Lucas had originally objected to the idea. Not once in his life had he gone into a dark, suspicious looking – suspicious smelling - cave, and gotten back out unscathed. Not once. And now that his adventures were over, he refused to go into another one.

"Why not?" Ness called back at him. His figure was quickly disappearing in the darkness. "Scarreeeed?"

"I- I am not!"

"Then c'mon. It'll be an adventure."

Lucas took a hesitant step forwards and paused. He'd had enough adventures for a lifetime. The sensible course of action would be to ditch Ness and go home, maybe have an omelette or something.

Well, maybe Ness and I will get trapped in a dark room… and then I can hold his hand or something. He'll just think I`m scared.

He rolled his eyes. It was highly unlikely that he and Ness would ever get to hold hands. Everybody knew Ness was into Paula. The way they flirted with each other… just the thought of it made Lucas' stomach lurch.

"Are you coming or not?" Ness voice echoed from a distance.

"OK FINE! Sheesh…" Lucas resolved that backing out now would look really lame, and he could never win an argument against Ness.

Lucas caught up to Ness' footsteps a few rooms in. He was already regretting his earlier decision. The cave was dark, damp, and smelled of dead things and fungus. Here and there they could hear the sounds of creatures shuffling around them.

"Ness, I don't like the feeling of this…" Lucas whispered, wide-eyed and wary.

"Quiet. There are rare items in this cave. I just know it."

They reached an archway. The amount of light available was quickly waning. Ness peered cautiously around the corner. The next room was completely black.

"Ok, that's enough. Let's go back, Ness…"

"Lower your voice."

"I'm not going into that room, okay? You can go in, but I'm staying out-"

Ness put a finger over Lucas' lips. "Shh!"

Lucas went silent, but not because Ness told him so.

Ah, he touched me.

And then Lucas shook his senses. Well, obviously he just wanted me to shut up.

Ness then continued forth, stepping into the darkness. Lucas followed, against his better judgement.

"PK flash," Ness muttered under his breath. A ball of brilliant white light erupted from his right palm, illuminating the room.

It turns out the room was actually more of a corridor. It was very narrow, perhaps only wide enough for one Pokey the squeeze through. And at the very end of the room, there was…

"Yes! I knew it!" Ness exclaimed. "A present!"

Sure enough, at the opposite end of the room there was a little present. White, perfectly square, with the usual red ribbons tied into a bow on top. Ness gave Lucas a wide smile. "Told you so." And he began making his way towards the prize.

"Oh good," Lucas breathed, relieved. "Now we can get out of here." Lucas began to smile. Ah, I can't wait to get home… I can have a nice shower… get rid of all these smells…

Suddenly, just as Ness was about to reach the present, the ground beneath him gave away and he plummeted a good distance into the earth. It happened so quickly Ness didn't even scream.

Lucas went pale. "…Ness?"

There was a dull THUMP.

"Ow... " Ness said from at least twenty feet below. "Soft landing. I'm fine!"

Lucas let out a breath and started to giggle. "You idiot Ness, only you would've fallen for that..."

"Shut up. Can you see if there's a way back up?"

"Too bad, I don't think there is. Honestly, with the linear path and the oh-so-obviously placed present... you're a real idiot."

Lucas peered down the hole. Sure enough, there was Ness. He was a good distance below Lucas, with the light of his PK flash illuminating what appeared to be a an underground garden littered with moss and mushrooms and even purple and white flowers.

Ness looked up at Lucas and gave him a sheepish grin. "Heehee."

"Well, now that you're stuck down there, I think I'll help myself to this present." Lucas made a joyful hop over the hole.

"HEY!" Ness screamed, "That's not fair! I wanna open it!"

Lucas ignored him.

"Um, Lucas?" A faint shuffling sound could be heard below.

"What now?"


Battle sounds broke out. "PK Flash!". The sounds of a blunt weapon. The zip of a yo-yo.

Lucas spun around got on his knees in front of the hole. "Ness? Ness!" No reply. It was dark below except for the lights from a couple of PSI attacks.


A few more thuds, and it was silent.


No response. Lucas looked around for something, someone, that could help. But there was no one. Closing his eyes, he got onto his feet and jumped down the hole.

