exits.

"No, prob." I say even though he has already left.

Rocky finally got out of that devil of a room and thought,' hmmm, Gunther Hessenheffer was actually nice to me…. Oh well.' Then Rocky walked to her locker and thought about the classroom discussion.

Why am I even friends with Cece?

Is it because she pushes me around,

Or that, to her I am just her sidekick,

Or is that Cece Jones is more popular than me?

Rocky opens her locker knowing she is already late to class. She thinks about running to class but;

"No, Cece is not the only rebellious one."

But as she looks in her OCD style locker she sees a note fall to the ground. And as a natural horror movie reflect, she looks at it and reads it.

Dear Raquel Blue,

You are the WORST dancer on Shake it up Chicago and you are freakishly tall. Oh, and by the way, everyone likes Cece over you and we all think you are her sidekick.

Love Always,


" Wow that was random! It is probably the Gunther and Tinka tricks" Rocky said sadly.

' Wow this is a really new low for them, and for a second I actually thought Gunther was a good guy. Well, that is way gone.' Rocky just brushed it off as she closed it her locker. Then, boom, her hair was stuck in the locker. ' Grrr' she thought, since she couldn't turn to open the locker without ripping out her hair. She looked around for anyone to help. She sighed 'Forever Alone' she laughed at the thought. Sadly, today was the day the Rocky Blue lost something really important to her, a strand of hair. (Tear) She laughed and looked around knowing she was the only one there.

Then, Rocky really thought about the note.' Is all that stuff really true about me?' Rocky slid down the side of the locker to the bare, cold floor. Then, she started going back and forth in her mind, thinking'It's not true' and ' Yes, it is.'

Rocky just sat there, not caring when people tried to talk to her or not. It was kind of weird, like a movie, well in Rocky's opinion, you know how everyone thing around you is fast and you are moving so slow. Then, one gentle tear escaped her eyes, luckily no one realizes it.


"Oh darn it! The school day is already over." Rocky said very frightened, slightly standing up.

"Hey Rocky!" Cece, Ty, and Deuce said in unison, as if they just practiced it.

"Rocky, you look terrible." Cece said sarcastically.

Rocky pulled Cece to the side.

"It's your entire fault, Cece. You are the reason everyone hates me." I said obviously knowing I was being rude.

"What Rocky, I was just kidding?" Cece started to cry.

I started to see her cry but I didn't mind, I know that sound rude, but she is kind of the reason. I know I am kind of overreacting, but really , Why is everything about Cece? I should say sorry, but I already have a headache from crying and it is too late to make a retraction.

"Rocky, Rocky!" Cece said practically screaming.

"What?" I said annoyed

"Rocky, I was asking you why you were mad at me, then you just stopped talking." Cece said actually sounding concerned.

"Yeah!' Ty and deuce said in the background, trying not to look stupid.

"Cece, if you can't realize what wrong-….. I should really go." I said picking up my backpack and hastily walking away. As Cece, followed me all the way to the parking lot.

"Rocky, that's not true you are awes-"Cece said sincerely before being interrupted by Gunther.

"Hello, Babybees!" Gunther and Tinka said enthusiastically, and oblivious of what was actually happening. As they said this, Cece started crying harder.

"Cece sorry for making you cry, but I have to go."

Then I walked into the street and then BAM! It just hit me

Cliffhanger! So, see ya later.


It just hit me, Cece and I had just our first real fight, well except for when we went to Dr. Pepper, and when we were in Texas, and… well you get the point.

I turned around and saw Cece crying and trying to explain to Deuce and Ty, and Gunther and Tinka looking dumbfounded. ' Wow, Gunther is kind of cute. Really, Rocky the first thing that pops in your head after a fight with your best friend is Gunther Hessenheffer!' I saw Cece crying and it was so sad, I wanted to run back and say sorry, but…. I just kept walking.

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