Halloween: Part Four
The Party

There's a shower of sparks, bright yellow sparkles cascading down on her, and her mouth opens in wonder and her hands come up to catch the glitter even as it fades. And then before she can react arms are grabbing her and pulling her inside, voices are shouting enthusiastic, incomprehensible congratulations and she leans backwards, fumbling for my hand and pulling me through the door behind her.

Lollies come tumbling down, some from the direction of the roof and some from the hands of our friends, brightly coloured sweets cascading down and bouncing off us and back into the crowd, and she squeals as we're engulfed by a cloud of golden dust.

"Happy Halloween!" A particularly raucous cry comes over the top of the rest of the cheering, and then a zombie-fied Sirius is draping an arm over each of our shoulders and pulling us both in close, kissing our foreheads with an exaggerated mwha and grinning maniacally. "Aren't you two adorable in your matching costumes?"

"We look a right sight better than you do," I retort, grabbing at his bedraggled collar and flipping it up in his face.

"Well I'm not going to argue in Evans' case -"

"Keep your hands away from my ass, Black," she warns as his arm drops, but she's smirking at him playfully even as she says it.

He shifts, stepping in front of us and holding both hands up in surrender. "Okay, that's fine… I'll just go find Marlene."

"There's a few interesting places this pitchfork can go if you keep talking like that, Black," Marlene declares, popping up beside him and brandishing the red accessory threateningly.

Sirius laughs and bats it away. "Chill out, McKinnon. I'm not into that."

"Oh, I've heard otherwise - " she replies, curling her lips up.

Sirius eyes flash and I decide to intervene before they get caught up in their half-pretend war of words. "Right, before that goes any further – How's the party?"

Snapping straight back to overly enthusiastic, Sirius waves an arm around in a vague gesture at the dozens of seventh year students scattered around the bottom floor of the Shrieking Shack, all dancing and laughing and drinking the copious amount of fire-whiskey Sirius managed to procure. "Have a look for yourself, mate. Everyone's loving it!"

And they are.

Five hours later and I'm certain this is going to win Party of the Year. I'm glad everyone's having a good time, but I'm even happier to see that she is. Because this is all for her, after all. I couldn't have a girlfriend who didn't appreciate the joy of Halloween, and as I glance over at her I can't stop the smile spreading across my face.

She's glowing. Candle light from the row of jack-o-lanterns behind her is reflecting on her fiery red hair, making it shine golden at the edges, rippling through it as she catches my eye and her red lips part in a smile. She turns back to her conversation, laughing and waving her hands around as she tells a story, her face alight with animation.

"I think you've outdone yourself with this one, Prongs." Sirius drapes his arm over my shoulders and clinks his glass of fire-whiskey against mine. "Bravo."

"Party of the year?" I ask, surveying the dozens of merry party guests who are scattered around the Shrieking Shack in various states of disarray.

He nods and takes a huge gulp of his drink. "Only to be topped by our farewell bash."

"I'll drink to that!" We cheers and down the rest of our drinks, and he peers into his empty cup with disdain. I roll my eyes and grab it off him, saying, "I'll get you another one. Don't get into trouble while I'm gone."

I wander into the kitchen to see Peter surrounded by a pile of empty sweet wrappers, his white sheet lying abandoned on the cluttered counter. He looks up as I enter and gives me a toothy grin. "What does Lily think of the party?"

"I think she's enjoying it," I tell him with a smile. "Not as much as you're enjoying those lollies, though." Peter's ears go pink and he tries to shove some of the wrappers off onto the floor, and I laugh. "Enjoy yourself, Wormtail."

"This really is a great party, Prongs," he says gratefully.

I top up mine and Sirius' glasses and say a thanks before heading back out into the main lounge area – but by the time I get there Sirius is splayed out on one of the couches underneath a brunette girl dressed as a fairy. Deciding it's best not to interrupt, I make my way over to an empty armchair and sit down, taking a sip of my drink and allowing myself a moment of quiet congratulations on how well everything's worked out.

"You look pretty pleased with yourself."

I look up at Remus as he perches himself on the arm of my chair and takes the second glass from me. I reply, "Well I think we can call this party a success."

"I've definitely made some happy memories in this place," he tells me with a grin.

"Got some action did you, Moony?" I knock my elbow into his side and waggle my eyebrow.

He just laughs and takes another sip of his drink before leaning down to ask conspiratorially, "So when are the violent spirits going to make an appearance?"

I wave away his concern. "Oh, don't worry about that. I've got it all sorted."

"Got what all sorted?"

"Just another surprise for you, Lily," Remus says brightly as she stops in front of us and he stands to give us more room on the armchair. He laughs as he disappears back into the kitchen, "Enjoy."

I break out into a smile just at the sight of her standing there, and when she playfully wiggles her eyebrow at me it only grows bigger.

"Another surprise, ey?" She asks, delicately dropping herself into my lap. Instinctively, my arms wrap around her waist and pull her closer to me. "I hope it's not the scary prank I know is bound to happen sooner or later."

"Still no faith in me?" I ask, peering up at her with pleading eyes.

She cranes her neck to look back at me and says, completely deadpan, "No."

It only takes a few seconds for her to crack though, and then she's twisting around to face me and kissing me with a passion that I wasn't expecting. My hands climb up her sides, along her neck, into that gorgeous mane of ginger hair, back down to her thighs. Apparently the drinks have lowered her inhibitions quite a bit, as she shifts, lifting herself up but never once breaking contact between our lips, and then she's straddling me, one of her legs either side of my hips, and oh Merlin that feels good. Her hands are on my shoulders, pressing down, fingernails digging into my shirt and clutching at it, bunching it up in frustration as she whines into my mouth, her breath hot and tinted with fire-whiskey. I move my hands around to the base of her spine, once again pulling her closer, closer, not close enough…


We breathlessly break apart at the exaggerated cough, and I hope that my face isn't as flushed as hers. At first I expect to see Remus, but it's Marlene, standing over us, lips curled into a smug smirk and arms folded over her chest.

"Yes, McKinnon?" I ask casually, as though she hasn't just interrupted what was shaping up to be a very pleasurable kiss.

"I think it's time," she says simply.

I glance around at the students still drinking, dancing and making out around the shack, and then down at my watch. One o'clock. If we want to avoid getting caught, I think now is definitely the time. "Alright," I agree. "Sorry, Lily, we're going to have to continue this later."

She slides off my lap and looks between Marlene and I. "What? What is it time for?"

"You'll see," Marlene replies, bopping her on the nose with her pitchfork and skipping away. She calls back over her shoulder, "I'll get all the ones upstairs!"

"Thanks!" I yell back to her, before turning to my beautiful but lost-looking girlfriend. "You stay here. I just have some things to do."

"What things to do?" She asks suspiciously as I guide her back into the chair we just vacated.

"Just things, nothing for you to worry about," I assure her, planting a kiss on her forehead.

"If you scare me again, Potter -"

"No need to worry, Evans, I'll protect you from all the nasty monsters," I tease, wiggling my fingers at her.

She narrows her eyes at me and doesn't look at all impressed.
I leave her anyway, heading off to collect my fellow Marauders and set this surprise into motion.

a.n. Jesus I'm so horrible. Here's a Halloween update and we've had Halloween, Christmas and New Years already. Joyous. I'll be bombarding you guys with updates for each of those over the next fortnight. I'm really, really sorry. Please forgive me.