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"Kagura-chan, do you think it's time for us to go somewhere and spend this vacation somewhere else," he muttered as he lazily rests his head on the table.

"I don't feel like going anywhere –aru. It's not because the weather is hot as hell, with its blinding sunshine that keeps following you all day or that I will surely meet that lousy sadist scaring townspeople –aru," she replied while reading the two-week old Jump issue while lying on one of the couch.

"You just admitted your reasons," he replied.

"Let's just wait for Gin-san –aru. Probably he'll be-".

"What the hell! He's been out there for two days! Not even giving a call on when to come back! How the hell can he leave us here!? You've been spouting that nonsense since the day he left!" He shouted, now filled with energy called annoyance and anger as his veins in his head start to appear.

"Calm down Pattsuan, you know that he'll never leave us this long if it's not important. Besides, he left us some cash good for more days. I think this is the biggest amount money he gave in his entire life and probably an unbreakable record even if infatuation occurs," she replied while picking her nose then snaps her fingers and landed the booger in his forehead.

"It's Inflation Kagura-chan. Anyway, that's some big words you got. Where the hell did you learn it? And why the hell are you putting your boogers on me?" he said with his tone somewhat fast and annoyed as he wiped his forehead. He sighed and rests his head on the table again, seeing that there's no reason to waste time and energy for some stupid argument.

"Where the hell are you Gin-san?" he muttered like his talking to him in the same room.


"Here," he said as he reaches him an envelope thicker than the usual. Shinpachi was surprised as he takes it with both hands. It was 5:30 in the morning at Shimura's dojo and he knows that Shinpachi is already up so he dropped by to give their first and probably the only pay check with a bonus for working and risking their lives for Yoruzuya.

"This is..."

"Yes. Your pay check. Don't worry, don't worry. It's not a prank or something stupid," he said in advance.

He was quiet for a couple of seconds as he clenched the envelope. "G-Gin-san," his voice is shaking. "A-are you dying?"

"No! You Idiot! I'm not dying! How come you came up with a cold reason for such warm gift from me! You think I'll never do this kind of thing!?" he shouted.

He patted his shoulder and clears his throat and started to get compose and serious. "Listen, I'll be out for a while. I got some big fish on the hook. The place is pretty far from here so probably I'll take more than three days for me to get back here..." he said. He turned his back and looked back at him with a creepy smile "... With some big cash in my pocket."

He knows that there is something wrong with this decision though he could not point it clearly. He can't express what he is feeling right now. Is he hiding something? Bigger problems? Dark secrets? What could be it?

"Wait a minute Gin-san. We should be working together. We're the Yoruzuya. We are always working together. It's not fun if you hog all the glory and pain," he replied with a grimace in his face.

"Don't worry Pattsuan. I'm not getting detached from you guys. But I need to respect this client's decision and condition," he said.

"Huh? What do you mean?" he asked.

"You see, this guy is a sociophobic introvert who needs to be guarded after he receive a threat from his foes. And he's a rich guy and he said he'll pay me more than I expected if he will be alive before his business meet," he answered as he walked out the gate. "Besides, I'm your boss. I'll feel bad if I don't give my team some decent day-off. Well? See ya!" he waved without looking back as he turn left and disappeared from his sight. From that direction, he saw a big white head sticking out of the wall and started to walk away. He knows who it is.

"Elizabeth?" he thought. "We'll that's suspicious."

His creepy smile that is obviously shows some greed in cash came back to his mind. "Well, that smile doesn't look suspicious. I shouldn't be worrying about that," he thought. He went back inside to prepare for the day.

"Yo Zura," he greeted him, raising his hand but his eyes are focused away.

"It's not Zura. It's Katsura," he said.

"How did you know that I will be here? Are you stalking me or something?"

"Shut up. I figured out that you will at least leave a message to a person you can trust. I already did that sort of stuff to my fellow comrades," he proudly said. They resume their walking as the dawn starts to break with Elizabeth walking behind them.

"They didn't give a damn, do they? Lemme guess. They must be slacking with their own business while you give your speech in front of them," He monotonously replied.

"You're wrong. They are listening and were saddened upon hearing that. I think their hearts were-"

"You threatened them that you will cut their budget and lock all the food supplies somewhere else," he interrupted.

"That's amazing! You guessed the first part of my temporary farewell speech!" He said with an astonished look in his eyes.

"Nope. That's something to be expected".

Their walk was interrupted when suddenly a man with a cigarette in his mouth showed in front of them. That black uniform and that evil look was something to be avoided by the leader of jouishishi.

