Chapter 11

Morning: Evans household

"So how'd you sleep Zan?" Diane asks as the double enters the kitchen

Zan shrugs "Didn't really."

"Couch uncomfortable?" Isabel asks sticking her head around the refrigerator door

"No it was fine."

Isabel rolls her eyes "Zan just get it over with and call her."

"She's in school right now." he says glancing at the clock

"Speaking of school... Izzy go wake Max up." Diane orders her daughter glancing up from stirring the eggs

"I'm up." Max says stumbles into the kitchen with Lucas on his hip the two looking sleepy "Morning"

"Have a good night?" Diane asks smiling at the sight of the two doubles looking half asleep as the younger version drowsily watches everything from his father's arms.

Max nods pouring himself a cup of coffee with his free hand. "Dad I need a new alarm clock."

Philip looks at his son "Why? Didn't you just get one after Michael broke the other one?"

Max nods "Yeah." he sits at the kitchen table with Lucas on his lap "This one's broken too." Max answers taking a drink of his coffee

"How'd that happen?" Diane asks looking over at the table

"Let me guess my new favorite kid lost control" Isabel says with a laugh. "Lucas did you break the alarm clock?"

Lucas nods solemnly "Too loud." his nose scrunching up. At his tone everyone laughs in amusement.

Philip shakes his head "Don't you two have school?" he asks looking at his two kids

"Yeah." Max says looking at Zan "You going to watch him or switch places?"

Zan ponders that then sighs "I'll take school."

Dian sets plates before everyone. "Why would Zan go to school for you?" she asks Max

Max looks at the floor sheepishly then answers "Zan took my place at school yesterday." he admits

Diane sighs "As much as I disapprove of that there was a good reason." she ruffles Lucas's hair as she passes.

"Uh Max what about when Zan heads back to New York?" Isabel asks

Max shrugs "Haven't figured it out yet." he admits

"How can Zan take your place?" Philip asks curiously

"Tone down the tats an' piercings... pull on preppy clothes." Zan replies digging into his breakfast.

"We will need to figure out what Lucas is going to do during the day when you two are at school." Diane says

"Wouldn't put him in daycare until you figure out how to keep his abilities from spinning out of control." Zan says glancing at the clock "How soon 'til we need to leave?" he asks Isabel

"Half hour." Isabel says "Max I'm going through your closet. Zan is so in need of help with finding clothes."

"Hey I resent that." Zan growls

"Who cares. Go take a shower." Isabel orders

"Damn you're worse then Nottingham." Zan grumbles standing he heads back to the bathroom.

Isabel follows him out of the kitchen. "Who's Nottingham?"

Max sets Lucas on the chair as he stands going to the refrigerator he grabs a bottle of Tobasco sauce. "I know. There aren't many options open. Like Zan said we don't know the full extent of Lucas's abilities right now."

"Max you'll need to figure that out soon. Zan's not going to be able to stick around forever." Diane says

"I know." Max replies "There aren't many options here." he pours some Tobasco sauce over Lucas's food and his own.

"I see you've inherited more than your Daddy's looks." Diane says amused as the little boy digs into his food.

"Least he didn't inherit my ears." Max says relieved

Diane and Philip shake their heads "Lucas is going to need a birth certificate." Philip muses "and medical records."

"Why? We don't have those." Max points out.

"Well then we'll just have to find away around that." Philip says "I'll make some calls see what I can find."

Lucas sets his fork down tilting his head he regards the small plant on the table "Why is that brown?" he asks pointing at the plant

"It hasn't been watered in a while." Diane answers

"Diane that plant has been dying for years. Toss it out all ready."

Lucas shakes his head "Plant can't die." he touches the plant. As the plant returns to its full green he grins "Plant happy now."

"That's incredible." Philip says amazed

"Wow... Max you can do the same?" Diane questions

Max nods proud of his son.

"Max, why don't you take my car today and go to the mall and get Lucas some clothes and toys."

"Got toys... Uncle Kyle's toys. He's got blocks and cars." Lucas says happily.

"Iz called Valenti yesterday and told him Lucas was here. He brought some toys over for him."

Diane nods "Still he needs clothes."

