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Jasper POV

We were making good time on the highway. Alice and lost in our own thoughts. And unfortunately my growing craving for something a little less disgusting to flavor my pallet. My need for B positive blood was growing by the mile and it took me over an hour to realize that it was not just my craving, but Alice's as well.

Well that was certainly surprising!

"You doing alright there darlin?" I drawled with raised eyebrows. She looked almost horror struck as she realized what I had been talking about. Then she turned her head away from me to look out the window as her shame filled my senses.

"Sorry Jasper, I have the strongest urge for something a little less..." Her words trailed off and I chuckled a little as I helpfully supplied a few words to fill in her gap.

"...gross, disgusting, something with a little less hair?" a sad giggle left her as she nodded her head.

"That's fine suga we'll grab a bite before we head out to the ranch. That is if ya don't try to eat me first." I joked as I reached over and gave her leg a quick squeeze.

We finally arrived at the local malls and I steeled myself to wait out Alice's shopping trip.

My poor brother, Alice always saw fit to restock his wardrobe every time we visited, so once again she did the same at least she did buy things that he would actually wear.

So while she was at I stocked up my own wardrobe on Levi's and tee some long sleeves socks, cowboy boots, some flip-flops.

What the hell I bought Peter some new boots too. Might as well enjoy the shopping trip if I'm able.

Alice and I met back at the Jeeploaded the trunk and back seat down and agreed that it was time to go for a bite and while we were at it we would check out the alley that Alice saw Bella in , in her vision.

Silently, we made our way through the shadows hunting, becoming the monsters that are what nightmares was made of.

I heard a blood-curdling scream and couldn't help my obnoxious smirk. "Ah dinner." I whispered to Alice, as we ran at full speed, our instincts kicking into hunting mode as I went.

There in an alley was a woman cornered by two men, quick as lighting, I slipped up behind the men and I put my finger to my lips in a motion to tell the poor whimpering woman not to speak. She looked at me with wide eyes but never uttered a word, I grinned to myself, knowing that it was going to be fun.

I tapped the men on the shoulder.

"Can I play too?" I asked innocently, causing the men to jump in alarm.

"What the hell are you doing here?" One of the men yelled.

Smirking at them, I pushed past them to take the woman by the arm and pull her shaking form to me, I could smell the fear coming off the young woman; it was most intoxicating.

"I'm going to enjoy your fresh meat boys." I smirked at them, feeling their lust, anger, and jealously because I had their victim in my arms. I leant down and ran my nose up the girl's neck from her collarbone to her ear, resting one hand on her lower back and the other on her neck, holding her to me.

By the time I reached her ear, she was whimpering and truly terrified, her tiny hands gripped my shirt so tightly that her knuckles turned white and her little frame trembled.

So I pulled her closer to me and laid my chin on top of her head, soothing her. I pushed some trust at her as I gently rubbed her back then whispered in her ear.

"Do exactly as I say when I turn you lose; I will take care of your friends here. You run and don't turn back for anything. Do you understand me?" I asked, her emotions were in turmoil but she discretely bobbed her head once.

"Good girl." I whispered I ran my hand down her body again and gave her a little squeeze on the ass; there was nothing wrong with cuppin a feel before she was gone.

Silently, my Alice stalks to watching men in front of me.

Then, without warning, I grabbed the girl and ran down the alley setting her down facing the entrance. "Run!" I tell her. She didn't need to see this; she would already be scared for life. She stumbled as she regained her balance but did as I said and I could feel her gratitude as she went.

Meanwhile I had dinner to attend to, and I rushed back to my victims, they were totally baffled and wondering what in hell was going on, and where the hell the pretty lil' brunette had come from.

"Tut tut, gentlemen. You two were going to be very naughty tonight. Not that I can blame you, she had a fine body indeed." That's my girl she likes to tease. At her comment, the men laughed nervously.

"But no matter, I'm hungry now and I think that you will do just fine." As Alice ran her little hand up the heaver set man's chest I stalked toward the other taller man, predator after prey, and they scampered backward, trying to get away. Of course, with my 'special' abilities, was able to stop them before they could get very far. Holding my victim by the neck, Alice and I both slammed our prey into the side of the brick wall, just enough to addle them, because we didn't want them dead, just not so feisty.

We disposed of the bodies and then turned to hunt for the alley Alice had seen in her vision, Alice shook her head I "am I really a monster when I helped rid the world of someone like him?

"No darlin I don't believe ya are." she smiled at me.

We found the alley but sadly the rain had long since washed away the smells of anyone who had been there.

With heavy hearts we made our way back to the jeep and headed towards Pete's place. It felt good to be home once again.

"I wonder what Peter's surprise is?" Alice mused.

"It could be anything with that big ass. Can't you see him?" She shook her head to tell me no.!

"Well, we'll soon find out in 'bout ten more minutes." I stated with a frown.