"I can already arrest you for cooperating with a lousy terrorist Gintoki," he puffed out a smoke from his mouth. "But I got a bigger business involving you two," he said with a cool tone.

"Nope. You're not joining," said Gintoki, showing with an uninterested look in his eye.

He let out a smirk and grabbed something inside his collar. "I know you will say that. That's why I already think of something in exchange,"

"You think you can convince me with some amount of cash? Are you an idiot? I'm not that kind of person," he said with a dark smile in his face.

"No. You certainly are that kind of person," whispered Katsura.

"No, you are mistaken Gintoki. I'm just gonna burn this bundle of '90% discount to everything' ticket in the cake shop," he replied pulling out his mayo lighter in his pocket.

"WAAAAIIITTTT!" he shouted stretching his arm toward the ticket. "Perhaps a sweet talk can make things easier,"


Like any normal day without any client, no one is very lively in Yoruzuya. They don't expect any client since their boss left two days ago. His table was kept dust-free and the entire house is well-maintained, thanks to Glasses' daily visits even in day-offs. But the place is more of a lonely than boring.

A week has already passed since the Yoruzuya left the Yoshiwara. Hinowa thought that they are not making any progress in finding that drug selling faction since then. The widespread selling stopped anyway; she thought that it's time to cool off their heads and move on. Yoshiwara is back on their daily routine and Tsukuyo is kinda livelier than her usual. The cops are already gone and crime scene or interrogation around.

She let out a deep sigh as she wanders the Yoshiwara with Seita pushing her wheelchair and Tsukuyo by her side. Her mind is somewhat unsettled and she wants to pay a visit to the Yoruzuya for a peace of mind but there are many things to do.


"Yes Hinowa?"

"Mind if ask a favour?"

They stopped as they reached their destination bar and went under the shade of the roof. "Sure what is it?"

She thinks for a second and decided to say it. "Could you visit the Yoruzuya for me? Just check them if they are okay. I feel kinda worried about them. Their actions are always unexpected. I know it's a week since then but not hearing anything after that kinda worry me," she said.

"O-oh sure," she was surprised about it. Giving such a request out of nowhere from her is quite unexpected.

"And don't forget to bring something. Wine maybe?" she followed up. "Or some food? Sushi? Steak? Condom?"

"Shut up! What the hell is with that last option," she shouted. She turned her back prepare for jump. "I'll be leaving then," she replied as she jumps away to the roof.

She met Tsukuyo on the front door of their office asking for Gin-chan. She noticed some goods in her hand that she probably will be giving to them.

"I'm sorry Tsukky, but Gin-chan is doing some out-of-town business," she replied with sukonbu stuck in her mouth. "He's been out for two days but he sure left some good amount of money –aru,"

"Is that so?" she replied with a little disappointment "Then, I'll leave this goods for you," she gave the goods to her.

"Thank you Tsukky! BTW, would you like to leave a message to your lovey-dovey," she asked with a silly grin in her face.

"You should say 'by the way' not btw...And, L-lovey-dovey? What are you talking about? Y-you don't mean Gintoki?" she stammered as her face starts to blush and her heart starts to pump hard.

"I'm obviously not referring to that useless Glasses. You should have seen Seita's desktop wallpaper. It was a nice shot of you and Gin-chan on the roof. I wonder who took it. Well, see ya then Tsukky and thanks again for the gift," she said as she close the door and back inside leaving the Hyakka leader with a steaming red face.




"SSSSEEEIIITTTA!" she growled, sprinting back to her beloved Yoshiwara very angry leaving every streets she past with thick cloud of dusts. "What the hell did you do!?"




His hair all over his body suddenly rose as he felt a chill in his spine crawled all over. He crossed his arms and his teeth gritted.

"Is something wrong Seita?" asked Hinowa, noticing his sudden action.

"My instincts suddenly told me to run and hide somewhere. I don't feel safe all of a sudden," he answered. "I think I'll go somewhere else mom, see ya!" he ran away without hesitation.

"Wait a minute Seita!" she tried to call his attention but he completely ignored her. "My my! Everyone is acting weird today," she murmured to herself.




Kagura was about to lie down when someone rang the doorbell again. Annoyed, she rose again and slides open the door. It was that guy whom she didn't want to see that day. "What the hell are you doing here, idiot!? And where's that Mayo freak? Did he die of lung cancer already" she teased with her hands ready to punch him if he does some stupid things.

"I wish that would happen but Kondo-san told me that he spent his vacation in the Himalayan mountains. We have no news about that bastard for two days," he replied with his usual tone.

"Anyway, I haven't seen Danna for awhile now, where is he? I'm about to ask him about Katsura," he said, already holding his sword.