Max groans "Mom I hate shopping... why do you think I let Iz go shopping for my clothes"

"Because I have good taste, little brother." Isabel says entering the kitchen.

Philip speaks "Lucas needs clothes and he's your responsibility"

"I know." Max says

"Here are my car keys and your credit card." Diane says taking her keys out of her purse. She opens a drawer handing Max his credit card.

"What am I supposed to buy?" Max asks

Diane sighs "I'll write you a list of basics and put it on the counter."

"Homework done?" Zan asks

Max nods "Its on the desk in my room." he pauses noticing one of the silver spoons twisted in a knot. "Lucas put it back the way it was."

Isabel laughs seeing the spoon twisted "Good job kid."

Lucas grins at his aunt then waves his hand over the spoon allowing it to return to normal.

Philip chuckles "Something tells me he is definately going to try everyones patience."

"Lucas you can do that as many times as you want just put them back the way you found them." Diane laughs

"I will." he nods solemnly

"Time to go I so don't want to be late." Isabel grabs Zan's arm "Move it." she orders

"Damn girl don't pull me I'm not a pet."

"Don't call me girl" Isabel says annoyed

"Tell everyone hi for me." Max calls as his sister and double walk out of the house.

"Max the list is on the counter. Its just the basics. Don't forget to buy a booster seat for the car while your out."

"Clean up the dishes before you leave." Philip says following his wife out the door. "Be careful. Have fun."

"Bye Lucas." Diane calls

Once the door closes Max looks at Lucas "Come on kid lets get the breakfast dishes cleaned up and get the shopping done." Max lifts Lucas up setting him on the counter beside the sink.

Lucas watches as his father washes the dishes "Daddy why don't ya wash 'em the other way?"

"Because I don't use my powers unless I need to." Max replies "And you are going to have to be really careful." he says sternly "No using your powers around strangers or outside the house. You can use them at Michael's place but that's it."

"Okay" Lucas nods

"Good." Max grins turning back to the sink "So what do you want to do today?" he asks

"Uh... I wanna see animals... the furry funny kind."

Max laughs "No furry animals on Antar?"

Lucas shakes his head

"Well how about we go to the petting zoo this afternoon."

"What's a zoo?" Lucas asks

"Its a place where animals live." Max answers rinsing off a dish.


New York: Lunchtime

Celeste looks at her friend confused by her happy expression. "OK where's Anai?"

"Huh?" Anai snaps out of her thoughts of Zan

"You haven't acted like this since Zan left."

"He's back." Anai says happily

"He called?"

Anai nods "He said he'd be home in a week. He's visiting some old friends." she sighs "I can't wait to see him."

"Horny?" Celeste smirks

"Hell yeah." Anai grins Zannie?

Hey doll. You OK?

Good. Where are you?

School. Max is with the kid. He told his parents everything last night.

How'd they take it?

Pretty good. Not much yelling. How are you?

Fine. Its lunchtime.

Mmm I'm in biology.


Hell yeah.

Zannie... I'm horny.

Not much I can do about that babe.

Feeling his chuckle through her mind and body she swallows a groan of lust. We could revist the time we had sex in the library.



Zan inhales sharply at the memory

"Zan you OK?" Liz asks softly

Zan nods his eyes on the paper before him seeing that he wrote Anai's name over and over. "Oh yeah."

Liz shakes her head amused by the look on his face. "Don't worry I'm taking notes." she says

"Good he does the work I do the school." Babe I'm in class I need to have some 'semblance of attention. That memory won't help me. Zan stares at the teacher barely listening as he talks. What's going on there? he drifts off to his Anai world barely listening to the teacher.


Noon: Dexter, NM

Max shuts off the car looking back at Lucas. "You ready for this?" he asks the little boy

Lucas nods

Max gets out of the car opening the backdoor he unbuckles the seatbelt lifting Lucas into his arms. "Lucas this is going to be a long trip. We've got lots to do."

"OK Daddy"

"We'll do half the shopping then get some lunch." Max closes the car doors. "What do you think?"

