Please tell me I'm not the only one who noticed that everyone's injuries were healed between the battle scene and the 'Leaving for Asgard' scene. Since it takes minimum three days to heal cuts and scrapes like that I'm only to assume something incredibly naughty happened that the PG rating wouldn't allow us to see.

At least, I can imagine right?..

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My every road leads to you

And in the hour of darkness

Your light gets me through

He had three days to explore the little blue planet. The mortal humans had demanded three more days with the Tesserect. He had consented with one request. "I wish to see Jane Foster." He said confidently. He half feared that they would deny him his one request, that he was to be a prisoner until he left their planet.

He was surprised when the man who called himself Tony Stark spoke up, "I'll take him. I' have to go to D.C anyway. Virgina is en route." Tony left to make a call and Thor was left looking to the great window. Soon.. was all that crossed his mind. Less than an hour later he was dressed in civilian clothes and following Stark into the flying machine.

Stark entered the craft as the personal flittered around him as he sat. "Have a seat Thunder." Tony motioned to the seat across from him, "We'll be there in a hour or two."

He slumped against the side of the craft and smiled as he pictured her in his mind's eye. "Tell me about her." Tony said abruptly. Thor looked to the man and saw none of the brash swaggering man he had come to know over the previous few days. "Jane. I know all about the scientist, tell me about the woman."

"Why would you care." He said, pride soaked his words with distain, "She should matter not to one like you."

"Believe it or not Thunder, I can make her life a lot easier with just a phone call." Stark said, "And after what I've read, I would. On paper she's a brilliant scientist."

"Aye. Bright she is." Thor said, he complied his thoughts and glanced at the man across from him. "Why?"

"I've recently opened an astrology fund and need a researcher to run it." Tony smirked, "I realise you don't understand a word I'm saying, but take it as good news for her." Thor grunted a response and he looked out the window of the craft at the ground below, effectively ending the conversation.

The patchwork fields grew hazy as they rose above the clouds and the silence grew stale between them, the previous few days wearing on his soul and body as Thor relaxed into the plush seat and ignored his feelings of awkwardness in the unfamiliar surroundings and focused on the fact that within a couple hours, he would see Jane again.

The converted warehouse had been an incredible find. SHEILD had given her funding for the building of a full lab, high in the Appalachian mountains of West Virgina. The building of her telescope and access to various universities had made everything much neater. The move had been finished while she had been on leave doing a consulting job on the west coast, completing the evening of the day prior, only hours before she had arrived back.

SHEILD had appeared and swept her off to the isolated facility in Norway to consult for some professors who were studying wormhole theorems, the topic that had made her a name in the world of Astrophysics as a leading researcher. It had taken her a day to get back into her groove once she had returned.

She had been in her room sitting at the desk, her fingers flying across the keyboard when she had heard the door open to the upper apartment area. "Darcy I forgot to ask for soy sauce." She yelled. When no one answered she yelled again, "Darce?" Men's voices were audible and she rolled her eyes, ready to scold the SHEILD agent that disturbed her when she was so close.

"You guys have got to stop just barging-" Had she noticed, one man in black she would have recognized from the lower levels, a man by the name of Agent Dagson, the other man obviously being Tony Stark.

But she paid no heed to either of the other two. "Thor." She whispered. The tall, blond head was turned but quickly faced her when he heard her voice. His arms flew opened and she raced into them, colliding with his chest.

"I have missed you Jane. So very much." He pulled her to him tightly and held her close. The flowery scent of her hair, the soft smooth skin overwhelmed his senses as neither of them said a word. They both were so wrapped up in the other that neither noticed when the other two men had left.

After awhile she pulled her head out of his shoulder so she could look him in the eye "I saw the coverage of New York." She whispered, "I didn't want to believe that you had come and not-.."

"I swore I would return for you." He said. "I am sorry you were not my first destination."

"I waited." She whispered, "In New Mexico, I waited at the Bifrost site for hours. I went back every day for weeks."

"Circumstances arose that were unavoidable." He said, "Loki happened, and for that, I'm sorry. "

She pecked his cheek and laughed. "Brothers," she giggled, "Out to ruin lives."

"Some more than others." He grew silent and his arms relaxed slightly as she tugged him and pulled him towards the privacy of her room.

The new facility offered her with spacious quarters, an office area in one corner (and by 'office' it was really just a desk with a pile of papers on it and a laptop buried beneath somewhere..). A full bathroom attached and her large bed pushed up against the wall. She was grateful that she hadn't been back long enough to mess what cleaning Darcy must have done while Jane had been away. "How long to we have." She asked, her former façade of self assurance waned in light of the inevitable.

"I must return to the city in three days." She nodded in understanding. "I must return the Tesserect to the Allfather and Loki with it."

He pulled her flush against his chest as she stroked his weathered face and he felt her eyes assessing him, "You look weary." She said softly, as her fingers traced the tension lines on his face. His eyes closed as she petted away the permanent scowl that was eteched in his features, the pad of her finger was soft as it glided over his noble face. "Do you ever sleep?"

"Not in weeks." She frowned and cupped his cheek. She didn't think twice before reaching up and pressing her lips to his. She felt his arms tighten around her as he held her close.

He felt her hands on his chest, her nails digging through the thin material of the shirt. The clothes that had been supplied for him were very similar to those he had first received from her so long ago. His thoughts circled around the memories, now that he had her back in his arms, her flowery feminine scent ensnared his senses once more, he could relive each and every memory without the pain of separation. He heard a moan and he realised his error, feeling the apprehension creep up his neck," Jane, we shouldn't-"

"Don't think. I've had two years of just thinking."

"It's not proper." He whispered against her neck, he was trying to be chivalrous, but she was making it nearly impossible. Her nails dragged up his arms, when she reached his shoulders and she pulled his face level with hers and floored him when she sealed her lips against his once more.

"I don't care." She said, he stared down at her, the weak moonlight accenting her crisp features.

She sighed as her small hands traced the large muscles and the iron strength under the supple skin. She had no doubt that he could kill with those arms, with those hands, but she had also seen them so gentle and kind. Her nimble fingers had freed him of the buttoned shirt and they greedily caressed the expanse of hard muscle that was now hers for the taking.

Fear raced up his back as his concern for harming her was barely surpassed by his need for her. He was not accustom to such forward women, but Jane had continued to surprise him. She focused on him, the milky warm brown eyes full of desire and need. "Please." She whispered.

He felt his control snap like a twig as they shed the remains of their clothing, his lips sealing against the apex of her neck. He decided the pace was too slow and picked her up and carried her back to the bed, her legs wrapping around his waist.. He placed her on the covers with the care one would take with the most delicate crystal. She moaned appreciatively as his hungrily pawed at the exposed flesh. He was ashamed of the baser instinct that had been leading his actions. But Jane clung to him, unaware of his concern.