We pull into the drive of Peter's ranch house and started unloading the car, heading toward the house, we heard a ruckus begin. I could hear a woman scream and then I couldn't help but chuckle at the words coming out of her mouth.

"Damn you, you bald headed goat, that hurt like HELL! You sorry son of a bitch! Could you at least give a girl some kind of warning before you stick a needle in her ass? That's not my idea of a good time you moron!"

"Now, now, watch your language wife, we have company now." Peter scolded the girl while laughing.

Hmm…wife, he has been keeping secrets from me.

With a curious look to me, Alice shrugged her shoulders and we walked into the house, finding a very amused looking Peter holding a girl down on a thick rug, the night gown she had on looked very inviting and modest at the same time, well what I could see of it anyway.

The poor girl was lying on her side, with Peter sitting on his rump behind her small frame, one leg thrown over her hips, the other over her legs to keep her from moving, her gown was pulled up to her hip, while he was rubbing his hand over her ass. I could feel the pain rolling off her, whatever he did to her, it hurt like hell.

The girl lay still under Peter, one arm under her head relaxing, while Peter attempted to sooth her pain with the coolness of his rough hands. Then, this girl that I noticed was human when we walked through the door, turned her head and saw us.

To say we were shocked was the understatement of the year.

"Bella?" Alice and I asked at the same time, she gasped and started to get up only to have Peter hold her down.


"Not yet Isabella, you just had your shot, you have to wait a bit first." Peter told her and she obediently stretched back out for him. Though you could tell by the look on her face she wanted to do anything but what he had commanded.

"What the hell are you two doing here?" Bella raged. Oh yeah she was pissed.

"This is my brother, Jasper Whitlock and his lil' Alice." Peter replied.

"I know who the blazes they are Peter! Why are they here?" Woo hoo spit fire!

She didn't sound like Edward's little angel anymore.

And she sure don't' smell like the same old Bella!

I sniff again and then realization hits me, no she doesn't smell like Bella, she smells like Peter!

"Ah, hell!" I complained as I ran my hand through my hair.

What a happy reunion.

"I told ya we had company a coming darlin!" Peter's snotty tone had me refocusing on him as Alice chewed on her nail and muttered under her breath about how had she not seen this happening.

"This is the brother you told me about? The one you said would…" She trailed off and Peter nodded his 'yes' answer to her.

"But this is Jasper Hale." Bella said totally confused.

"I'm outta here let me go Peter!" Bella tried to wiggle out from under Peter's strong hold to no avail.

"Quite wife! You're not going anywhere!" he snapped and Bella went ridged and still.

"The hell I aint, you bald headed goat boinker!" she yelled and my eyebrows felt like they may disappear into my hair line. Peter huffed.

Peter changed his position and stretched out with part of his body lying on top of the young woman her hands held together in front of her in one of his hands while the other hand ran from the bend of her knee, up her thigh and higher still, under her gown over her ripe plump ass.

She scowled at him. She looked like a kitten trying to intimidate a loin. Peter bent his head closer till his lips almost touched hers as he said.

"I aint bald headed woman!" His words were quite but stern. He only seemed to care that she called him bald headed not that she called him a goat boinker and she scoffed as she realized that he didn't care about the insult.

Ha! It's funny how she keeps swearing without actually saying a cuss word.

"You have company, and I don't feel lovable right now. My ass hurts!" She growled out between clenched teeth.

Peter growled.

Peter pulled Bella's leg up over his hip and gave a little pull till she was a little more on her side yet he still had her body pinned with his own and ran his hand up her thigh under her gown that already had a split up to her hip. The gown parted and we could see her blue silk bikini panties as Peter's fingers slid under the fabric.

Bella tensed for a moment as Peter's hand kept going and when it stopped her eyes closed and she breathed out a sigh of relief and Peter bent his head and kissed her lips and she responded in kind.

It seemed that Peter's hand helped to ease the pain she was feeling and in its place lust leaked in and began to build her own and Peter's as Peter continued to rain tender kisses on her lips her jaw and neck.

Then Peter did the unspeakable he pressed his teeth lightly to her skin and she took a sharp intake of breath. Her heart rate sped up as she let out a small moan, my body reacted to the noise and a low growl escaped me and Peter sunk his teeth into her shoulder and she cried out as orgasm washed over her!

Alice lunged for them shocked seeing Peter actually bite her one time sister. I snagged her by the waist and that's when everything went tits up!

Oops! I lost control and everyone in the room had an orgasm! Bella a second one.


Peter bathed Bella's bite mark with his tongue. Yeah nobody gonna go touching her when they get a whiff of her!
Whew she reeks of Peter!

Now we just need to let Carlisle know what happened and that Bella is ok.

Peter's head jerked up and he growled and Bella jerked as the sudden mood change.

You'll keep your mouth shut boy, she belongs to me now, and it's none of their concern!

Oh yeah sometimes he just know shit!

Again Damn!