"Mommy likes the mall." Lucas says sadly

"So does Isabel." Max chuckles he carries Lucas up to the store then sets the boy in the shopping cart. He takes out the list his mother left scanning it. "Lets see how much of this stuff we can get here." he sighs "Lucas this is going to be one big adventure."

"Why?" Lucas asks looking around his eyes wide as they enter the store

"It just is." Max ruffles Lucas's hair "Let's start with clothes see what we can find for you." Max pushes the cart keeping his alert while he watches Lucas look around.

Lucas takes in the new sites amazed at the things around him.

"OK" Max finds the toddler section "Mom's list says you need basic everyday clothes. Let's start with socks and underwear." Max says checking the ages of the cartoon underwear he tosses them in the cart. 'Those should fit.' he grabs socks. "OK we got a week of socks and underwear lets grab pajamas." he pushes the cart over to the nightclothes


2 hours later

"Max and Lucas must still be in Dexter." Isabel says pulling the car into the driveway not seeing her mother's car.

"Zan how long are you staying in Roswell?" Michael asks as they get out of the Jeep.

"As soon as Max gets things settled." Zan replies entering the house behind Isabel he tosses Max's backpack on the floor by the couch. "A few days at the most." he sits on the couch with a groan "And god knows I'll be glad to get back to New York."

"Major Anai missage" Michael grins


"Here." Isabel tosses him the phone "Call her. She should be out of school by now."

"Your parents won't mind?"

"Nah. We can just blame Max." she grins "Let's let Zan talk to his girl alone."

Zan dials the familiar number


New York: Anai and Zan's room

Anai grabs the ringing phone off the nightstand "What?!" she growls

"What's wrong babe?"

Anai grins "Zan." she sits up "Where are you?"

"Still in Alien town." he replies "How's everything going?"

"Good. I got an A on my research paper."

"What was it about?" Zan asks


4PM: Dexter, NM

Max buckles Lucas in the booster seat "You tired?"

"We done Daddy?" Lucas asks sleepily

"We got what the list said and more. If we need anything else we'll just come and get it."

" 'kay. I'm tired." Lucas yawns

"Then take a nap. We should be home in about an hour." Max says closing the rear door he gets into the drivers side getting in he starts the car. "So what did you think of your first shopping trip?"

"Fun. I liked the toys. Daddy can we still go see the animals?" Lucas asks

"No Lucas its going to be closed soon. How about we go this weekend?"

"OK." Lucas looks out the window "Can Liz come with us?"

"Do you want me to ask her?"

Lucas nods "I like her. She's nice."

"I'm glad you like her." Max says putting the car in reverse.


Dinnertime: Evans' home

"How was your day Max? You finish the shopping?" Diane asks

Max nods "I think I got everything."

"Max you really need to make a decision on what to do about Lucas when your in school." Philip states

"There is an option that would make this easier." Max says

"What is it?" Diane asks

"I go to school part time." Max suggests "Maybe I can convince Valenti or even Brody to watch Lucas while I'm in class."

"Max." Diane begins

"Mom I don't even need all those classes. The only reason I'm taking a full load is to hang out with my friends. I have all my basic classes done I'm credits ahead because of the credit I get for work during the school year and the summer. Even if I do half a day I'll still graduate with a few extra credits"

"I'd prefer if you stayed in school Max even though you have all your credits... and more. You only have high school once." Philip says when Max begins to protest he continues "But you are right someone will need to watch Lucas when you are in school and at work."

"Speaking of school how did it go?" Diane asks Michael, Isabel and Zan.

"It was OK. A little boring" Isabel shrugs

"So Zan, where do you go to school normally?" Diane asks curiously

"Never been to school." Zan admits "We just spent a lot of time in the library during the fall and winter."

"So this was your first time ever in school?" Michael asks

Zan nods "Thank god I didn't have 12 years of that."

"High school's important." Diane says "Its a big part of your future."

"I know. I learn stuff. I help Anai with her homework. When I actually need it I'll get my GED. Right now I'm fine with the way my life is." Zan shrugs "I like my job... or liked. They probably fired me by now. Oh well."

"You don't care?" Philip asks

"I live in a mansion. I don't pay rent. I get food and a car. Ian gives us money if we need it. Sometimes I do work out in Irons yard. Mostly my job is keeping an eye on my girl... and trust me she is way more then a 24/7 job. Especially when she's mad."