He paused and stared at her. Her eyes were onyx and her chest was heaving, words became impossible to assemble. Her nails dug into the golden flesh at his shoulders and her back arched to him, offering herself for the taking. It was so primitive, so instinctual, he let a guttural groan as he finally lost the fight within.

He pressed the engorged weeping head against her wet folds pushing in gently. He feared his large size and her tiny body would be incompatible, but as he pressed in slowly he found himself quickly mistaken. She seemed to accept him, all of him, and the thought forced him to cling to his meager control, restraining the beast inside.

"More." she murmured and he groaned sunk further into the cradle of her hips, still afraid that he was hurting her. He finally stopped when he was finally flush against her, her eyes were scrunched in what he assumed was pain. He felt the guilt sweep across him until they opened and once more he saw the wanton lust in them.

Leaning down he pressed a tender kiss on her jaw line, his lips tracing a trail down her neck as he whispered words of adoration for the creature. His hand hitched her leg higher around his waist as he moved with her, their rhythm as fluid as an ocean against the shore. The dance of their bodies was as old as time itself.

Her nails were sharp against the solid muscle of his back and the moans that pour from her throat chipped away at his diminished control. No woman before her or since had eroded at his very soul like her. She made him question who he was, what he stood for. Before her, his existence had been white and black. Defend Asgard, fight, train. His duty had been all that mattered, but now she mattered. She was what was most important. He wanted to throw his duty out the window, he wanted to stay in this realm, in this bed with her for all eternity.

"Thor." She moaned and the last measure of control snapped. His name on her lips, in the throes of passion ignited a flame in his blood like nothing else. No battle, no war could match the heat that raced through him. She said his name. She called for him. Nothing was more beautiful in that moment to him.

Her back arched and he grunted in exertion as his pace became a sprint to the end that was fast approaching. He shifted directions slightly and she exploded around him. Her scream echoed around him, and she quivered and clenching around him. It was too much, the tight space made tighter by her release as she pulled everything from him. He met his own end with a thundering roar, the sensation of his soul being ripped from him through his loins into her causing his own eyes to roll back in his head. He sudden felt weak and fell to his side, careful not to collapse on her tiny body.

His arm wrapped around her waist and his head rested on her shoulder as they both chased after their heartbeats, their breaths coming in short pants. He glanced at her, slightly nervous that he had harmed her, her mortal form so fragile. "Jane? Are you hurt?" He whispered. He glanced to her face and watched the feral smile spread across it.

"Definitely not." She mumbled. Her eyes were closed and she had a glow that appeared to come from within. She was truly the most stunning woman to him, not because of her attractive features but her very soul was beautiful. She did everything with such a reckoning force that it overwhelmed him. All he wanted was to hide her from all the evilness in this and every realm, but he knew he couldn't. He couldn't protect her, from any harm while exiled to Asgard.

He smiled at the thought. Once he had thought it the worst imaginable punishment to be banish from Asgard, now his own home was a prison because it didn't have her. He looked down and saw that her eyes had closed, and she snuffled as he rolled to his back, pulling her with him.

He nuzzled her hair as her lips grazed the hard muscle beneath her cheek and her feet curled around his knee. "I could stay like this forever." Her warm breath chilling the fevered flesh.


His chest tightened as the breath stuck in his chest. Forever had different meanings to them. She was mortal and therefore would have a mortal lifespan. His immortality was a curse would one day separate them. But laying with her, as they were, his breathing too slowed and he closed his eyes.

In the warm confines of her room, her head resting on his chest, he slept ignoring that their time was fleeting. He comforted himself with the memory that they would always have this time in their memories. They would always have this.

He awoke hours later in pain. He winced as the tightness in his shoulder from the week's battle and the unorthodox method of travelling had been ignored until that very moment. He was on his side facing her, her face buried in his chest. Her lips were parted and he could feel her warm breath against his skin.

He couldn't deny his feelings. His love for her was cemented in his very being. Her hair fell away from her face, framing her delicate features and he took the moment to study her. She too looked weary. Unlike his fatigue that had spawned from weeks of worrying and days of battle, hers had come from his two years absent. Heimdall had told him how she worked relentlessly on her search to find a way to bring him back to earth.

He felt a flash of guilt over all the harm he had caused this planet, he had caused her by merely catching her attention all those years ago in the desert. The injury Loki had caused the good Erik Selvig flashed through his mind but he quickly tossed the thought out. His concern would not help the good scientist. The man named Fury had promised to see to Selvig's medical needs.

She sighed softly, effectively pulling him from his thoughts. He tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and smiled at the woman in his arms, her eyes opening as a grin spread across her face as she looked up to him. "Morning." She whispered. She glanced at the clock beside the bed and winced, "5 am- almost morning."

He smiled and bent down and kissed her. It was the kiss he had wanted to give her since they had parted so long ago, since he had returned, since he had realised his deep and abiding love for her.

It was full of sweetness and longing. There was lust beneath the adoration and desire within the affection. She pushed him to his back and he felt his heart begin to race when she crawled up his chest and her knees straddled his waist, the sheet moved with her as it hung over her hips, her hair fell in a curtain of privacy around them. Her lips moved down his neck and her hands kneaded the muscles in his arms and shoulders like they were baker's dough. A crimson stain crossed his face as he groaned when her lips found a particularly tender spot on his chest.

Her eyes flashed to his face and he didn't hide the pain quick enough. "You're hurt." She said, her voice accusing. "You let me-.. We-.. and you were hurt this entire time."

He cupped her cheek and smiled at her, "Believe me when I tell you, I felt no pain last night. Pain of any kind." She blushed scarlet and hid her face. He pulled her chin up with a finger and he pressed a chaste kiss to her lips.

She pulled away and scowled at him, her hands tracing the hard muscles of his stomach and the solid flesh of his shoulders and arms finding all the cuts and bruises she had ignored the day before. She had been so overjoyed to see him, she had forgotten he had been in a fight for his life, the fight for all humanity, for her people. She mapped out the various injuries and kissed each one, thankful that he had survived.

"The Chitari's weapons were made to kill Asgardians. Thankfully, Loki is not a warrior... Well, not a good one." Thor said weakly, the fire in her eyes growing more fierce. She found the mark where Loki had stabbed him and she repressed the urge to cry for him, instead she gave him a bruising kiss on his lips, a desperate attempt to forget the look in his eye.

She had seen the acceptance cross his face. He had been prepared to die, to leave her for eternity never knowing. And all for the good of her people, of her planet. "Never again. Please." She said softly as she nuzzled the coarse whiskers at his jaw line.