He landed bottom-first on something very soft and bouncy. It was pitch black. "PK Love," he whispered. The room was illuminated in a warm, pink light. Ness wasn't there. A path led to another room. Ness still wasn't there, but there were the traces of battle. Dark burns in the earth from PSI abilities. Dead monsters, some of which Lucas recognized.

He kept going, eyes alert and wary, PSI spell ready. More dead monsters. He spotted Ness' signature yo-yo embedded in the moss, and pocketed it.

He found Ness in the next room.


Ness was slumped against the wall. He was missing a shoe. His shorts were soiled and frayed. His shirt had a large rip on the left side. His hair was singed, his face was dirty, and his hat was at an awkward angle on his head. Nonetheless, Ness gave Lucas a small smile.

"Heya, Luke. Nice of you to drop by."

"What happened? Are you hurt?" Lucas didn't wait for his response before casting PK Lifeup.

"I'm fine... I'm just... blue. Like blue paint. Ahaha."

"...You're not making any sense."

"To hell with that. Tonda Gossa! Help me up, won't you?" Ness extended a hand.

Lucas grabbed Ness' hand and pulled him up. As soon as Ness was up, his knees gave away and he slumped, but not before throwing his arms around Lucas' neck and shoulders.

"Uwah! Ness, you're heavy!"

He's hugging me! He's so warm... Lucas blushed.

"Mmph," Ness replied. "Carry me. Can't move. I'm heavy with guilt. Heavy with stolen chicken eggs."

Lucas tried to better adjust Ness' quickly slipping body back into his arms. While doing so, their faces got really close and their cheeks brushed against each other. Lucas seemed to be the only one who noticed, however. He could smell Ness. He flushed a deeper shade of crimson.

"Geez, could you at least use your two feet?"

"Yessir! So sorry sir!" Ness stood upright, taking his weight off of Lucas. He didn't relinquish his grip on him, though.

"And cut that out. Act normal, you idiot."

Ness buried his face in Lucas' shoulder. "You smell really nice."

Lucas blushed even harder.


And then Ness' pushed them both onto the ground. The two of them fell onto a heap on the mossy floor, Ness on top of Lucas. He had Lucas' wrists pinned against the earth.

"AND you're adorable. Like a fobby."

Lucas squirmed, without much success. Ness was much heavier and stronger than him, even in his seemingly drunken state.

"Ness! C-cut that out! Get off of me!"

Ness lowered his face, kissing Lucas passionately on the cheek, leaving patches of saliva. Then, he moved his mouth to Lucas' ear and began to lick it, sliding his tongue through its many folds and turns.

"Stop! Ah...!"

Despite his protests, Lucas couldn't deny that he was enjoying this. This morning he would have never expected Ness to touch him any more than a tap on the shoulder...

Ness stopped licking Lucas' ear, which was sopping wet now, and stared calmly down into Lucas' eyes.

"Lukie-poo... open your mouth."

Lucas was completely seduced and in no position to protest. He opened his mouth into a cute little 'o' and closed his eyes. Ness opened his own mouth slightly and drizzled a large wad of drool into Lucas' open mouth, letting him taste the saliva. Before Lucas could object, Ness mashed his lips into Lucas', drawing them into a deep kiss. He let go of Lucas' wrists and buried his hands into the locks of Lucas' blonde hair. Their mouths were locked, savouring each other and kissing fervently.

Eventually, Lucas replied by moving his own hands into Ness' hair, taking off his red baseball cap and tossing it aside. He dug his fingers into Ness' hair, and there he felt something out of place.

His eyes opened wide and he pushed Ness off of him. Sure enough, sitting on top of Ness' head was a red mushroom with white polka-dots.

Lucas' heart sank, filled with disappointment. Darn it, I should've known... Ness never liked me to begin with...

"Lucassssss..." Ness was swaying on the spot, eyelids drooping heavily. He wouldn't remember any of this when he got healed. That's how your mind works when you're feelin' funky. Lucas couldn't help but let out a giggle. "Ness, you jerk." He started at Ness for a moment, who was still swaying. Then, he leaned in for one more kiss, making sure to remember the taste and feel.


And then Ness lay down on the floor, snoring.

A/N: This is a TWOSHOT, so there will be a sequel. Written in a space-time-continuum where Lucas and Ness are together, 'cause I REALLY DONT FEEL LIKE WRITING ABOUT ANY OTHER PAIRING. Reviews are cool.