Shawn's eyes tried to open as he was awakened by the sound of voices. They felt so heavy, he could barely peek as they cracked. The voices seemed to move around, closer and then further away. Louder and then softer. It was making his head hurt to try to make sense of it all. For the time being, he gave up and went back to sleep, hoping that it would be easier the next time he tried.

What seemed like only moments later, a loud bang got his attention. He opened his eyes a little wider with a little more ease, listening for the source of the slam. He heard familiar voices again out in the hallway.

"Carlton, are you sure this is what you want to do?" Juliet sounded worried as she asked her partner a question that Shawn didn't understand.

"There's nothing left here for me, Juliet." Carlton's voice sounded lifeless as he spoke. He sounded tired.

"And the house already sold? That fast?" He disbelieving voice echoed through the door. He heard Lassiter mumble a reply briefly as his voice faded away.

Shawn wondered if he was dead. He could tell he was in the hospital, but he couldn't feel much and everything was blurry and muffled. Maybe he died and Lassiter was moving on without him.

-The Hallway-

Juliet bit her lip, upset at the decision that he partner had made, but unable to do reason with him. She understood why he had made the choice, but for her own selfish reasons, she wanted him to change his mind.

Lassiter was going to miss Juliet more than anyone else. She was the only person that really made an effort to be there for him through everything, even when he wasn't the easiest person to deal with. She was just tough enough on him to get to him without being cruel and most of all, she sincerely wanted what was best for him.

"Well, if you need anything before you leave, let me know, okay?" She was about to walk away as the nurse came up to them.

"You rang for me?" She smiled sweetly.

Carlton's brow furrowed in confusion before he looked at Juliet. She also looked perplexed. "No, we didn't call." He took in a sharp breath as he looked at the door.

He put his hand on the handle and his fingers trembled. Juliet reached out her hand and placed it ontop of his, resting her other hand on his back. With her encouragement, he turned the knob and walked through the door.

The room looked the same as when they had left it a few moments ago. Shawn's eyes were closed, the curtains were open and Lassiter's heart sank. "Oh, Carlton..." She rubbed his back empathetically.

He sighed and walked over to the bed, reaching down to brush his fingers across Shawn's cheek. The sensation startled the young man back into conciousness as he opened his eyes even easier still.

Carlton's eyes snapped open. "Shawn?" He leaned in closer, his grip on the side of the man's face tightened.

The drowsy man smiled crookedly. "Mhmm."

He wanted to say so many things, but his voice didn't work. He tried to speak again to tell Shawn how happy he was and how much he loved him, but nothing came out.

Juliet and the nurse both moved over to the bed as Shawn mumbled incoherently. Carlton held his hand as the nurse checked him out, calling for the doctor. Everything happened in a blur, the only thing keeping him from floating away was when he felt Shawn's fingers squeeze his back.

When the doctors left and everything settled down, he couldn't stop staring at Shawn, unable to speak. Every night that he slept, he had dreamed about Shawn waking up and every morning, his heart would break all over again. He was so scared that he was dreaming again.

Shawn's voice was rough and his speech was a little slurred, but Lassiter understood when he finally had a chance to speak. "Going somewhere without me?"

He tilted his head, not sure what he was talking about for a moment before he remembered his conversation with Juliet earlier.

"You said... There was nothing here for you anymore." His eyes flickered shut for a moment, but he forced them back open. He had to know what was going on before he fell asleep again, but he was so tired.

"Shawn, no... I couldn't." He tried to sum up his feelings, but fell short with words. He closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. "I'm not leaving. We're leaving." Shawn looked up at him, confusion obvious.

"When I first woke up at this same hospital and I had no idea who I was, you were there. You told me that we could start over- Make new memories. I want that. Can we still do that?" He moved his hand to Shawn's face, trying to keep him focused as he spoke, wanting an answer.

Shawn's smile widened. "How do you mean?"

"I sold my house here and bought a new house up north. I had all of our things shipped there. I came by the hospital today to sign some papers so that they could release you into my care. I even hired a nurse to teach me what to do; how to take care of you..." Carlton leaned in, kissing Shawn's cheek. "I know you have a lot of ties here and it's a lot to ask of you, but I just want to start over."

"Okay. Let's do it." Shawn didn't hesitate, moving his head to the side to kiss Lassiter for real. "As long as Gus can come visit. And Jules. And maybe the Cheif..." He started to drift off with a smile on his face and Lassiter let him. Seeing that smile, there wasn't a doubt left in his mind that telling Shawn how he felt was worth it.