"I cannot promise that Jane. But whether it be against a foe or the distance that separates us. I will fight my way back to your side." His arms wrapped around her back and he held her against his chest. " No matter how long it takes. Know that this is where I want to be." Her breath hitched in her chest and she shut out the tears that attempted to overflow from her eyes. "I swear I'll always return, somehow."

She pulled away from his arms and he sat up. Her eyes hardened and she framed his face with her hands, her thumbs brushing across the small cut just below his eye. "Don't make a promise you can't keep."

"This one I can." He turned his head and pressed a kiss to her palm. "I have the Tesserect now." She gave him a gentle smile, her arms wrapped around his shoulders causing him to wince as she grazed another injury.

"Let me take care of you." She whispered. She wrapped the thin sheet around her as she crawled out of the bed and in a moment of brazen courage she let the sheet drop around her. "Come and have a shower with me, Thor." She extended her hand to him and smiled as he scrambled from the bed to follow her to the attached bathroom.

He felt the shockwave of thrill race down his spine as he watched her enter the wash room and fiddled with the dials till the steam beginning to creep over the edge. He felt the tug on his soul to follow her, wanting to feel shame and anger that this measly human had such a grip on him.

But he didn't care. He would never mind, for he knew she loved him with the same ferocious need that he loved her with, though the words hadn't been spoken. It was inexplicable, for they barely knew each other, but there is was, the glowing bond within his chest that had settled sometime between her worried face when he had died in his mortal form and that kiss that sealed his fate before leaving to confront his brother.

He stepped into the humid enclosure and immediately encircled her waist with his hands. She was barely wet with the water, but his exceptional and heighten senses told him she was already soaking with need.

Her arms snaked around his neck and his hands lifted her from under her bottom onto the ledge that was cleared of soaps and bottles with a swipe of his arm. The water pounded against his back as he held her arms above her head. His lips feasted on her neck as her voice rose above the sound of the water. The mutual sigh that rose as he slid in to the warm welcoming heat was keening and needful.

He released her hands as his finger trail the wet path down her ribs. When his hands met her hips he pulled her closer to him, pressing against the small of her back cause her to gasp in a sound of pure gratification. Her hands dug into his shoulders as she found her leverage, moving with him.

His one hand held her in place as the other pressed against the wall of the shower, the water cascading down his face, and through her hair, the rivets streaming down their bodies not acknowledged by the lovers.

The burn started in her stomach and grew. Like a black hole it encompassed everything inside of her until it could take no more and she felt the burst explode inside as she screamed. He felt her collapse and shatter around him as she quivered and shake through her release. He continued to thrust through her orgasm and found his own quickly. His lips sealed against hers as she swallow his roar of pleasure.

He needed this. He needed her. The previous night had been too much for his brittle soul to handle and he had quickly developed a thirst he couldn't quench, a hunger that was only sated with more of her. The hazy look in her face matched the contented sigh that came from her lips as he rested against her, the water growing lukewarm as it rained down on them. "I was supposed to be taking care of you." She murmured in his ear.

"You already have," he said, kissing her shoulder, "By merely existing you accomplished that."

The sun was barely peaking over the horizon as she led him through the mountainous range. The trek was one she made regularly to clear her head. "See the building over there?" She called to him.


"That's my telescope." He jogged up beside her and smiled. Her love of the stars had always been the common ground between them. Though, since returning to her, he had found multiple addition similarities. They were both stubborn and loyal to a fault, her enjoyment of the outdoors was more tame to his, her idea of a hike rather than a brawling match was understandable when he took her small stature in. Although he continued to admonish himself for judging her by her size. Though petite, she had already proven herself hardy, both inside and out.

She kept pace with his, three of her steps equivalent one of his, her body lithe and lean and moved through the vegetation like a huntress stalking prey. She made little sound and only the glimpses of her blood red sweater through the trees, his Asgardian eyes more keen than the average humans in the pale glow of first light.

They arrived suddenly, the steep cliff face led straight to the mouth of her star gazer. She was already standing facing the morning sun, "This became my roof top." She smiled, not looking at him, the quietness around him causing his entire body to grow still. "I would come up here and look to the stars, sometimes through the telescope, and sometimes I would try and remember what you told me, pick out the constellations you showed me." Her eyes darted across the sky as she glanced at the few stars still out.

"Every day I would stand with Heimdall and I would ask him to turn his gaze to you. Never did he object when I asked him of you, of your attempt to reach out for me." Thor sighed as he stepped closer to her. "Every time I asked, I prayed he would say that you had finished. That you had found a way where I had none."

"How did you get here this time?" She asked, the question had been burning a hole in her tongue since he had arrived.

"My Father conjured all the dark energy he could and willed me here." He sighed and a worried look crossed his face. "Truly I should have not given SHEILD these days, but I could not in good conscious leave without seeing you. My heart wouldn't let me."

She glanced at him and smiled, hooking her hand around his arm, "I'm glad you came."

He let a dry chuckle out, "I half feared you would bludgeon me senseless for not returning."

She turned her head and looked to the sun peaking over the far away hills, "At first I thought you hadn't wanted to come back," she said quietly, "And then the more I thought about it, the more I realised I needed you to tell me. I think it was sometime in that grey period of concern and anger that pain changed from hurt to longing. I needed you to tell me to give up." She smiled sadly and glanced down at his large warm hand that filled hers, "And something inside told me that you wouldn't."

"I never wanted you to feel unwanted." He said, bringing her hand to his mouth he kissed her knuckles like he had so long ago, "I had hoped you would never give up. I didn't have the means at my disposal. I do now though." He said, the firm resolve in his voice causing her heart to soar, "With the Tesserect back we-.. I will have the energy to return." He held her gaze for a time and bent his head to kiss her.

His warm lips touched hers and she felt the air grow static around them, the lightening cracking across the sky, "Never have I felt like this before," he whispered against her lips.

"Cut it with the storm, we are standing on a mountain." She said, wary of the beams of electricity that struck the ground feet from where they were standing.

"The lightening bows to me, no matter what form I am in. It will not harm me." His cocky smile tugged at her heartstring, and she smirked, unable to repress his infectious glee.

"I'm not a Thunder God, mister." She said, poking his chest. "Cut it out."

He smiled and tugged her inside as the rain started, the clouds that suddenly grew over the observatory impeded the view of the sky. "Well there goes my grand plan of showing you the stars." She lamented. He chuckled as he pressed his lips against hers once more and buried his hands in her hair. They parted and the thrill that raced up her chest beat like a second heart.

She nudged him to the corner couch that she had spent far too many nights sleeping on. He sat and pulled her to his side and she tucked her feet beneath her as she cuddled up to his side, "Tell me of Asgard." She said, the rain creating a ambiance that cocooned them in the moment.