"She sounds interesting" Philip remarks

Zan smiles faintly "That she is"

2 nights later: Evans' home

"Max phone." Philip says sticking his head in his son's room to find the five hybrids sitting on the floor working on something with blocks "What are you doing?"

Max stands taking the phone from his father "Testing Lucas's abilities." he replies

"Just don't blow anything up... or burn anything down." Philip requests walking down the hall.

"Don't worry Dad." Max says "Hello?"

"Hey its me."

"Hey Liz."

"You busy?" Liz asks

"A litte. Just doing some work with Lucas." Max answers

"Want me to call back?"

"I'll call you back when I put Lucas to bed." Max replies "'bout an hour?"

"Yeah sure. Say hi to everyone for me." Liz says hanging up.

"LUCAS" Isabel shrieks

Max reenters his bedroom to find his sister with lime green hair. "Lucas don't torment Iz."

"What the hell is going on?" Philip asks as he and Diane stop in the doorway. "Izzy what happened?"

"Oh dear." Diane says amusement obvious

Holding back his laughter Max looks at Lucas "Lucas return Isabel's hair back to normal."

"I don't wanna I like it like that." he grins innocently at Isabel rocking back and forth on his heels.

Michael and Zan burst out laughing at the look on Isabel's face "Well he is getting better at using his abilities." Zan manages to say through his laughter. "Least he didn't blow you up."

Isabel glares at them "This isn't funny. Lime green is so not my color."

"Lucas come on undo it." Max prods his son

Lucas shakes his head giving them his best stubborn look

"OK that is definately a Maxwell look." Michael says with a chuckle

"Great just what we need another stubborn person in this family." Isabel uses her own powers to return her hair back to normal. "I'm so not going to be the guinea pig again." she strides out of the bedroom leave her brothers and nephew with the parents. Once she's out of the room everyone bursts out laughing.

"As funny as that was; Lucas don't mess with Isabel's hair. She's going to rant about it forever." Philip tells his grandson

"I won't." Lucas says solemnly his eyes twinkling

"Yeah right" Michael says seeing the look

Diane glances at the clock "Max its getting late."

"Oh yeah." Max says "Come on Lucas time for bed."

"But I'm not tired" Lucas protests rubbing his eyes

"Yes you are." Max laughs "Besides I think if I let you stay up your Grandma would ground me for the rest of my life."

Diane grins "That I would. Now get going."


Hour later

Max enters the livingroom to find Zan reading. "Hey"

"Lucas sleeping?"

"Yeah. Where is everyone?"

"Your Mom's in the kitchen. Your Dad's in the study. Isabel's hanging out with Liz and Kyle at the Crashdown. Michael has a date with Maria."

Max sits down "Mmm."

"You look tired." Zan remarks closing the book

"Lucas wanted to check out all the toys in the toystore. All the books in the bookstore. I had to drag him out of both."

Zan chuckles "Kids wear you out."


"And your enjoying it."

Max nods "I never thought I'd ever see him... of course I'm enjoying it."

"He's a good kid." Zan says

"Yeah he is." Max smiles slightly

"How's Liz taking all of this?" Zan asks

Max shrugs "She and I haven't had a chance to talk about it. She's been working a lot."

Zan lifts his pierced brow "And you too aren't...?"

Max shakes his head "Liz is still a little pissed over Tess."

"Well she does have a right to be." Zan says

"I know. I should be pissed over the whole Kyle thing."

"What Kyle thing?"

"Its a long story. Its why we broke up." he shrugs. Max looks at Zan "Mostly its because of the whole Tess getting pregnant the only time we slept together."

"She's probably worried that it could happen to her." Zan says

"Could it?"

Zan shrugs "Don't know."

"But you and Anai..."

"Yeah we are. So far she hasn't. Like us her genetics is a little off."

"How so?"

"Has to do with her father. His boss uses him as a guinea pig on all of his experiments." Zan says "No one but Irons and Dr Immo know exactly what has been done to Ian. Let alone what has affected Anai."

Max leans back in the chair "Must be hard."

