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Ahh… the night in Edo. The cool breeze started to blow as the night went deeper. Alleys are filled with total darkness and streets are starting to get calm as stores are one-by-one closing. Aside from stray cats, no one is wandering around except the silver haired samurai who saved the world many times from disaster and abominations that many never knew. He thought it's better to be this way rather than getting famous and high profiled but sometimes he imagines himself treated like a celebrity or an instant star.

He can't sleep these past few days and decided to take a little walk around hoping he can get asleep in the park bench or by the riverbanks. The wind blew again, giving him the chills. He stopped and looked at the moon as he found himself getting farther from his home."Hmm... When I passed that street I'm going back." He mumbled to himself, pointing the street going to the place where he once fought the 'King of the Night'. "I think I walked too…" His voice died out as he recalls those events in Yoshiwara. He smiled secretly and stared at the moon again. "How long since I went here?"

Before he gets sucked in his thought he started to walk and snap out of his thoughts believing it's just another piece of life experience. As he is gets closer to that street he tried to see if the place is still lively since it always starts to get even more lively at night but it's almost past midnight, he thought that the people there might have been already passed out from working and drunkenness . And as he expected, it's the same, like the streets he passed, it's not a town of lights anymore but some are still open. He sighed and smiled slightly secretly "I hope to see that woman and have a little talk for a while." Those came out of his mouth before he realized he said it without thinking. No one can hear him anyway. If Kagura or Shinpachi heard him, they may think it differently but he felt better when he speaks these things than saying it inside." In some way I missed her… But once meet her; I'll try to take any alcohol away." He continued not talking to himself, but to the moon.

"Really, is that what you came here for?" A familiar voice just suddenly came behind him. The voice from the person his talking about for while. "it's been a while Gintoki…" She said as she blew out another smoke from her pipe

"Areh… are you really talking to me Mr. moon?" He answered. "And you know my name…" He was talking to the moon, not facing Tsukuyo.

Her eyes twitched in anger as she grabbed a kunai and quickly threw at him. "Quit being an idiot, Gintoki!" She shouted.

But before it hit him, he quickly dodged and caught the kunai that is going to hit his head without looking back. She was surprised of his quick reflex and was unable to move to her throwing position.

"Just kidding… Tsukuyo." He turned around with a small cool smile while spinning the fake kunai around his index finger.

Their eyes met instantly at the same time he turned around with an eyes contact that lasted for three seconds.

She suddenly felt warm in her face before withdrawing her look at him as she stand straight and down away from him. "So, you wanted to see me."

"What's this odd feeling?" Her mind starts asking question. "It's quite different."

" Well, I haven't seen you around lately. Have you been busy these days, Tsukuyo?" Before her mind started to get flooded by questions, Gintoki answered suddenly.

"Well… umm…" Before she could finish her sentence, Gintoki spoke again

" Of all the people I know, you're the only one I could have a good conversation." He continued. "Well without the drinking."

"What was that suppose to mean?" She replied with her eyes started to twitch again. But he turned back and started walking away."Nothing… Well I guess you're busy with whatever works your doing this kind of time. I should be going now" He was about to say 'see ya' when he suddenly felt an arm wrapped around his' and a head leaned on his shoulder. As he knew it, he felt a little creeped out since he knows that Tsukuyo is an amazon type of person that doesn't get too soft like the other women in Yoshiwara. But in the corner of his eyes, he saw her careless relieved face resting his shoulder with strands of hair being blown with the cool wind. He suddenly noticed that she was this beautiful when her warrior-mode is off.

"No, I have no work to do. I just couldn't sleep that all. So I'll accompany you for a while" She answered softly, with her smoking pipe already out.

"Just don't make me pay after this." He answered while staring at the moon once more.

"You're such a cheap skate after all." She answered while they walk away the Yoshiwara.




(Click) A sound of a cellphone taking a picture played as the two didn't notice it. Someone just took a picture of them together with the background of a big moon in front of them.

"[sniffed] I 'm so happy for you Tsukky." Whispered the beautiful woman in the wheel chair.

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