"At one time, I thought it to be the most beautiful horizon in all the nine realms." He sighed as he kissed her hair, the thick smell of rain and lightening causing his own heart to race. The power of the storm tempting him to go out and wield it. "The golden arches, the statues from generations past." She could hear the age in his words, he had spent eons staring at the city he grew up in.

"You belong there." She said sadly.

"No. Not anymore." His words were firm and resolute. "At one time I did. But no longer. My ties to Asgard are weak. My duty to my People second to my duty to you."

"Duty?" She said softly. "You owe me nothing."

He pulled her chin up so he could look in her eye, "You are mistaken. I owe you everything. You took me in when I had nothing, believed in me when no other would, and helped me when running away would have been far safer."

"That's me. First class idiot." Her voice rang. "Doing exactly what I shouldn't be."

He chuckled and kissed her cheek, "Me as well, always defying orders." She sighed and pulled the tattered quilt from the back of the sofa and pulled it over them.

"Storms always reminded me of you." She admitted. She had spoken so softly, she had hoped he hadn't heard.

"The metal man calls me Thunder. I have yet to decide whether to rearrange his face for it."

She quirked a brow, "Metal Man?... Oh, Iron Man. Stark. He's an ass, but if all he does is call you Thunder than that must mean he likes you," she giggled and snuggled further under the blanket, warding off the damp chill of the observatory.

He ensured that the storm would last for a few hours more as they lay together on the sofa. He didn't want to admit that he was tired after their hike. The previous week had been nothing but Go and he wanted to rest.

Occasionally she would point out various components of her equipment, the sizable telescope, the work desk. She said none of it would work during the storm, but he had no intention of gazing at stars. He did enough of that on the scarred bridge of where the Bifrost had once stood. Staring at her was truly enough.

He was half asleep on the couch, her head in his lap, truly at peace. He felt a serenity that he had never known before knowing her. The night they had spent on the roof of her lab the nearest thing he could match to the feeling.

He was stretched out, his foot hooked on the short table, his fingers idly playing with a strand of her hair as she read to him the inaccurate tales of his family from a book she kept in the observatory. "Is any of it true?" She said, still self conscious of the relationship she didn't fully understand.

"None. Although it is plenty entertaining."

"So you and Sif-"

"Sif's tastes run parallel to mine, not perpendicular." he chuckled as he saw her face grow red as she stammered an inarticulate response. "You should be the one wary of her, not I."

He kissed her cheek and she swatted at him, "You're making fun of me."

"You make it far too easy for me to gain pleasure in the sport." She giggled and sat up, his arms encircling her and pulling her up into his lap. She leaned against the armrest of the sofa and brushed his hair back. "Tell me of your family." He said. "I know nothing other than your interest in the stars."

"I have no family." She said softly, the look of sadness etching her features. "My mother died shortly after I was born. I was born a twin but when he died shortly after birth my mother grew too depressed. My father was devastated, and remained distant for the rest of my life. I was three when she killed herself. My father never got over her or her death."

She drew in a breath and leaned her head against his broad shoulder. "I only really knew the man that he wanted me to see, his students knew him better than I. Erik kind of took up the reins when my father couldn't handle it anymore. He died in a car accident just before I received my PhD and Erik waited three days till after I got my diploma to tell me. I was sad, but I wasn't heartbroken. He'd been dying inside for so long." She looked up and sighed. "Kind of heavy, I know." He gave her a confused look and she let out a sad chuckle, "It means it's a sad kind of discussion."

His finger paused from drawing intricate lines on her thigh, the quilt forgotten for the warmth of his arms around her. He gazed at her, as if searching for something, "It's part of you, and I did ask." She smiled and gave him a chaste kiss.

"You are full of surprises." She said, "And here I expected you to be a Neanderthal Viking." She chuckled. "You are an amazing man."

"I am no man." He leaned down and pressed a kiss to the apex of her neck, "I am of Asgard." She giggled and squirmed as he proceeded to tickle her. She writhed and attempted to fight back when his hands restrained hers at sides. "Do you yield?"

"Never." She said, her voice oozed with feminine pride. She brushed her breasts against his chest and nuzzled the soft skin under his jaw. Her lips travelled towards his ear where she nipped at it as she ground her hips against the pulsing heat beneath her.

"Minx." He moaned and she smiled.

"Do you yield?" she said, her warm breath caressing his cheek.

"To you?" He nipped her ear lobe, "Absolutely." He released her hands as his own moved to her waist. The storm finally began to die down and yet she had no initiative to leave. The balmy enclosure of his arms were more than enough comfort for her.

"I don't know why I love you." She said softly, "Its-.. I barely even know you." She didn't look at him as she said the words that made him feel the rush of scalding emotion that filled his soul. The words he had been waiting for, wanting to hear desperately.

He pulled her flush against him as he smothered the overwhelming emotions that threatened to consume him. "I'll love you until my dying breath, Jane Foster. I swear."

She sighed, repressing the emotion that swelled within her. She pulled away and swallowed thickly, "But why? I mean- we don't know each other. Why do I feel this.. pull to you?" She stared at him, searching for an answer that he did not have.

"What will be will be." He said, brushing a lock of hair from her face.

"To be or not to be, that tis' the question." She mumbled. She snickered at his raised brow and continued, glad to change the topic, "Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles," She pitied his confusion and stopped. "It's from a play. Hamlet. In college I took a literature course to offset all the math's and sciences. I had to memorize the soliloquy for the class and never really forgot it."

"What's it about?" He asked.

"Vengeance and anger and having the ability to rise above fear to rule." She smiled and stroked the coarse hair on his cheek, "It's about a Prince."

"Is there more?"

"Absolutely." She smiled, "Most of it is rather depressing. But I've always love the one part.. oh how does it go.." her brow furrow in deep thought. "the heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to: 'tis a consummation devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep; to sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there's the rub: for in that sleep of death what dreams may come, when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause—there's the respect that makes calamity of so long life." She inhaled deeply and looked to him, she felt her face burn as she glanced away, "I understood that part."

"About killing yourself?" He said. Vaguely understanding the context of words, he felt fear rising up his throat

"No." She stared at him as if he were crazed, "God no. About dreaming, sleeping. We can be anything, with anyone we want to.. In dreams."

"Aye." He said, the fear subsiding. "Dreams are a gift of the Valkryies."

"The what-?"

"The Valkryies." He looked at her and scoffed, "All your reading didn't inform you of the Valkryies."

"It did, but you told me it was all bogus." She rolled her eyes as he grew confused at her slang, "You told me the book was false. I'm going to start a Asgard-to-Modern English dictionary for you." She muttered.

He chuckled and pulled her close, "The Valkryies are the goddess's who care for hero's. Ushering them from the bloodied battle fields to the gates of Vallahalla."

"Must be close friends of yours." She snickered, and it was his turn to blush.