"More on Ian then Anai." Zan says sadly then shakes his head "Anyway long time ago Anai and I agreed if it happens it happens. We aren't going to push it or ignore it."

"Just let nature and destiny decide." Max says

Zan nods "If it happens next month or next year then it happens."

"No fear?"

"Only from her father." Zan replies with a shrug "But 'nai has her father wrapped around her little finger. He adores her. So does his boss."

"You got a pretty good family there" Max remarks

"Could lose Irons though." Zan says bitterly

Diane enters the livingroom "Max have you done your homework yet?"

Max groans "No Mom."

Diane puts her hands on her hips "We are agreeing to Zan going to school for you but you are still in charge of doing your own homework."

"Yes Mom. I'll go do it." Max stands heading back to his bedroom

Zan looks at Diane "Hey Mrs E can I borrow your car? Iz took the Jeep."

"Zan I have told you call me Diane." she smiles "And yes you can borrow my car. The keys are on the key rack in the kitchen."

"Thanks" Zan stands heading into the kitchen. "I'm just going for a drive. I'll be back in an hour." he calls heading out the door

"Be careful" Diane calls


Chapter 12


"Anai" Zan awakens with a gasp his body trembling. He sits up trying to catch his breath.

At the same time Isabel and Max wake up both startled by an intense fear. Max runs his fingers through his hair

"Daddy?" Lucas asks sleepily

"It's OK Lucas. Go back to sleep." Max says looking at the boy.

" 'kay" he mumbles hugging his new stuffed bear tight.

After a moment Isabel enters the room "Was that you?" she asks softly

Max shakes his head "I think that was Zan." he gets out of bed following his sister into the livingroom where they find Zan sitting up trying to control his breathing. "Zan you OK?" he asks sitting on the coffee table facing his double.

"How is it we felt that?" Isabel asks

Zan shrugs "When me and Lonnie were close we could sense what the other was thinking... sometimes feeling."

"What's wrong then? Why would we feel what your feeling?" Max asks

"I don't know. I need to get back to New York as soon as possible."

"Is something wrong with Anai?" Isabel asks

Zan nods "I don't know if its happened already or not but I just feel something that's never been there."

"Do you want to dreamwalk her?" Isabel asks

Zan closes his eyes debating it. After a moment he nods "Yeah."

"If she's having a sex dream about you I am so going to hurt you." Isabel threatens.

"Trust me if she's having a sex dream I'd know it by now." he smirks

"Eww I so did not need to know that." Isabel shudders "You may be someone else but your still my brother's double... the same person."

Zan and Max look at each other rolling their eyes.

"Come on lets do this." Isabel says sitting beside Zan she takes his hand.

//Zan and Isabel find themselves watching Anai sitting on the floor rocking back and forth covering her ears.

Zan frowns at the voices "Its Hope and her ex-husband Bryan." they find themselves in the kitchen two adults yelling at each other.

"When was this?" Isabel asks curiously

"Not long after Hope brought me home with her. She found me in an alley not far from the accident trying to heal myself."

"Damn it Hope... she needs to be taught to obey her elders." Bryan yells taking a swig of his beer. "I told her not to sleep in that bed with that punk... she disobeyed."

"God Bryan she's fourteen she's not having sex with him." Hope argues

Isabel looks at Zan

As if to read her mind he shakes his head "We didn't have sex until after her Mom was killed. We just shared a bed then. It made our nightmares go away." he shrugs

"She disobeyed me." he starts to take his belt off

Hope grabs his arm "You can hit me as much as you want but never... ever hit my daughter!" she hisses

Bryan shoves her out of out of the way. "Back off." he makes his way into the livingroom. "I have put up with your disobedience one time too many." he pulls her to her feet by the arm

Anai glares at him the only sign of fear is her lower lip trembling. "Don't touch me." she pulls her arm out of his grasp

"What are you going to do about it kid? Call your old man? He dumped you."

Anai shakes her head "My Daddy may have left but he loves me. He would hurt you if he knew you hit Mommy."

"Yeah well he's not here." he backhands Anai

Isabel winces as the girl cries out.

