Title: Ian's Secret (Tentative title)

Author: Inquisitive1

Email: Inquisitive1@angelfire.com

Rating: PG13

Distribution: Sooner or later at my site http://www.angelfire.com/tv/inqstive1sfanfiction

Disclaimer: I own only the characters not on a show. My first Witchblade fic

Summary: Sara Pezzini meets a teenage girl who reminds her of her stalker Ian Nottingham. Semi Crossover with Roswell

Note: // Images // Anai and Zan's connection


Chapter 1

New York City: Spring 2002

            Detective Sara Pezzini walks down the street bumping into a figure. "Oh sorry" she mutters looking down to see a dark haired teenager staring at her. "Hey" she smiles

            The girl moves away almost frightened she runs down the street

            Sara looks down to see her bracelet hiss 'Damn thing' she thinks turning to see if she can find the girl.

            Sixteen year old Anai runs around the corner away from the cop her inborn instincts knowing who the woman is. 'Weilder.' "Shit" she mutters her mind flashing over images

            // A glove with a blade on the end.

            The woman dodging bullets.

            Arguing with a dark haired man. //

            Anai shakes her head "Stop" she mutters trying to end the images.

            "Hey kid" Sara calls finding the dark haired teen in the alley

            Anai looks at the cop "What?"

            "Are you OK?" Pez asks

            Anai moves away from the woman "Yeah fine."

            "I get this feeling you aren't being honest with me."

            "Not fond of cops." Anai says moving past the woman

            "Not many people are" Pez smiles "Names Pezzini."

            Anai looks at her "I know"

            "How do you know?"

            Anai takes off disappearing in the crowd. ZAN she goes in search of her best friend/lover/protector.

That afternoon

            Sara enters her office removing her jacket

            "Hello Lady Sara"

            Sara jumps at the sound of the familiar voice "Damn it Ian one of these days you're going to give me a heart attack" she says closing the door to her office. "What are you here for? Give me another vague warning?"

            "The girl you spoke with... where is she?"

            "I didn't get her address." Sara retorts "And stop stalking me!"

            "I am protecting you." Ian replies

            "Nottingham why are you here?" Sara demands annoyed

            Ian bows his head "Find the girl. She can answer many questions."

            Sara stares at him "How am I supposed to find her?"

            Ian reaches out touching the bracelet. "The Witchblade will lead her to you." he looks away "I have to go"

            "Ian, why would this lead her to me?"

            "It will show you." Ian says walking out the door

            Sara stares after the enigma 'What am I going to do with him?' she shakes her head turning to her paperwork.