"Too bad for you sadist, he's on a business trip somewhere. Not even a single clue of where it is. I haven't seen Zura either. Probably he went somewhere to spend his vacation," she replied.

"Terrorist don't spend vacation. Terrorists don't have vacation. Terrorism is not a job, stupid!" he replied.

"You're the one who's stupid, stupid!" she replied. Her veins are already showing. An imaginary electric discharge is forming between their eyes.

"Wait a minute," demanded glasses, standing behind Kagura with no explanation when.

"Oh it's you Shinpachi-kun. Have you seen Katsura anywhere? My first thought is he is probably hiding at your house," he said, withdrawing his focus on China.

"Then, I should have already contacted you if he is, but I haven't seen their presence since Gin-san left for some business," he replied. After saying that, something just got triggered in his mind, so did Sougo. He can't come up with some conclusion but something is bothering him for awhile now that he said that. "Something smells fishy around here," he said, placing his hand under his chin.

"Oh! I think my meal is already cooked!" interrupted Kagura as she happily run to the kitchen.

"And there's another fishy smell about the actions of those idiots," said Sougo, placing his hand under his chin also.

"Wait a minute! I'm actually referring to that fishy smell in the first place! Not her fish," he shouted.

He looked at him like he made up his mind. There is a puzzle going on all over his head but he wasn't sure about it. "I think I'll take my leave Shinpachi-kun. Sorry for my interruptions, well then-,"

He slowly turned his back and walk away but Glasses didn't want to be the left behind. He placed his hand on his shoulder, stopping him from walking way. "Wait a minute," he demanded with a serious looked in his face. "Would you mind if I come with you for a while?"




"How long has it been? Why the hell their base is somewhere around here in Shikoku, right Gintoki?" muttered Katsura, with a bandage wrapped around his head, covering his left eye for some reason.

"Shut up!" He shouted as he came flying behind him, landing his feet on his back. He rolled over the road and got hit by a car passing.

"What the hell is that getup!? What are those bandages on your eye!? Did someone scoop it out while you're sound asleep!? We haven't encountered a single battle since we left the town!? How long do you think are we out here? 10 years!?" shouted Gintoki. "I think I've seen that look before!"

"Shut up you idiots! Could you keep it down!" demanded Hijikata. His hair was combed more decent than the usual and his uniform jacket is nowhere to be found. He's wearing white long sleeves.

"I've definitely seen those looks before," He muttered, rubbing his chin as he tries to remember where.

With a few information and questionable sources, they manage to track down the place of the drug selling faction. But the place is too big to start searching from scratch. They arrive in a certain town, quite similar to Kabukicho. The only difference is that the place looks more dangerous than their district. But for them, a bunch of idiots grouping together is the most dangerous. The sun is setting and they got no money for room rentals, only good for a cheap ramen for a night. During their journey, they walk if a town is nearby; they hitchhike when it is very far. Reserving energy and money is something to be prioritized first.

"I think we should stop by to this ramen shop," said Elizabeth, of course, using a sign board.

"Nice thinking Elizabeth! Now then let's go," said Katsura, joyful for his partner's wise decision as he advances first to the ramen shop.

"Well, I guess we should eat something first," said Hijikata.

"Let's call it a day," he agreed rubbing the back of his head.


"Tomorrow let's resume our search to that faction," said Katsura, sitting beside Gintoki who is beside Hijikata who. "And I'll make them pay for what he has done to my fellow comrades," he continued as his anger rises.

"Relax Katsura-san, let's enjoy our meal for now," said Elizabeth through sign, sitting beside Katsura on the right side.

"Ahh, your right Elizabeth, we should enjoy for the meantime," said Katsura, shifting his mood again to joyful.

"Gintoki, I don't see a clear reason why are you engaging yourself in this situation. I have my own personal reasons and that stupid bomberman is seeking revenge for his comrades," said Hijikata after he finished his bowl of ramen filled with you-know-that-white-stuff.

"Reasons? Are you joking?" he snickered. He looked at him with those dead fish eyes. "I came here to finish a request,"


"Gintoki," she called out. He stopped for a moment and waited.

"Can you do me a favor?"

"What is it?" he responded without looking at her. She exhaled deeply and gave herself sometime.

"She's been staying up late these past few days after she heard a rumor about the faction who's been selling drugs around Yoshiwara… She might get into trouble again… CAN YOU KILL THOSE DAMN BASTARDS SADISTICALLY AND BRING THEIR HEADS TO ME AND MAKE SURE THEY WILL SUFFER BEFORE THEY DIE!… Can you do that for me?" She said with eyes full of worries for Tsukuyo.


