Title: One Down
Author: Sage SK
Date Started: 5/23/12
Date Finished: 5/24/12

Comments: Yes, I'm sure this has been done a million times, but I wanted to do my own version. As always, much thanks to my awesome beta reader! -


It hadn't even taken Edward two seconds to respond to Alphonse's statement, which in turn shocked the latter.

"Brother? But, I'm allowed to eat solids again. The doctor said so."

"And, I've tasted hospital food. No. You are not subjecting yourself to that crud. If you're going to start eating again, you're eating something worthwhile."

Al rolled his eyes good-naturedly. "Because you said so?"

"Darn right!" Ed stood up and looked around the pile of books on the table next to them. "Where's that book you had?"

Al blinked. "Book?"

"That one black book you had with a list of things you wanted to eat when you got your body back?"

Al laughed weakly. "Brother, I lost that a long time ago."

"Okay, nix the book." Ed's eyes suddenly lit up. "But, I do remember something you wanted to eat." He then turned towards the door.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to make a phone call."

"Who are you calling?"

"You'll see!"

"Eat it all up, Big Brother!"

Al almost couldn't believe his eyes. For that matter, he almost couldn't believe what he was breathing in. After the stale smell of medication, rubbing alcohol, and several other unpleasant hospital odors, an aroma this wonderful was more than welcome.

In front of him was a warm spinach quiche, courtesy of Gracia Hughes. Beside him, a beaming Elicia Hughes sat in her mother's lap coaxing him to eat before it got cold. Standing next to them, his older brother waited for him to take that first bite.

"What're you waiting for, Alphonse? Don't tell me you forgot how to hold a fork," Ed joked, a huge grin on his face.

"It's not that," Al returned. "It's just... this smells so good."

Gracia chuckled. "It will taste even better while it's warm."

Nodding, Al shakily reached for his fork and cut a piece, disregarding the glances from his impatient audience.

And, what happened next Ed would remember for the rest of his life.

Al's eyes widened as he chewed the first bite, the memories flooding back to their mother's quiche. It was everything like he remembered - the light, fluffy crust, the melted cheese, the eggs, the spinach... He could just about taste every single one of them. Slowly putting the fork down, he began to cry.

"Big Brother? Was it too hot?" an alarmed Elicia asked as Gracia and Ed looked on, concerned.

Shaking his head, Al looked up through his tears to show them that he was smiling. "It's amazing."

And, with tears still in his eyes, he continued to savor the first bites of real food he had in years.