"Why would she be dreaming about this?" Zan wonders aloud watching the scene. He sees himself walking out of the bedroom leaning against the wall heavily.

"You were still injured." Isabel says

Zan nods "It was about a month after they shoved me infront of the semi." They watch as dream-Zan hits the guy.

"This how they found out about you?"

"Yeah." Zan watches as his dreamself shoves the guy out the door

"I'll get you and that brat punk." Bryan yells "You can't stop me."

"Go near Anai and I will kill you." dream-Zan growls. He goes to Anai's side touching her lip he heals her split lip. "You OK?"

Anai nods her eyes wide "Thank you."

The dream switches to Anai walking out of her school wearing her uniform she bumps into someone. "Sorry" she mutters

"Well well if it isn't the brat."

Hearing the voice Anai pales looking up to see her ex-stepfather "What are you doing here?" she stammers

Bryan looks her over "Mmm you got the schoolgirl look down but we both know you are no schoolgirl."

Anai winces "How'd you find me?"

"Saw your pic in the newspaper... beside Kenneth Irons. So your old man is his bodyguard." he tugs on a strand of her hair.

"Don't." Anai says stepping back

"You look as good as your mother... perhaps better."

Zan growls "He's back."//

Zan and Isabel open their eyes to find Max waiting. "Well?" Max asks

Zan jumps up pulling on his jeans "I need to get back to New York." he says

"Zan are you thinking he's going to hurt her?" Isabel asks

"I don't know. Anai isn't scared of much but she's scared of him." he pulls on his boots "I promised to protect her I can't do that from here."

"I'll call the airport and see if I can book you on a flight." Isabel says grabbing the phone she heads into the kitchen.

"I'll make sure Ava gets here." he looks at Max

"If you need to keep her there until this is figured out that's fine. I can stay home from school for a while." Max says

"I'll have her on a flight by Sunday afternoon." Zan says shoving things in his backpack

"Yeah just a second." Isabel says "Zan how are you going to pay for this?"

Zan pauses "Shit... I can't get any money from the bank."

"Iz use my credit card." Max says

"Sure." Isabel nods rattling off the number in her head

"Thanks. I'll have 'nai send you some cash later"

"No problem."

Isabel enters the livingroom "I had to register you under Max's name."

"They'll ask for ID." Zan reminds

"Take mine."

"You sure?" Zan asks

Max nods "Just means Iz, Mom and Dad or Maria will have to drive me places until I get it back"


"Your flight leaves in an hour." Isabel tells him "Ticket's waiting at the counter."

Zan grins "Thanks."

"I'll go get dressed and let Mom and Dad know I'm taking you to the airport." Max says

"I'll come too."

"Iz you have school." Max reminds

"And you can't get pulled over on your way home." Isabel reminds.

"Oh yeah."

"We need to leave in ten." Isabel says hurrying down the hallway.

Max goes to his room throwing on some clothes he tucks Lucas in then goes to his parents room. "Mom Dad."

Diane groans "Max what are you doing up?" she glances at the clock "Its midnight. Is something wrong with Lucas?"

"No." Max assures "He's asleep. Just wanted to let you know that Iz and I are taking Zan to the airport."

"He's heading home?" Philip asks turning on the lamp

"Yeah. Somethings going on with his girlfriend and he wants to get back home." Max watches as his parents get out of bed pulling on their robes.

Diane and Philip follow their son out to the livingroom where they find Zan staring at the wall. "Zan are you OK?" Diane asks

Zan snaps out of his thoughts at her concerned tone "Yeah I'm fine." he assures

Isabel returns to the livingroom dressed in jeans and a T-shirt her hair pulled back in a ponytail. "You two ready?"

Zan nods

"Zan call and let us know when you get home." Diane says sternly

"Yes ma'am."

"You are now part of this family and I don't want to worry about you." Diane says

"If you need anything just call" Philip adds

"Thanks." Zan says "Sorry I can't stick around until you get this figured out with Lucas"

"We understand." Diane assures "Next time bring that girlfriend of yours." she suggests

Zan smiles "Just might."

"Don't take too long you two." Philip says "You have school tomorrow Isabel."