"I am no hero, I am not worthy of that."

"Well, you'll always be my hero." She dropped a kiss on the tip of his nose and he smiled.

"I am not worthy of you" He whispered. She leveled him with a look, but didn't say a word.

There were no scars, nor physical memories of his time on earth, only the tender muscle from the strain of the week past, but her finger traced the invisible marks that never left her mind. The scars across his face from where the Destroyer smacked him away as if he had been a pestering fly. His nose had been broken and his lip torn. The mortal body had been too weak to withstand the blow he had taken for her, for them, for the village he had sacrificed himself to protect.

"What you perceive and what is factual are two different things Thor." Her voice was strong and proud and rang assurance through the room. He exhaled loudly as he glanced away from her face, his hands resting gently on her leg.

When his godhood had been restored all traces the mortals had left upon his skin washed away like the sea going out with the tide, but the marks the woman had left on his heart had been permanent. The week he had spent with them had meant more than the eternity he had spent without her.

His life had quickly divided into two, before Jane and after Jane. Before Jane he had been an insolent boy, caring nothing but for the rush of battle the heat of the moment. Jane had taught him to appreciate the moment, that each minute was as precious as the last.

The nights spent on the roof top of her lab staring at a sky that was not his, missing Asgard, he had failed to appreciate that what was before him. He had been blind to see the beauty of all that was around him, both in Asgard and on Earth. He never stopped to look. He recalled the bridge of the ship, the truth of his words never more so than in that moment. We think ourselves more advanced, but we are not.. She lived to look, to watch, to study the sky above her, and yet he still stared at blood on the ground. "Jane."

"Sshh.." She straddle his lap and tangled her hands in the thick golden locks. "We are who we are." She kissed him tenderly, her pillow-soft lips caressing his as their tongues tangled in a lazy battle of control. His hands dug under her shirt for the bare warm skin beneath, hold her firmly against him, the growing hardness beneath her making her heart race even more.

They mutually clawed at each other's clothing, the faded denim of his borrowed jeans, the smooth material of her well worn cargos, her cotton tank, his jersey tee draped around the room on various surfaces as they fell to the ground. She had never been one concerned for neatness, only efficiency and effectiveness. Which she found, as she sunk onto his great length.

His head fell back against the cushions behind him and he groaned at the sensation that still surprised him. He had been by no means innocent to the ways of lovemaking prior to her, but never before had love been a factor. Random woman in dark back rooms of taverns had quench the needs after the heat of battle. Nameless faces that meant nothing. The thrill of war and the rush of adrenaline to be burnt off before civilized soirées.

His hands anchored her as he guided her hips down on him, the burning need driving him to the brink. It was all different when it came to her. He loved her impossibly so, incredibly so. His love for her had no edge, no beginning and no end. He didn't know when it had started, but he did know that it wouldn't end with his final breath, despite his promise.

Their voices rose in a song of passion and hunger. Her lips feasted on his, he greedily explored the delights of her soft warm body, every curve, every freckle his to discover. His smooth hands traversed all the planes of her body, and ended up returning to her hips, driving them down to encourage her to speed up. He felt the burn begin low in his belly and spread, the blood pounding in his ears, his heart racing in his chest. Never had he felt more alive than when he was making love to this impossible woman who loved him impossibly so.

She began to whimper, then the whimper grew into a keening scream, ending with "I love you." Her voice rough and hoarse and full of emotion.

His release was guttural and animalistic as he pulled her down on him, her climax milking his own from him. He roared as he felt the spill leave him and the calm settle in his bones. The desire and lust made his head rush with dizzy

The couch whined under their weight, his heavy body laying across her. His blond head resting in the crux of her neck. Her arms wrapped around him and her hand stroked his head as his heart slowed, his breath felt cool on her scorching skin. Her mind abuzz with the past day.

She knew he loved her, and she knew she loved him, but beyond that she was lost. She had no idea what this was. But she knew she wouldn't want anyone else for all of time. He had appeared from thin air, and she had immediately fallen into bed with him. Something she had never done before, and had never ever thought of before. She enjoyed talking to him, their hike and the hours prior proof of that.

She felt guilty at forgetting her friend. Darcy may be annoying most of the time, but she knew relationships, or what was a good one, Jane had only had experience with bad relationships. Darcy hadn't made an appearance since she had left for takeout the night prior, a message on her phone that morning had informed her that SHEILD had whisked her away to New Mexico for the weekend to confer with the base lab.

The young woman had proven a good friend to stick by her, especially when Erik had been forced to limit contact to one email a month, and it was highly censored. Only talk of her work and their health. She didn't even know where the base was that he was working out of, she hadn't seen him in a year and a half. He had been snatched up by SHEILD four months after Thor left.

She glanced down at his face, cradled against her breast. His eyes were closed, the cerulean blue gaze deterred. She would swear that when he looked at her, he could see her laid out before him, her soul bare as her flesh in that moment.

A chill raced down her and she managed to snag a corner of the quilt that had been forgotten and draped it over them, his feet still poking out at the end, pressed up against the edge of the exceptionally long couch.

She brushed a lock of the blond hair back from his face and sighed. His face was weathered and tired. She could tell that, even though he may be a God, he was exhausted. She hadn't been helping the past day. Her appetite for him never completely sated, her thirst never quenched.

The emotions scared her. She was terrified how easily she found herself head over heels in love with the man from mythos. She was a scientist, a physicist. She had always relied on facts to lead her through the foggy waters of life. If the equation didn't work, then the numbers were wrong and had to be fixed until it was equal. Questions were always answerable if you were smart enough to be able to solve them. But this was a problem that had no solution. Her love for him couldn't be labeled. There was no calculable number she could attach to it.

She could theorize the beginning of the universe but she couldn't compute how she had come to love the man sleeping on her. The fear made her squirm and the thoughts made her heart race once more, but this time, passion had nothing to do with it. The fear she always felt when it came to men she loved (or thought she loved,) flooded her senses. All she could feel was the indomitable terror that pulsed through her, an exposed nerve leaving her vulnerable to him.

She was independent, she was strong. For so long she'd had to take care of herself. Cooked her own meals, paid for her own schooling, paid her rent. She had done it all, and she had done it by herself. Sure Erik had swooped in once or twice when she had been in over her head. But this love thing didn't just leave her in over her head. She was drowning with no idea which way was up.

She couldn't breathe, she couldn't think, all she knew was she needed to escape. "Jane?" His voice rumbled and he glanced to her face, the Cheshire grin died instantly when he saw her face. "What is the matter? What is wrong?" He sat up and she fled. Gathering her clothes she pulled on the cargo's and the tee, forgetting her undergarments she pushed through the door and gulped in the fresh air.

