The door to the Penhallows's manor shut behind Clary. She kept walking. She didn't care where her legs took her, all she knew was she had to get away as far as possible.

Jace's horrible words pierced at her. She felt within her an unexplainable pain. A pain so great she thought she would black out. But she forced herself to keep walking, and pass out later. If she passed out now who knows who'd find her, or where she'd end up. At the Penhallows's, or with Jace, was the last place she ever wanted to be at.

Clary had no idea how long she'd been walking, or on which direction. But she was definitely lost. She had no way of getting a hold of anyone. Her best bet was to keep walking, and if she found someone ask them how to get to Amatis's house.

She came to the edge of what appeared to be a forest. That was obviously not the way to Amatis's. She tried a different route.

Suddenly she felt cold. The air was fine a moment ago. She didn't understand where this sudden chill came from. After a few minutes, it got colder, and not just that, but the air got stronger. Not long after, she felt like she was in a wind storm. She was walking against the wind, and she was having difficulty. She thought that was very strange, even being in a magical place that was strange.

She saw a leaf, two, three, being blown behind her. More leaves, in bunches were being blown towards her. Now, something was definitely going on. She looked behind her.

A funnel of air and dust was behind her, and it was pulling her in, panic stricken.

She put all her strength in her legs, trying desperately to run away from its clutches. She tried so hard, but it seemed as though it was all in vain. All her hard work, her strength, was doing nothing for her.

Suddenly she was being pulled off her feet. She knew that her legs were going to be useless. She dropped and scrambled her hands out trying to get a hold of something, anything.

She couldn't find anything. She was going to get sucked in. Her fingernails scratched against raw earth. It was useless.

She had no idea what was going to happen to her, but most likely she was going to die. She was sixteen years old, not exactly a child, but she knew she still depended on her mother, on Luke. But as she was grasping the last bit of Alicante, not knowing what lay ahead of her, if anything, she found herself thinking one name, and yelled it at the top of her lungs: Jace.

One Year Later…

The crescent moon announced the day was over, and preparations needed to be made for the next day that required strength and will. But for Brooklynites, the moon announced that a day full of work, responsibility and boring crap was over, and the fun began. Bars were filled, night clubs had lines all the way to the corner, and not a single cab was without a customer.

Everyone was out and having a good time. Even demons disguised as ordinary people were out looking for a good time, and the Shadowhunters were going to have a little fun of their own. That is, all Shadowhunters, but Jace Lightwood.

He stood on the roof of the Institute, dressed in gear. He shared the company of stone gargoyles that overlooked the city. Jace looked with them at the people who passed by. He saw many things. He saw drunken people laughing at their own shadows. He saw a small group of people smoking weed. He saw people arguing. And he saw a couple locked in a passionate embrace, kissing each other, about to have sex right there in the street

He thought back to the last time he shared a passionate kiss, and it was not a single time he spent with any of those beautiful girls who gladly went to bed with him. No, it was a year ago, with Clary. The Seelie Queen had trapped them into kissing each other, even when she knew they believed they were brother and sister. That kiss that freed them from the Seelie Court was the last one he felt passionate about. And it was also the last kiss he shared with the one he truly loved.

It's been a year since the Mortal War ended, been a year since he found out his true parentage, been a year since Valentine died, and been a year since he last saw her.

Jace will never stop hating himself. The last words he said to her were horrendous, so horrible that he knew he damaged her. At the moment, his intentions were to force her to go back to New York so she wouldn't be involved in the war, to keep her safe. But it all backfired. Ever since then, he never saw her again.

He thought maybe she did go back to New York, but he couldn't fine her. He tried everywhere he thought she might be. The Institute, her mother's, Luke's, Magnus's, Simon's, Pandemonium, but she was nowhere to be found.

He then tried the last thing he could do: A tracking spell. But even that was unsuccessful. It was as though she had disappeared. Everyone thought she was dead. They all told him that, but he refused to believe it. Something in his heart told him she was alive. She was out there somewhere, and he was going to find her.

He traveled all around. He visited places of the world he never thought he'd be able to see. He saw the Eiffel Tower, Tokyo Tower, the Russian Palace, The Taj Mahal, the Pyramids, even the huge Stone Christ in Rio de Janeiro.

But still no Clary. He traveled the better part of seven months, and didn't find a single trace of her. He went back to the New York Institute, but he didn't give up. He still kept an eye out for anything that might lead him to her. Clary was out there, and he was going to find her.

"Jace," he recognized Izzy's voice. "We're ready." He turned to face his sister. She, like him, was dressed in gear and her golden whip was wrapped around her waist. Jace walked over and went through the door she held open.

"Then let's go." He replied.

Jace, Izzy and Alec found their way to the subway. It was dark, and smelled of rain after a hot day. The Shadowhunters treaded silently, their weapons ready. Jace led the team, Alec followed, keeping the left and right secured, and Izzy covered the rear. They had received information that strong demonic activity was present. These three Shadowhunters had responded to the call. Now that both Alec and Jace were eighteen, they were able to go without any adult supervision, and Izzy could tag along, since she was still a minor, she had no choice. But even if they weren't eighteen, they still would've gone, just as they always have. Now, being in the place of interest, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. No sign of any demons was lurking around, or stood out. That definitely meant that they were in the right place.