"Great I have school and he gets to stay home." Isabel mutters glaring at her brother

Max shrugs "Come on lets go." he grabs the keys to the Jeep heading out the door.


40 mins later: Airport

"You heard what Mom said call when you get home." Isabel says sternly

Max and Zan look at each other amused by Isabel's tone. "I will." he promises "After a few rounds of make-up sex." he smirks

Isabel scrunches up her nose "I so did not need to know that."

"Thanks Zan... for everything." Max says

Zan shrugs "Like 'nai said 'we're blood.' Tell Lucas I said bye."

Max nods "I will."

"And Max talk to that girlfriend of yours." the three say goodbye and Zan steps onto the plane. I'm coming babe


New York

Anai awakens at the words Zan where are you?

Plane. Heading home.



When will you be in?


I'll pick you up.

Good. I miss you.

Miss you too.


7 hours later: Airport

Zan steps off the plane to find Anai waiting for him. " 'nai." he says softly

Anai hurls herself into his arms "Zan" she says hugging him tight

Zan winces at the grip "I missed you too babe." he hugs her back kissing the top of her head. "Lets go home."

Anai lifts her head tears filling her eyes "Don't leave me again."

Zan takes her face between his hands "I won't babe. I don't plan on leaving you ever again." he kisses her lightly then looks at her "Let's go home"

Anai nods "Yeah." she takes his hand squeezing it tight.


Hour later

Zan pulls the car up to the mansion "So how pissed is your Pops?"

"Not really. I explained. You know how he is."

Zan nods turning off the car he grabs Anai kissing her hard.

Anai smiles "We have a lot to make up for."

"Mmm three months celibacy... hell yeah we have a lot to make up for." he smirks opening the car door.

Anai steps out of the car stretching. As Zan moves around to her side his dufflebag over his shoulder she puts her arms around his neck. They kiss deeply

Ian opens the front doors shaking his head

Sensing her father's presence Anai ends the kiss looking over Zan's shoulder "Hi Dad. Look who's back."

Zan turns around to find Ian standing in the doorway "Nottingham" he says in greeting

Ian nods

Anai grabs Zan's hand pulling him into the house and up the stairs

Ian shakes his head 'Better call the school and let them know she won't be in.' he heads outside to move the car.

Zan drops his bag on the floor grabbing Anai he shoves her against the door kissing her bruisingly.

Anai moans tangling her fingers in his hair. "Mmm"

Zan lifts her against the door not breaking the kiss

Anai wraps her legs around him sighing as he kisses and licks at her neck "God I love that."

"Mmm I love you." he mumbles against her skin

"I love you." she echoes



Anai meets Zan's gaze and grins "Now that was fun."

"Mmm that it was." Zan sighs "You feel so good." he says closing his eyes he hisses as she tightens her legs around his hips. " 'nai"

"What?" she asks innocently

"Nothing." he hisses as she rocks against him

Anai glances at the clock "We should get some rest."

"I should call the Evans and let them know I'm home."

Anai lifts her brow

Zan shrugs moving off her "Diane ordered me to call." he grabs Anai's cell phone off the nightstand dialing the number

Anai lays there watching as Zan talks

"Hey Max. Yeah I made it home. Tell her sorry. I got a little distracted." he looks at Anai laying beside him naked. He silently groans as Anai's hand caresses his thigh. He glares at her "Yeah. Right."

Anai grins her hand inching closer to her target she cups his arousal

"Uh Max I gotta go. Yeah. Bye." he hangs up grabbing Anai's hand "No fair."

"Zannie I can't help it." she leans forward kissing his chest. "You look so good."

"You too."

"Don't you have school?"

Anai shrugs "Dad probably called and told them I wouldn't be in."

Smart Dad.



Next Morning

"He's back isn't he" Zan states running his fingers through Anai's hair.

"Yeah." Anai nods tilting her head "He showed up at school."

What did he say?

Anai shrugs Not much.

Have you told your Pops?

NO "I don't wanna talk about it" she says snuggling closer to him.

"OK later then" Zan pulls the covers up. "Get some sleep babe"

"Don't go anywhere" she says sleepily

"I won't" he promises settling in to watch his love drift off to sleep