He watched as she raced out of the room, confused and hurt by her reaction. Sensing she needed a moment, he took his time gathering his own clothes and putting them on. He paused for a moment and smiled when he saw the lacy undergarment hanging by a strap from her star gazer. The fabric was still warm as he gathered it, spying the matching bottoms on the other side of the room.

He heard rustling outside and abandoned his thoughts and searched her out. Her smell, the sound of her feet on the ground imbedded into his mind so deeply it didn't take long for him to find the silver box she had formerly resided in just behind the building. He knocked twice and waited for a response. He entered anyway when he received none, his concern for her outweighing his chivalrous teachings. "Jane?"

"Please. Don't." She was sitting on the bed where he had dumped poor intoxicated Erik Selvig.

"I'm afraid I don't understand." He said, his head bent in the small space, looking at her intently.

She looked up, her eyes rimmed with tears. "I don't either." She said, "I don't understand why I love you. Why you love me.. I don't understand why I've wasted two years trying to build a machine to get back to you, to find you." She said brokenly. "Why did it break my heart to see you go, to realise you weren't coming back." Her voice rose angrily, "Why do I need you, why do I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you? What magic did you cast on me?"

He stared at her, fearing she was losing her mind, "I – I don't.."

"And despite all this.. I still love you. Words I've never said to anyone before come so easily when I see you. I never told my Father I loved him, Erik, Darcy, my mother.. No one. It's always been me. Just me."

"It shouldn't have to be." He said firmly, "You shouldn't have to do it alone Jane."

"Why did you promise to come back." She said, "Why did you promise to return for me."

"Because you made me the Man I need to be, the man I should be." He said honestly, causing her to fall back to the bed. She didn't know what response she had expected, but that hadn't been it. "Only with you am I an honourable man. My Father exiled me here because I was a selfish and cruel boy." He admitted, "You make me better."

"You -.. you love me because of how I make you feel?"

"I love you because you are the missing piece to the puzzle within me." He said, and she felt the cold snap inside her. She stepped forward and wrapped herself in his arms.

She gave up the fight within. The fight to try not to love him so much, the fight not to be head over heels with a mythical being from the far reaches of space. Her mind gave up the battle against her heart and she sobbed against his chest, his arms wrapping around her.

He was left terribly confused by her emotional outburst, but he let it go now that she was back in his arms. Her tears were soaking the fabric beneath her cheek but he cared not, he only sought her happiness.

They made their way back to the large complex, his large hand holding hers as she pointed out birds and wildlife along the way. The return trip took twice as long and she giggled when she heard his stomach growl as they took the fire escape stairs up to avoid the staff of scientists and SHEILD agents below. Climbing through the bedroom window she shed the clothes that were dusty and grimy with nature. "Damn." She muttered and blushed when she realised she had left her bra and panties in the observatory and stared out the window, garnering a glimpse of the shining building deep in the forest, higher up the mountain.

She withdrew fresh clothes from the drawer and dressed quickly, retreating to the main area of the living quarters, heading to the kitchen to attempt to use her minimal culinary skills.

By the time he emerged she had coffee perking and what could be described as a stir fry in the wok before her. "I'll give you coffee, but no smashing my mugs." She said as he sat down on the bar stool on the other side of the island.

"I swear." He smirked and she shot him a glance, pouring a cup and adding sugar and milk to it. "I've decided to leave the smashing of Earth to The Hulk." She paused to giggle, biting her lower lip she held the outburst.

"Doctor Banner is a brilliant man." She said emphatically. She laughed once more when she saw his eyes narrowed and his fist clenched.

"How do you know him."

"Oh, I had him comfort me in the long cold nights while you were gone." She said, her voice a dramatic sing-song, batting her eyelashes at him as smirked as his clenching fists crunched, thunder cracking overhead. "Right, I take it Asgard doesn't have sarcasm." She said shaking her head. "He taught at Culver while I was perusing my PhD there." The anger lifted in his confusion and she smiled. "I've never met him, face to face at least. I may have seen him across the courtyard, or passing in the hall, but I wouldn't know him to see him." She stirred the food and it released a wafting odor that had him groaning. She dished up the food and placed a bowl before him.

He took a tentative bite and was surprised at the flood of flavours, "This is wonderful."

"It's an old college specialty. It's called 'Throw whatever's in the fridge in a frying pan and cook it', it's kinda my signature." She shrugged and giggled, "That and my wicked ability to call for pizza." He didn't completely understand, but he nodded, not wanting to lose focus from the food.

When the food had been cleared away and the dishes done she had taken him down and introduced him to all her lackeys, the SHEILD scientists that were helping her discover a method of intergalactic travel via wormholes. He was duly impressed with her work, with all that she had accomplished. Her own Bifrost was nearing completion, her equation a long string of numbers and symbols that he didn't understand, and yet made the others gawk at his woman.

His Woman.

She was talking to one of the various Agents when the thought that hit him rung his head as if it had been his own hammer. He didn't know when she had become his but he liked the idea. Her words earlier had been proof that she was devoted to him, the outburst of emotion, the sudden loose tongue with the words. She had admitted that there had been no one else since he had left, and he knew there had been no one as important as her in his life to date.

So while she was His Woman, he was equally Her Man.

The barbarian in him wish for nothing more than to hear her say it.

After the tour they had sat in the main room of the apartment and chatted, conversation never growing dull or stale between them. Another meal time passed and he noticed with dread that the sun was setting.

The day had darkened to night quickly and sooner than he desired they found themselves encased in the many layers of her bed, the frigid night air all the more reason for the necessity of her large warm bed partner. "I leave in the morning." He said quietly.

"I know." Her voice was sad and distant. She buried her face in his shoulder, not wanting to have to look at his piercing gaze. There was little to no room between the two, her earlier admission being the second to last hurdle to face for their relationship to truly blossom.

The last hurdle being his return to Asgard. He kissed the crown of her head and sighed. He didn't want to ever leave, he no longer felt the sense of duty to Asgard. Without her, it was just a place that he had lived. He had quickly come to the decision that the only way he would return permanently would be if she were to agree to be his Queen.

He wanted to say something, to assure her that he would return quickly. He wanted to comfort her with more admissions of love and devotion. But she nuzzled his chest and wrapped her arm around his waist, not saying anything he quickly realised she didn't need words. She had gone two years with a hope and a pray she had become reliant on actions. She needed physical displays as her proof. Words could be fake, voices false, but nothing could fake the way he made her feel.

He had only had words for so long, listening to Heimdall tell him of Jane and of his friends on Midgard, he needed her to say them, repetitively, and as often as possible. "I love you." She said firmly, as if reading his mind and knowing what he had needed at that very moment. Her words raced across the flesh of his flat stomach and imbedded themselves in his skin. He would wear her love on his body for as long as she deemed him worthy of it.

