Halloween: Part Three
Trick or Treat

When I see her, my mind stops working. Literally, it grinds to a halt. My jaw drops and my eyes pop and I just stand there, gaping, as the gears in my head clunk and spark, totally stunned.

"Do you like it?"

"I-ah-uhm… Wow."

She steps closer, high heels clicking against the stone floor, and I notice how the black of her eye mask really brings out the green of her irises. I look up at her headband and then trail my eyes slowly down the length of her body, across the curves of her torso and all the way down those never-ending legs, so deliciously wrapped in skintight black. Oh Merlin.

"Is that a yes?"

"Oh yes," I try to ignore the embarrassing way my voice croaks, tugging on the collar of my costume and clearing my throat. "Yes, definitely a yes!"

She curls her ruby red lips in a shy smile, and I realise that she's holding her pale hands in front of her, with her fingers twisted together. She's nervous. "Really?"

I step forward and loop my arm around her waist, pulling her towards me. "You look incredible. Incandescent. Irresistible." To reinforce my point, I press myself flush against her and kiss her, running my tongue across her lips and splaying my hands across the smooth, skin-tight material covering her back. She tangles her hands in my hair, holding me against her and deepening the kiss. When we part we're both a little breathless, and her lipstick has smudged at the corner of her lips. I lift my hand and wipe my own mouth, and the back of my palm comes away stained light red.

"Nice addition to your costume," she giggles, rubbing the pad of her thumb against my lips.

"Speaking of nice additions," I say, gesturing down to her feet, "I don't remember the boots from fifth year."

"Yeah, they're Marlene's." She lifts one heel of her thigh-high black leather boots off the ground and twists it, her eyebrows knitting together as she observes its height. "I don't know how she walks in the things. But they look good with the costume."

"Damn straight they do!" I rest my hands on her hips and smile appreciatively.

She laughs and plucks at her shirt, sitting flat against her stomach. "It's a bit tighter than last time…"

"That's not a bad thing," I assure, tilting my head to nuzzle her neck. "In fact, I'd say it's a definite improvement."

"And I'm very happy to see that you coordinated our costumes, after all," she tells me.

"Well, I never really did get over my batty phase."

"I think you're always going to be a bit batty, Potter," she murmurs against my lips. She gives me a quick kiss before pulling back and saying, "But I definitely prefer this to a vampire."

"I thought you would."

She smiles at me and intertwines her fingers through mine. "Come on then, I don't want to miss any of your party."

"What's this? Lily Evans, excited for a Halloween party?" I tease, leading her down into the empty secret passage.

"Oh shut up, I'm only going along because you've put so much effort into it," she retorts, sticking her tongue out at me as I help her down onto the flat ground.

"Aw, that means a lot to me, Lils."

"Well, that and because this costume has a whip so I have a method of self defence."

I do a double take, and wonder how I missed the whip that is indeed coiled around her belt. "Oh, that's a bit raunchy."

She winks at me and leans in close to purr, "Maybe later."

I exhale so sharply my breath whistles. "Oh, so glad I picked the Catwoman costume."

"You don't look too bad yourself, Batman," she replies, tracing the bat symbol on my chest with her bright red fingernail. I curl my fingers around her wrist and lean down for another kiss, but she lifts her left hand and presses her index finger against my lips. "We're going to be late. I don't want to get anymore lipstick on you, anyway."

I heave a dramatic sigh and slide my hand down to clasp hers. "Fine then, let's go."

She laughs and lets me lead her along to the other end of the tunnel, only stopping three times – once so she could adjust her shoes and twice because her ass looks incredible in those pants, how can she expect me to resist a make-out session in a dark, secluded tunnel?

When I lift the secret entrance and pull her up back into the light, she gasps and then narrows her eyes in suspicion. "We're in Honeydukes," she states.

"Yep." I check that the coast is clear before leading her out onto the main floor of the shop, which is packed with students and adults alike stocking up on sweets.

"You said the party was at the Shrieking Shack."

"We have to make a detour, Peter ate some of our stockpile," I inform her, and she laughs and easily accepts my explanation. I head up to the counter and grin at the cashier. "Hi, I had an order, under Mr. Wayne."

She laughs at the reference, but the cashier squints at me and says, "What costume is that?"

"It's a muggle superhero," I explain, puffing my chest out. Again, she giggles, but the clueless cashier just gives me a polite smile and turns around to get my order. He returns with a huge, hollow plastic pumpkin, filled to the brim with lollies.

"Whoa." She plucks a sweet off the top of the pile and raises an eyebrow at me. "You really did invite the entire seventh year, didn't you?"

I wink at her and hand over my payment before hefting the bucket off the counter and carrying it outside. We've barely stepped out of the doors when Marlene comes rushing over, waving a small red pitchfork at us with one hand and adjusting the horns on top of her head with the other.

"And what are two getting up to, sexy devils?" She says breathlessly, small puffs of steam accompanying her words. "Love the costumes!"

