He couldn't believe he was here, again. Dr. Bruce Banner was sitting in a high security cell at a super villain prison staring at a criminal the Avengers had defeated nearly a year ago. She was…different. A being from another world. She was a shape shifter. She called herself a dragon and there she was pacing back and forth before him.

Her white, scaled skin shimmered in the florescent lights and her talons clicked on the cold tile floor. Her wings were closed, tight against her back and her thick, reptilian tail swayed with her hips. Her long, black hair caressed her breasts and flowed down between her wings resting above her hips. He watched as she paced. He watched every taught muscle move in sync. He couldn't take his eyes from her.

"Dr. Banner, I do not understand why you keep coming here," she looked at him with purple eyes glowing.

He didn't quite know himself. The first time was for an examination. Typical medical exam. The second time was to question her about where she was from. After that he just kept coming back. First once a week then twice a week and now he was there almost every day. He couldn't help himself.

"I could be under a spell," his voice carried a laugh in it.

"I do not have my power. Your… Avengers saw to that," her pacing stopped. "I take offence to mere thought that I would stoop to such a feat just for your attentions," her tone was less then friendly.

"That's not what I meant. It was a joke," a smile crossed his features.

"You confuse me, Dr. Banner," she took a seat on the bench next to him. Her tail wrapped around his waist and pulled him to her. "You are not like other mortals, Doctor,"

His heartbeat raced as they moved closer; their lips nearly touching. She closed the gap between them. His tongue caressed her lips and he completely took her mouth with his. He buried his hand in her hair pulling her closer to him. His heart beat raced faster and faster. He felt his heartbeat rising and with it the Other. He pushed her away from him.

"Did I do something wrong, Dr. Banner?" her voice wasn't as smooth as normal.

A small laugh escaped his lips, "No, it's not you. You're right when you say I'm not like other mortals," he looked up at her with green eyes. As he calmed his eyes returned to their normal chocolate brown.

"Oh, Doctor, do not fret. You can not hurt me, Bruce," her voice a purr in his ear.

A shiver ran down his spine. He stood and moved away from her.

"We can't do this. I can't do this. I haven't, not since…" he trailed off looking down and away.

Her arms wrapped around his neck from behind. But they weren't her arms. They were soft, pink and human. She kissed his cheek.

"Let go, Dr. Banner," soft lips caressed his ear. She kissed down his neck as her hands moved to the buttons on his shirt. She exposed his chest and ran her nails over his sensitive skin leaving red lines all across his flesh. Another shudder ran through his body. He turned to face her. A woman with devilish violet eyes looked back at him. He pulled her to him. Her warm breasts pressed against his skin as he took her mouth with his own. Banner shrugged off his shirt and forced her against the thick, glass wall of her cell. He lifted her up by the ass and her legs warped around his waist. The heat of passion warmed their bodies. Their breaths came in quick, heavy gasps and their heart rates raced.

Banner couldn't think. His body just simply reacted to her. His heart raced. He knew that he shouldn't do this. He was losing control. He could feel the Other rising with in him. He couldn't control it any longer. The Other was breaking through. His body began the transformation and the pain of rapidly growing muscle ripped through his body. One large emerald hand clenched the dragon's neck and raised her as high up as he could. He growled. She laughed.

Starting at the top of her head her body returned to its natural shape. White scales took over soft pink. The Hulk growled and then threw her across the room. The force of her body hitting the glass sent a fracture through the cell wall. She fell to the floor catching herself with her hands. She pushed herself up.

"You poor, green creature," the dragon laughed hoarsely. She rose to her feet and walked slowly and easily over to the large, green being. Her tail wrapped around his ankles and pulled his feet out from under him. The Hulk fell with a crash. She was on him in less than a second. She pinned his arms above his head; her strength nearly as great as his own. An evil smile crossed her face revealing sharp, pointed teeth. She bit into his neck, enraging the beast. He threw her with his whole body. For the second time that night she hit the glass wall. Before she could rise again he grabbed her and threw her again. "This is great. I like it rough," her voice was a growl. She leapt onto him, pinning the Hulk against the wall and holding him there with her talons and claws. He strained against her but to no avail.

She pressed into him with a kiss. He resisted her for only a moment before allowing himself to be seduced. As the kiss deepened his rage subsided. His bulging, green frame shrank. The blood on his shoulder changed from emerald green to a rich, crimson red. His overly stretched pants slid to the floor leaving him revealed for the world to see. She released him from her grasp and allowed him to slide to the floor.

As soon as his feet hit the floor he was grabbing for her, pulling her to him. They kissed with wild passion, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. His hands roamed her body, cupping and fondling her ample bosom, pinching a nipple, grabbing her buttocks. He wanted to know every inch of her body with his own and it seemed that the Other would let him. His heartbeat was racing.

He was long and hard and ready but he wasn't ready to take her that way yet. He pushed her down to the bench and kneeled between her leg knees. She lifted one long, white, scaled leg over his shoulder and allowed him to explore her with his mouth. He started kissing her thighs moving closer, achingly closer, to her most sensitive of areas. His tongue lightly caressed her outer lips. A small whimper escaped from her and for a moment he could almost believe she was human. His tongue found her clitoris causing her whole body to shake. He sucked her gently and swirled his tongue over her.

She could feel the heat of her orgasm rising within her. Every fiber of her being responded to his every touch. His mouth was so warm, so wet, so wonderful. She couldn't believe a mortal could make her feel this way. Her clawed hands wound through his hair and gently tugged in rhythm with the swirl of his tongue. Her stomach knotted every muscle in her body tightened. Her breathing became shallow and tight and an animalistic cry spewed from her lips with her orgasm. He stilled her hips from bucking with the aftershock of her orgasm and kissed up her stomach, licking as he went. He caught a nipple between his teeth and nibbled softly. She took in a sharp breath, surprised by the new sensation of pain mixed with pleasure. He soothed her nipple with his tongue and continued his journey to her mouth.

When their lips met it was with refreshed hunger. He was ravenous. His cock was more than ready with pre-cum beading at the head. She threw him to the floor and straddled his hips. His cock twitched at the radiation of her heat above him. She lowered herself so that only the tip of his member entered her and then pulled back up. It was torture. He tried to grab her hips but she over powered him and pinned his arms to the ground above his head. He couldn't move. She lowered herself onto him again taking him in fully. He groaned with the pleasure of her tight warmth surrounding him. She leaned down and sucked the bite wound on his shoulder. His sweet red blood flowed over her tongue and pain and pleasure mixed in his body. He wasn't going to last much longer. It had been too long since he had last experienced sexual satisfaction.

Her hips ground into his, gyrating round and round and then stroking quickly up and then slowly back down. Their mouths battled for control. He tried to move, squirm, anything but she was in control. She led one of his hands to her and guided his fingers through soft circles around her clitoris. She came again with a growl and released his other arm. With his new freedom his hands went to her hips and pounded her body into him with new ferocity. He came in her with a roar. Her inner muscles milked him to release everything. He released her hips and she collapsed onto him.

She slowly disconnected herself from him and rolled onto her back.

"Well, Dr. Banner, I didn't think you had it in you," her voice was a breathy laugh.

"I think you can call me Bruce now Illenia," Banner looked to the other creature laying next to him, a smile on his face.

"Oh, Dr. Bruce Banner, you flatter me," the dragon picked herself up off of the floor, "but what will the other inmates think if I get such special treatment,"

"I don't think that…." Banner started but was cut off by the voice of Stark coming over the intercom.

"That was a great show, Bruce, but there are bad guys that I think need a good smash threatening the Earth, again," the intercom switched off and then came back on, "Have you ever considered a career in adult films?"