"As I love you, my Jane." He mumbled and kissed her hair. Her love was like a golden beacon, a siren's call to him to remain, to stay. He couldn't though. He knew he couldn't, but his heart and his mind were battling a bloody war in that argument.

"I'll wait for you." She whispered, "As long as it takes."

"I will always return for you." He swore. He felt her relax in his arms and her breathing quieted to a whisper as she lay peacefully against him. He stared at her for an age, memorizing the long lashes that rested against her cheeks, her lips parted, as if in prayer, her hand resting on his heart as it thrummed a beat of its own choosing beneath her long soft fingers. She was the only woman he would ever love, that he knew for certain. Who else was keen enough to keep him grounded and yet fly with him. Who else was brave enough to stand before him when he went off in a fit of rage. Who else was strong enough to withstand his overwhelming emotion. Her. Only she had accomplished that which he had given up on.

He had never truly thought about his future until her. Until his exile, he had assumed he would battle with his brother, with his friends, all for the glory of Asgard in the name of his father.

How quickly that blew up in his face.

His brother was now a prisoner, to be sentenced to a life of punishment upon their return, his friends no longer understood him, having not experienced the humbling he had, they did not know love for another, only love for their friends and their undying loyalty.

Her lips smacked and she shifted onto her stomach, her head resting on his shoulder. Her movements effectively pulling him from his mind. He quickly realised how exhausted he was and allowed his eyes to close, relishing in his final few hours with her in his arms.

Her eyes snapped open as the rising sun glared in her face. It was dawn of his final morning on earth and suddenly her chest grew tight, her breathing shallow. Although the reaction similar, it was not her former fear of love that she knew she was experiencing, but her fear of separation. She had finally given her heart to a man, this man, "What a man.." she muttered. She had given herself freely and now had to watch him, once again, leave her. Zip off into the sky, to places beyond her reach. "No." she said firmly. Her resolve hardened as she made her decision. She would not watch him leave. He would walk out her door and go, but she would not condemn her heart to once again watch him disappear. To stare off into the sky, wishing him back. She may be in love, but she was not some love sick puppy to be played with.

She felt him rouse and she plastered a large smile on her face, "Good morning." His eyes grew stormy as he glanced at the sun as it barely peaked over the horizon. When he looked back at her, she felt a quiver of anticipation zip through her, burning all the way down. The hungry eyes knew the same as she did. Time was of the essence, it was a luxury they were no longer afforded.

Time had run out.

He rolled her onto her back and buried his face at her neck. The rough whiskers on his cheek scraping across the delicate skin. Her nails dug into his back and caused him to moan as they stopped at his biceps to dig in and hold on. Her sighs turned into a whimper as she felt the sharp heat puncture her own. Her legs locked behind him and her breathless moans reverberated off the walls. The previous two days of sweet and tender, of gentle and loving were gone. Neither wanted to acknowledge that the end had come far too quickly, their time together was at an end.

She hitched her leg higher and pulled his head down to her with a tug of his hair, mashing her lips against his, her lips punishing his for once again leaving her, for once more placing duty above her. Her mind would never hold him accountable for all that he had done, but her body punished him in a way the primal instincts told it to. She bit down on his lip as their tongues fought in a furious battle, her hands yanking on the blond hair, pulling him closer to her, her legs opening wider for him, taking all of his substantial girth and then some.

He growled and fought back, but the recessives of his mind held back, knowing that he would never be able to harm her, could never hurt her in any way. Despite his mind telling him to not fight back his muscles clenched and he pounded into her at a rapid pace.

Their ending crashed around them in a mutual tidal wave of pleasure, their voices rose and reverberated throughout the apartment. His long body falling into hers as he collapsed in sated bliss. "I'm sorry." He mumbled after finally catching his breath, trying to move off of her.

Her arms clenched around him, as she clenched around him, still buried deep within her, "I'm not." Her hands stroked the marks on his back, combed back his hair as his head nuzzled her jaw.

"Come to -" he started to say, but she interrupted him with her lips on his. Her one hand cupped his face and her other laced through his fingers, massaging the callous from holding his hammer every day of his adult life.

With his attention effectively refocused they continued to make love through the morning until the knock at the door was heard from where they were, cocooned in their own form of eternity, tangled together beneath the thin sheet like eels. Their breathing had barely slowed when he pressed a kiss to her shoulder. "I must leave." He whispered against her fevered flesh. "But I don't want to."

"You have to." She said softly, his head rested in the cradle of her breast. "I don't want you to go either, but you have to take Loki back."

"Come with me." He cradled her face in his hand. "To Asgard." He said the words that she had stopped him from saying before.

She stared at him, the sound of someone breaking in reverberated from her front door, "I-.. I can't." She finally said.

"Please." He begged, "Come. At least to the city."

"No." she said, "You need to do this. Settle this, and come back." She caressed his cheek and kissed him chastely. "You can't be distracted when it comes to Loki. And frankly, I don't want to meet your brother. He sounds terrible."

"Thunder!" they heard from the entryway, "Come on we gotta go!" The voice of Tony Stark echoed through the hall. The tears threatened to spill over and he sighed as he closed his eyes and looked away Dressing quickly, he avoided her gaze as he pulled his shirt over his head.

Reaching out, Mjölnir flew to his hand and he stole a glance to her, still naked and warm in the bed. He leaned down and gave her a lingering kiss, full of longing and passion and sadness. "I already miss you." She whispered. "I love you. I truly do."

"As I love you." He said, and as quickly as he had blown through two days prior, he left. She cried the tears he had held in, her heart breaking as he once again left her. Consciously, she knew he had to go, she herself telling him to go.

But it didn't make it hurt less.

Everyone noticed how much better the Crowned Prince looked, how much happier he appeared as he strode through the city dragging a bound and gagged Loki behind him. They had grown tired of his sullen appearance and were curious as to what had put the relaxed smile on his face. They all knew that he had mourned for his brother and his new found friends upon Midgard, but none understood how or who had changed him so.

Thor dragged Loki through the golden halls till he reached the Throne room. "All Father." Thor said respectfully.

"You return with the Tesserect." Odin said, withholding the smile as the Energy from the cube radiated through the room.

"Aye." Thor looked to his once Brother. "And he who attempted to wield it." All in the room scowled at Loki. It was Odin's cube, and only he was worthy to wield its true might.

"Loki." Odin said, "You shame this family with your actions."

"Allfather." Loki spat, "I am not part of this family."

"Yes Loki. No matter how much you shun us, we will always be your family." Odin banged his mighty staff and the room grew silent, "You will sit in the Gardens of Eternity till you have resolved your differences." Thor's previous beam was softened by the deliverance of his Father's verdict. It was harsh, but deserved. He could not argue that being chained in the garden forever would not put a new perspective in Loki's mind. The room cleared quickly after Loki was taken from the room, and only Thor, Frigga and Odin remained.

