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-Random Street-

Shawn, Gus, Juliet and Lassiter were standing around their two cars, ready to go home after interviewing their final witness for the day. Shawn smiled when he noticed an attractive young woman was jogging on the sidewalk across the street. He waved at her when a car going at least double the suburban neighborhood's speed limit cut the corner and ran the stop sign.

She had turned towards Shawn and waved back awkwardly when Shawn yelled, having seen the car coming at the last second. She didn't hear him over the music she was listening to. The old Mercedes hit the woman on the passenger side, knocking her against the glass and then to the ground as the driver swerved back onto the road.

Juliet, always on her toes, started running toward the woman, on her phone immediately. "Gus, help me!" She yelled, sure that his medical expertise far exceeded her own. Lassiter pushed Shawn out of the way and headed for the car. Shawn jumped in the passenger seat before he could be left behind. The sirens were on and they were in pursuit.

Shawn had immediately memorized the car's make, model and license plate number, repeating it to the Head Detective as he called in the chase and requested back-up. He would never tell Shawn, but he was always amazed when the "psychic" did things like that. Not even he, a trained police detective, was able to realize and remember those things with how quickly everything had happened, but to him it seemed like second nature.

Even with Lassiter's skilled pursuit driving, they were not in a safe area to be having a high speed chase and Shawn felt his stomach sink. Again, he realized what was about to happen moments too late to do anything helpful. "Lassie!" was all he got out when a moving van t-boned the police car, hitting on the driver's side, ending the chase immediately.

Shawn was vaguely aware of what had happened as he tried to open his eyes. There was smoke everywhere and their siren was still going off, though he could barely hear it. He reached up to steady himself when he realized that he wasn't actually moving, but the world was still spinning. He pulled his hand away without noticing the blood on his fingers. His head rolled to the left without him telling it to and he saw Lassiter.

He begged his limbs to work, if only well enough to undo his seat belt and lean over a few inches. It was an almost impossible task to move, feeling like his entire body was being weighed down, but Shawn is nothing if not persistent. He unlatched his belt and almost fell across the center console of the car. Close enough.

He reached up with a heavy hand to touch Lassiter's face, moving it only enough to assess the damage. There was a large gash where the van's bumper broke the window and kept coming, but it wasn't as bad as his worst fear. From a quick pat-down Shawn could tell that nothing had pierced the detective, though there was still a possibility of serious damage.

A loud bang came from behind him as the driver of the van tried to open his door. He reached back over, using the door handle to pull himself, and unlocked it. It took a fair amount of force for the bearded man to pull it open, apparently it had been warped badly. "Are you okay? I heard the siren, but I didn't see you coming, I swear!" The man apologized several times before Shawn lifted his hand in dismissal.

"Call 911..." Was all he could say before he slumped in his seat.

-At the Hospital: Shawn's P.O.V.-

Shawn shifted, consciousness only barely out of his grasp. Gus ran through the door, followed by Henry. "Shawn! Shawn, can you hear me?"

He mumbled something incoherent before opening his eyes just barely. He knew exactly where he was and exactly what had happened. He wanted to jump up and check on Lassiter, to ask Jules how the woman on the street was, to tell everyone that he's fine and not to worry about him. All he could manage was an unenthusiastic "Hey."

He could hear his father sigh, letting out a breath he had been holding for no one knows how long. He wasn't good at voicing his emotions, but Shawn could tell that he was really scared this time. That he thought maybe this time Shawn wouldn't be okay, that maybe he wouldn't bounce back.

Gus pushed the button to call the nurse to do an evaluation now that Shawn was awake. She poked and prodded and had a few questions, that seemed to have drained the life out of him to answer. The good news was that other than a few scrapes and bruises, he would be fine and able to go home the next morning.

After she left, Henry said a few words to his son and left him with his friend. "Did they catch that guy?" His voice was quiet and he spoke slowly, as if it took too much energy to speak normally.

"Yeah, buddy, they got him a few miles away. Don't worry, no one else got hurt." Being Shawn's best friend since either of them could remember, he knew that for as self-centered as his friend seemed sometimes, he always cared about other people before himself.