"You make a pretty fine devil, McKinnon," I say, nodding approvingly at her entirely red ensemble of heels, stockings, a short skirt and a tight, long-sleeved skivvie.

"I don't know, I thought the whole point was to dress up as a character, not yourself -"

"Oi! Watch it, Lily!" Marlene pokes her in the stomach with her pitchfork.

"I'm not afraid to whip you," she says in retaliation, hand going to her whip.

Marlene shakes her head and laughs, "I'll let you save that for Potter. Anyway, I just wanted to ask you, Lily – Trick or Treat?"

She blinks at her friend, clearly confused. "What?"

Marlene flashes her a devilish smile, her canines bared and her eyes sparkling, and repeats, "Trick or Treat?"

"What are you doing?" She looks up at me, torn between fear and annoyance. "Is this one of your tricks?"

I roll my eyes. "Oh for Merlin's sake, just answer the question!"

She turns back to Marlene, who's still smiling disarmingly, and deliberates for a moment before saying, "Treat, of course."

"Groovy," Marlene says, snatching the lolly she was still holding right out of her hand and winking again. "See you at the party!" And then she runs off, cheeks flushed and blonde hair fanning out behind her.

"What the hell was that?"

"Dunno, she's your friend -"

"Don't give me that, Potter, what have you got planned?" She puts her hands on her hips and purses her lips.

"Who's this Potter fellow?" I sweep her into my arms and spin her around, delighting in her surprised squeal. I lower my voice and declare, "I am Batman."

Her peels of laughter turn into a shriek as I pretend to drop her, catching her at the last minute and planting her back on her feet. She puts her hands on my shoulders to steady herself, grinning from ear-to-ear. "Alright, fine. Don't tell me. But I know you're up to something."

She grabs another sweet from the bucket and unwraps it, and is just about to put it in her mouth when a zombie comes running up behind her and snatches it away. "Trick or treat!" He yells as he darts off, getting lost in the crowd of Halloween revelers.

"Did you see that?!" She points in the direction he disappeared, and then turns her head to gape at me. "How rude!"

I press a kiss to her forehead and say cheerily, "Never mind, we've got a whole pumpkin full."

Six lollies and six costumed thieves later, however, and her frustration is bubbling over. "Trick or treat!" A girl in a wedding dress says as she snatches the lolly from her hand and runs away.

"Oh, this is ridiculous!" She fumes, stamping her foot and whirling around to face me. "We're not even at the Shrieking Shack yet and that's the seventh person to do that to me! I know that you have something planned, tell me what it is!"

I laugh at her anger and shake my head. "I'm a crime fighter, not a criminal. I want peace and justice."

"You're a vigilante," she corrects. "And I'm not afraid to hurt you."

As if to prove her point, she grabs a lolly and throws it at my head. It hits my forehead and bounces off, and I lift a hand to shield myself as she continues her assault. "Hey, come on, calm down -"

And then someone covered in a white sheet with eye and mouth holes cut into it darts up to her, grabs the sweet she was about to throw at me and says, "Trick or treat!"

They go to run away, but before they can get far she screams at them, "Trick!" They stop dead in their tracks and she repeats, "Trick, god damn it, I choose trick!"

Slowly, the ghost turns around and walks back to her. They reach into a pocket of the trousers visible under the sheet and pull out a piece of paper. They pass it to her and say, "Happy Halloween."

"Is that -" She begins to ask, but they're gone before she can finish the question.

"What does it say?" I ask innocently, gesturing vaguely towards the piece of paper.

"I have a feeling you already know," she says astutely, but she unfolds the note and begins to read aloud anyway. "At eight o'clock you must be ready, and hold your pumpkin good and steady, for by its rays or candle light, on Halloween all things are bright. But none can dazzle like your eyes, widened at this great surprise. Make your way to the Shrieking Shack, for fun galore, no turning back."

"Ohh, how mysterious," I chime when she finishes.

She raises an eyebrow at me. "You've got me terrified now, James."

"Have a little faith in the magic of All Hallows Eve, Evans." I fold her hands over the note, lifting them up to kiss her fingers. "Trust me."

She brings her bottom lip up between her teeth and chews it thoughtfully. She glances down at our hands and then back at up at me before breaking out into a nervous smile. "Okay. Let's go."

We make our way up the winding path to the Shrieking Shack uninterrupted, and when we get to the door I pull on the rusted door bell as she bangs the heavy brass knocker set in the center of the wood.

"Ready?" I ask quietly as the sound of footsteps approaches from inside the old house.

The door swings open and her eyes flash with a challenge just as she replies, "Trick or treat."

a.n. What do you think so far? Is James's plan cute? I had to make it a bit annoying, because we all know he enjoys tormenting Lily way too much. Did any of you pick her costume before it was properly revealed? And do you think their costumes suit them? I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween, let me know what you did and what you think James has planned for their night! Thanks for reading.