"I made a promise to return." He said. The private words meant nothing to his parent's and everything to him. "To Midgard."

"To the mortal." His mother said. Her knowing look seeing through his words.

"To Jane, Aye." He said, "I love her." He said to his Mother. Odin looked at his son, and truly saw him. The boy he had once accused of being selfish and weak was now a Man. The love he held for the woman had been Thor's grounding stake. He was quiet and respectful, he heeded the words of others. Prior to his leave to Midgard he had been morose and unsatisfied with all the glory of Asgard. Now he glowed with a happiness only a woman could give, the fondness only a lover could provide.

Odin knew his son well. He had never truly understood Loki as well as he had his own flesh and blood son. But he saw Thor's longing for the woman of Earth. The mortal that had made him the man he was. He looked far into the future, his mind racing through the choices and decisions that led him to see the image of Thor with his hammer raised high above his head and his woman standing proud on the podium waiting for him, waving to the crowd of cheering Asgardian's, the blond boy on her hip beaming. "You will go to her." He said.

Frigga was shocked at the words of her husband. The King had formerly stated his opinion of Thor cavorting with the Mortal, but she trusted him, and trusted that he saw a future with Thor on the throne. "Take this." She removed the gilded ring from her little finger, it had been a gift from his father's father as a welcome to the family, the large square stone shimmered with her blessing. "It is the custom of Midgard to present an intended with a ring."

"Thank you Mother." He kissed her cheek, his heart breaking at her sorrowful face. He loved his family, his friends, but Earth was where he was needed.

The Allfather nodded to him, "You will return soon." He said, "With her."

"When the time presents itself." Thor said as the Cube began to glow and buzz. The portal opened and Thor stepped through. A beaming grin across his face.

He would keep his promise. This time, he would be going home to her.

It had been three days since Thor had left and she had decided to treat herself to a lazy morning in. The large breakfast had been made by Darcy who had not left her side since returning from New Mexico, nor stopped talking. Jane had graciously let her make pancakes and eggs and bacon and then proceeded to shoo her out to mind the physicists below while she drew a bubble bath.

Three hours later she emerged, feeling fresh and ready. Her heart was heavy from missing Thor, but she knew her place. She had to finish the machine.

Her mind was a whirlwind when a knock was heard. She wrapped the thick terry robe around her and peeped out into the main area of the apartment. All the personnel appeared to be out or busy because the room was empty and barren of her security team. She had shoved everyone out to the lab below so she could have some alone time. "Blast." She murmured.

She picked up the poker from beside the fireplace and opened the door slowly. "Whoever it is, I'm armed." The door flew open and the cast iron poker clattered to the floor and she jumped into his arms.

"Jane." The rough timber was unmistakable, as were the large iron clad arms and billowing red cape. The grin the grew on her face was beaming, despite no one being able to see it.

"Thor. You're back."

"Aye. I'm back."

"I'm here for as long as you'll have me."

She smiled and leaned back, looking deep into the clear blue eyes. "What if I want an eternity."

"Then I will pray for an Apple of Eternity from Inndun and make you the Goddess you deserve to be." She didn't know if he was being facetious or truthful, but she didn't care. For too long she'd had to be strong, for too long she'd been a rock, a pillar of strength, but the strong arms that wrapped around her made her feel safe. For too long she had been alone.

Never before had she needed someone else. Never had she felt empty without a man. But this wasn't any man. "I love you Thor." She said, and pulled his face down to hers. The kiss started as sweet and tender, her admittance causing his chest to grow tight, he knew he would never grow tired of hearing the words cross her lips, nor hearing his name spoken in the same breath. Quickly her lips fought for control and she leapt up in his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist, his hands supporting her under her bottom.

"My heart beats only for you." He said against the hollow of her throat. She giggled as he rubbed his beard against her. The red marks left behind soothing the beast inside his soul that demanded she be ravaged to an inch of his might.

His lips returned to hers and didn't leave until they reached the bedroom. He threw her on the bed and trapped her in the steel confines on his arms. The robe parted and he kissed her from tip to toe, and everywhere in between. "Marry me." He mumbled against her belly button.

"What?" She sat up and her scared face met his warm and smiling one.

"You heard me-" he grinned. "Marry me."

"Are you kidding, I-.." She fell back when his fingers touched her warm wet center and she moaned as he invaded her senses. Smell, taste, touch.. Her skin was on fire with the sensations he was causing in her.

"Say yes Jane." He whispered against the tender skin, and he bit down on the flesh above her hip. "Please. Say yes."

"I don't even-" His lips had found the promised land, replacing his fingers. Her back arched and her voice was lost to the lips that had her proverbially pinned to the bed. "Not fair."

"Say yes."

"I can't-"Tongue and teeth lashed against her as words faltered at her lips. He continued to drive her to the precipice, her mind only focused on his mouth latched onto her core driving her mad with pleasure.

"Say. Yes." He bit down on the hardened nub and she was a goner.

"YES!..." Her scream echoed through the entire building, causing his heart to soar. The few lone Agents on the floor below blushed, and busied themselves elsewhere for hours to come, not wanting to have to acknowledged that they heard the quiet and prudish scientist in the throes of ecstasy.

While she was still in a haze, he slipped the ring on her finger. He would bind himself to her in any way, in every way humanly possible, and never leave her side again. Who he was when he was with her was someone so much more preferable than the man he was without her. He was harder, meaner, colder without her, his heart infinitely more lonely.

Her small frame held a well of happiness and joy. Her mind was sharp and keen, keeping him constantly on his toes. Her smile an infectious beacon of hope. She was a warm and kind and to him, she was Home.

Five weeks later she felt her heart flutter as she stared at the stick with its traitorous plus sign. A sign of positive universal to all languages. She glanced at the large amber stone on her left hand and smiled. "He's going to flip." She muttered.

He would certainly turn all caveman, ensuring she wouldn't exert herself. No more solo hikes to the observatory, no more nights out with Darcy, gone would be the quiet mornings spent in bed with him, and the passionate nights. Her research would be set on a back burner to something more important, something she had secretly wanted all her life.

She smiled when she thought about what he would do, how he'd react. He was all about the Human Experience, and house hunting was about as human as it got. For the apartment was barely big enough for her, and her equipment let alone her fiancé – Mister God of Thunder.

The grin on her face stretching impossibly so as she took one more glance at the stick. There was happiness, there was love.

And in nine month, there would be a baby.

Pretty eh?.. I was worried that she was becoming too... woman-y and whiny, so I had to throw that last one in.. not that i'm into BDSM, but I am a bit of a feminist.. Hope you like it. I would finish this, but really.. how do you write a interesting 'Having a Baby' fic.

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