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Chapter 2

*No One's POV*

"Charlie, put me down! I'm getting dizzy!"

"Fine. Fine! I'll put you down" and put her down he did, but in the water was not exactly what she had expected.

"Pfff. Charlie Black Weasley, You are a dead man!" Hermione threatened the bobbing redhead, as he popped up from underneath the water, as well.

"In order to kill me, love. Ya got to ketch me first." Charlie grinned devilishly at Hermione, before swimming further away from her.

"I'll take that as a challenge, Weasley. You're on" she smirked. While Charlie wasn't looking she ducked under the water's surface.

"Mia?" Charlie yelled. Looking around, but he could see no beautiful, brown bushy haired, witch anywhere in sight.

"Love, this isn't Fu-"but Charlie was cut short as something –more like someone- hit the back of his knee's; making him collapse, gulping the water he burled under.

Charlie spewed out the water, gasping for air.

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*Charlie's POV*

"I told you I'd get ya." I could hear HER giggling behind me.

"Actually love, ya said ya would kill me." I decided not to turn around just in case a quick getaway was necessary.

I started to very slowly ease forward. Just then something pounced on my back. Smooth, silky skin wrapped around my waist and shoulders. Keeping me still and sending hot electricity down my spine.

"Now where do you think your goin Mr. Dragon tamer?" Mia whispered. Her hair tickling my neck; I'm guessing she didn't know the affect she was having on me, because her voice in my ear caused a curtain member to harden and jump to life.

"uh…um…to…uh, to talk to…um, Bill…ya talk to Bill! and the Twins!" I replied Shakily; Tryin to de-excite my little 'problem'.

"Fine" slipping her legs down my body till her toes came in contact with the sandy bottom of the pond; her arms dragging down my chest, to my abdomen, and ended around my sides. Closing my eyes, I tried to calm my breath, well, as well as I could at least.

"I'm goin to go talk to Ginny" I heard her reply, smiling.

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