With the rune of clairvoyant sight on their right hand, Jace on his left, they were able to see fine. They opted to not use any witchlight. They wanted to get the job done quickly, and if demons saw them coming they'd hide or run away. It was dinner time and Jace wanted to eat soon.

They walked quietly, and the smell of rotten eggs began to surface. They knew it was a danke demon they were facing. Dankes always left a smell of rotten eggs after they've passed by. They were also some of the deadliest demons. Jace only hoped it would be a quick task. He was really hungry.

They heard something. They froze and listened. They heard it again. It sounded like a low wail. The demon had spotted its enemy and was warning them to leave. The Shadowhunters took out their seraph blades.

Jace knew that as soon as their blades lit up, the demon would know that the battle to the death would be proclaimed. He was readying himself to attack as soon as the demon came into view.

Jace brought the blade to his lips. "Mituriel". He whispered like to a lover. The blade shone bright, and a high wail sounded above them. They looked up and the demon launched itself towards them. This demon was large, had the body of an octopus. It attacked with its tentacles, but its primary way of attack was by devouring its enemy in between its tentacles.

When the demon attacked it tried to devour them, but they all jumped away. Alec took his bow and shot an arrow with blessed metal on the tip. The demon squealed in pain. When it turned its attention to Alec, Izzy took a big swing and hit the demon with her whip. Again, it yelled in pain. This time, instead of unfocusing from Alec the demon swung rapidly and trapped both Alec and Izzy with its tentacles against the wall. Their hands were trapped to the sides and couldn't use their weapons. The demon then began to secrete poison from its tentacles and the poison burned their skin. They screamed in pain.

Jace then took his kindjl and attacked from the air. Before he could strike, the demon attacked. It spit a greenish liquid from its mouth towards Jace, but Jace twisted away just in time.

Again, Jace attacked, but from the side this time. He was able to stab the demon, but he knew very little damage was done.

Suddenly Jace was knocked off his feet, and dragged towards the wall next to Alec. He too, was trapped and couldn't use his hands.

"What now?" Alec asked with a strained voice.

"I don't know." Jace replied.

"This can't be the end!" Izzy said through gritted teeth. Jace shared her thought, but the only thing that went through his mind was Clary. He couldn't die. He refused to die. He hadn't found Clary. He hadn't told her they weren't brother and sister. He hadn't told her he loves her. He couldn't leave this world without accomplishing any of that. He had to make it out of this one. But he didn't know how. For the first time since he could remember, he didn't know what to do.

A hissing was heard. They didn't know where it was coming from, but it was getting closer, and louder. Suddenly, the tentacles holding them were cut. The demon's limbs lay motionless on the ground, and where the tentacles were attached, blue goo seeped out. The demon wailed in agony.

The Nephilim were thankful for the help, but they had no idea where it came from or what had cut them free.

A loud clank was heard towards the corner to their left, and the hissing sound seemed to be coming closer.

Jace then recognized it. It was a chackram. It flew past them again. A hand pierced through the darkness and snatched the chakram. Then a booted leg stepped out, then the other, and then the whole body was revealed.

It was a woman with long red hair that looked like flames when it danced in the wind. She was dressed in armor, very little armor. Her top was extremely low cut and came just beneath her breasts. She seemed to have a breast plate of an owl's face in the center and owl wings expanded all the way to her shoulders. Her abdomen was exposed, and she wore a skirt that was riding low on the hips and came about four inches above the knees. She had a belt and the belt buckle was of an owl head and owl wings on its sides. Her boots were knee high and laces were from the ankle to the top of the boot, and the heels were tall and thin. Her entire armor was dark gray and black adorned the edges of the owl features.

The woman then attached the chakram to a hook on her waist, and then drew a sword from her back. She stared at the demon, waiting for it to attack. The demon advanced. Two of its remaining tentacles flew towards her, but she jumped, flipped in the air and sliced off the tentacles. Only two remained.

The demon screamed, more of anger and annoyance than of pain. It advanced again, but the woman didn't give it a chance to attack. She ran towards it, sword in hand, and when she was close enough, she swung swiftly and hard. She stopped about three feet from the demon. It was motionless. Suddenly, its head began to tilt forward. It fell off and rolled away until it bumped against the wall. The body and head then vanished in a greenish smoke.

The Shadowhunters were speechless. Never have they encountered such a woman, and they doubted she was a Shadowhunters. They didn't see any Marks on her anywhere. They all wondered who she could be.

The woman turned to face them. "Are you alright?" she asked in a hushed tone.

Izzy was the one who answered. Her voice was low with a little shake in it. "Yes. Who are you?"

The woman smirked, not in a rueful way, but in a pleased way. "To my enemies I'm known as Parthenos. But to my friends," she took a breath, and a blueish glow surrounded her. The light took over her entire body, then it subsided, and she was wearing regular clothes, jeans and a t-shirt. But they all were shocked to see her. "I'm known as Clary."