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"Business? Seriously? You're putting your life here and all you think is business," he replied, not content with his reason. He lit a cigarette in his mouth and puff out a smoke.

Inside his head there is another reason why he didn't let the Yoruzuya join him. It doesn't really matter if he will not say that he got this horrible dream a couple of days ago.


It was dark warehouse with a few faint spotlights hanging on the ceiling. Cargos in different colours are piled up in every corner. I (Gintoki) was standing there in the middle but my body was numb and was not responding according to my will and only my eyes are the only part of my body I can control. I looked around; there's a lot of unconscious body everywhere but I can say that they are not my comrades or allies. I have no idea what happened.

"What are you waiting for Sakata-san," a low-pitch voice just came out from nowhere and for some reason, it alerted my body. *Dripping sound*. I heard a dripping sound in front of me that made my heart pound like it never before; I turned my eyes from where the sound is coming and to my surprised, I saw Kagura, hanging upside down 15 feet from the floor, her right foot is tied to the ceiling, covered with blood. What's this? Where is her right arm? I-is she crying at the same time smiling at me? Why is she crying? Her eyes are not that lively as her usual? Her lips are moving like she's saying something to me. Please, stop looking me like that. I can't hear what you are trying to say.

"Finish what you have started!"

That powerful voice is indeed talking to me but I don't know what does he mean of 'what I started'. My body suddenly run and rapidly moving forward her. I draw my sword? What? This is a real sword! This is not that wooden sword I used to carry everywhere I go. Why I am drawing it and why I am forwarding to Kagura. The time went suddenly slow. I can almost hear what she is saying. My body just suddenly jumped toward her. Wait a minute. Am I going to attack her?

She's looking at me with that smile again. STOP IT KAGURA-CHAN! Y-you're... You're breaking my heart with that smile and those tears.

I can finally understand what she is saying to say but my sword is pointing at your throat and I'm approaching you quickly. Why I can't control my body!

"G-Gin-chan... I will always forever love you, until n-"

A huge amount of blood covered my eyes. I can't see thing. It's just red! Somebody HELP KAGURA CHAAAAN!


"Oi Gintoki! Stop daydreaming!" shouted Hijikata that made him back to his senses. He quickly shifted his look on them. They are all gathered in the entrance of the shop, prepared to leave. "Are you sleepy or something? We are not going to sleep tonight, idiot! The enemies are probably alerted to our presence here by now so we will continue tonight. Thanks to the ramen owner, he gave us the exact location," said Hijikata.

He didn't know that there was a transaction happened in front of him while he was day dreaming. He was surprised about it. He quickly gets up and went outside with them. "I know! I know! You don't have to yell you stupid mayo freak!" he demanded. They walked together with already up in the sky, emitting a bright bluish light in the entire town.

"This will be our fight of our life. It's now impossible to go back. We left what is precious to us and moved forward without looking back. Together, we will eliminate the threat to our love once and fight til death."

"Stop it Elizabeth! We're not going to die and this isn't a war! And how exactly did you manage to fit all those words in a single small sign," shouted Katsura.


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After Seita received much punishment from the Death God Courtesan, he changes his desktop wallpaper to Minecraft again.

"Oh you've seen it, Tsukky? Isn't it lovely?" said Hinowa as they peacefully chat in front of her house.

"Please don't do that again. I'm the one who is getting ashamed here," said Tsukuyo with a grimace in her face as her cheeks redden.

"So, Sakata was not there," said Hinowa with her gloomy mood again. "So my thoughts are correct," she whispered. "This is my fault," she murmured.

Tsukuyo was shocked of she just say. Her chest tightens all of a sudden as she looked at the worried woman. "What? Is everything okay? Is there something I need to know? Is this has something to do with me?" she shouted. Hinowa was surprised by her sudden emotions.


She realized that she almost lost her composure and apologized for it. "Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude,"

"That's okay Tsukky. I understand. I thought that he will just go easy on it. But I guess he will finish the job by destroying the threats around you. Not just maybe for you," she replied. She noticed that someone approaching her. A group of idiots in uniform.

"What a coincidence! One of our idiots is also missing. Probably hogging all the glory," said the sadist, approaching her with Kondo and Yamazaki on his side.

"Shinsengumi? What are you doing here?" asked Hinowa with a surprised expression in her face. "I think I'll remove that suspension thing and replace it with cleaning the toilets," said Kondo, full of confidence.

"I think we have the same reason here. Getting back one of our idiots!" shouted Kagura riding on Sadaharu with Glasses on her side. "And punishing him for hogging all the heroic decision" said Glasses.

"Then let's get started!"