"And Lassie?" He was afraid to ask, but he had to know if he was okay. The few moments of tension between the question and the answer felt heavy.

"Shawn... It's not good." Gus didn't want to stress his friend and risk hurting his recovery, but he also couldn't lie. "He's been in I.C.U. since you two were brought in. He's alive, but they've been trying to relieve the pressure in his brain. There's major swelling... We won't know until morning."

Shawn closed his eyes, his chest feeling tight. He just wanted to go to sleep and wake up yesterday.

-The Next Morning-

The light poured into the room, making it almost impossible to continue sleeping for as long as he already had. The drugs had started to wear off and while he wasn't a fan of the slight throbbing in his head, but he was glad to be rid of the heavy tiredness that came with them. He sat up slowly, testing himself. Sleeping had helped more than he thought possible. Aside from the pressure he felt as his sat up, he felt pretty good.

He pulled the covers aside and dared to stand up. He was a little unsure on his feet, but with a little help from the wall, he was confident in his ability to get around. While his body may have rested, his mind couldn't stop thinking about the detective. He had to know if he was all right. He made his way down the hall to the nurses station.

"Mr. Spencer! You should be resting... If you need me, just push the button." She walked over to him, trying to turn him back to his room.

"I'm fine," He looked down at her name tag. "April. Thank you. My friend, Carlton Lassiter, he was brought in with me. Is he okay? Can I see him?"

"Mr. Spencer, you are the one that you need to be worrying about right now." She tried again to shuffle him in the direction from which he came, with no luck.

He wasn't in the mood to try and woo her with his personality, but he was hoping he could convince her to help him by looking as pathetic as he felt. "Please. I..." He swallowed the lump in his throat. "I need to know if he's okay. Please." He could feel his eyes watering and he saw her expression soften.

"If we go to see him, will you go to your room and rest until your friend arrives?" She somehow knew that Shawn was one of those people that wasn't going to drop the situation. She also knew that next time he tried to find Lassiter, she wouldn't be able to find him, and that was a dangerous thing.

"Thank you." He walked with her down the hallway, down the elevator and around a corner. Shawn couldn't help but notice that they were not in the I.C.U. wing. They peeked in the door and Shawn felt like a little kid whose favourite super hero turned out to not be indestructible after all. He had always thought of Lassiter as some sort of bullet proof super detective, though he would never seriously say that out loud, and even if he did, the older man would most likely not take him seriously.

She stopped him from entering any further and shut the door. "He was moved out of I.C.U. last night. The swelling has gone down almost completely and he's stabilized. We're waiting for him to wake up before we can determine if there will be any lasting damage. Other than that, it's a miracle there weren't more injuries." The nurse raised her eyebrows, expecting him to hold up his end of the bargain by returning to his room now.

He stared at the door the entire time she was talking, as if he could see through it, still watching Lassiter. He felt more than he heard a noise from inside, putting his hand on the door. "He's awake."

She looked at him like he was crazy, but opened the door curiously, peeking inside. She moved to the bedside to confirm that he was, in fact, awake. She paged the doctor and started his check-up.

Shawn made his way inside quietly and sat in a chair near the bedside. The slight smell of faded perfume led him to believe that Juliet had been sitting with her partner only hours ago. He watched from the side without saying a word, afraid that he would be removed from the room if he got in the way at all.

"Mr. Lassiter, can you hear me?" She asked the question as she checked his vitals.

"Um.. Yeah." He looked around, disoriented. His eyes stopped at Shawn, who mouthed the word 'hi' without any sound.

"Do you know where you are?" She picked up his chart and wrote something down.

"Obviously a hospital, but... I don't know what happened." He looked ragged, bruised all over, but he was awake and Shawn was relieved.

"You were in an accident yesterday, Mr. Lassiter. Do you remember the accident?"

He took a little too long thinking about the question, it made Shawn nervous. "No, I don't." He looked at Shawn again. "Who is he?"