A/N Basically, this will be a collection of one-shots involving Robin, mainly when he's with Batman, or with Wally and/or Roy. This chapter is, sadly, based off of a true experience of mine...yeah. This one is when Dick is younger...not sure how young, but under 9-10, I would say. I'll leave that to your imagination. ;) Hope you enjoy!

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"Time to go, Richard," Bruce said, taking the small boys hand. Dick pulled away, crossing his arms stubbornly. "I don't want to go," he said firmly.

"It's just a doctor's appointment. No shots or anything," Bruce soothed. "Okay, Dickie?"

Dick slowly nodded. "…Okay…" he agreed reluctantly, taking Bruce's hand again. Bruce breathed a small sigh of relief; this was going better than he had hoped.

A short car ride later, they were at the small doctor's office. The walls were painted bright, cheerful colors, and numerous children's books littered the floor. Dick's eyes lit up, and he quickly grabbed one of the picture books, flipping through it eagerly. Bruce couldn't help but smile at the adorable sight.

"Richard Grayson?" a nurse called. Dick's head shot up, and he closed his book. Bruce led the reluctant boy towards the small room. Dick hugged Bruce's leg, and Bruce ran his fingers through Dick's dark hair comfortingly. "It's alright, Dickie," he assured. "They're just going to make sure you're healthy, and then they'll give you a sticker."

Dick relaxed at that, excitement shining in his blue eyes. "I get a sticker?" he repeated cheerfully. Bruce nodded, and Dick grinned. The doctor then walked in. Dick stared at him curiously a moment before waving. "Hi!" he greeted happily, clambering onto the long, paper-covered bench. The doctor chuckled. "Hi, Richard," he replied.


"What?" the doctor asked, confused and a bit startled.

"I wanna be called Dick," he clarified, crossing his arms.

"Right," the doctor said. "Sorry, Dick."

"It's okay!" the young boy responded easily, his grin returning. His blue eyes looked around the room curiously. "What's that?" he asked, pointing towards the stethoscope.

The doctor unwound in from around his neck. "This is a stethoscope," he explained. "It helps me listen to your heart."

Dick's nose crinkled in confusion. "Why would you want to hear my heart?" he asked. The doctor laughed. "To make sure you're healthy," he responded.

"Oh…can I play with it?" Dick asked, looking up at the man with hopeful blue eyes. The doctor felt his heart melt as he met his pleading expression. "Let me listen to your heart first, okay?" he asked.

After listening to his heart, checking his reflexes, and shining a light in his ears and eyes, the doctor proclaimed Dick healthy. Dick grinned, a look of excitement returning to his blue eyes. "Do I get a sticker now?" he asked eagerly.

"Right after we give you a shot!" the doctor responded cheerfully. Dick froze, then shot a look at Bruce that was almost as intense as a Batglare. "You said I wouldn't get a shot!" he cried, face growing pale. He leapt off the bench and hugged Bruce's leg tightly. "I don't want to!" he cried, beginning to shake.

Bruce picked him up, rubbing his back comfortingly. "I know, Dickie. I'm sorry. But it'll all be over in a few seconds, okay?"

Dick slowly nodded, and Bruce set him down again. As soon as Dick's feet made contact with the ground, he ran out of the room, leaving a surprised doctor and a worried Bruce behind. "I'll get him," Bruce said quickly, standing up and rushing out of the room.

It wasn't hard to guess which way the boy had gone; Bruce simply followed the trail of confused nurses who had seen Dick run by. "Dick!" Bruce shouted. "Dickie!"

"No!" came the shrill response. Somehow, Dick had managed to get a hold of a light fixture, and was clinging to it as if his life depended on it. He glanced down, and Bruce noticed how pale he was. The kid regularly patrols Gotham, but he's afraid of a little needle? Bruce thought silently. He glanced up at Dick, a firm look on his face. "Richard John Grayson, get down here right now," he ordered.

"No!" Dick repeated, starting to panic. Bruce immediately decided a different approach. "Dickie, if you come down, I'll buy you ice cream," he promised.

Dick shook his head. "They're still going to shove a nee…a nee…"

"A needle?" Bruce finished.

"Don't say the word!" Dick shrieked, clutching the light fixture tighter. By now there was a crowd of nurses and other parents, some worried, some laughing. Bruce sighed. "Please, Dickie?" he tried again.


"Dick, it won't hurt! I promise!"

"You promised I wouldn't have to get a shot too!" Dick replied immediately, terrified sobs beginning to edge his words. This isn't going well, Bruce thought. Of course, if he wasn't Bruce Wayne at the moment, he could've easily gotten Dick down. Unfortunately, most playboy billionaires weren't able to dangle from light fixtures.

"Do you trust me, Dick?" Bruce asked softly. Dick nodded hesitantly. "Then please come down?"

Dick shook his head. "I trust you. N-not the nee…nee…"


"DON'T SAY THE WORD!" Dick repeated, tears beginning to fall from his blue eyes.

Bruce looked around. "Does anyone have a chair or something?" he asked quickly. Someone silently handed him a chair, and Bruce stood on it. Dick's eyes widened, and he tried to scramble away. Unfortunately for him, there were only so many ways you could get off of a light fixture. Bruce grabbed him, holding him tightly but gently.

"Dick, calm down!" Bruce said. Dick's terrified sobs didn't cease, and he tried desperately to get out of Bruce's hold.

"I don't want to, I don't want to!" Dick repeated desperately. Bruce was forced to drag him back to the small room, where he was met by a very concerned doctor. "Do it quick," Bruce panted, trying to hold on to the squirming child.

By now Dick was hyperventilating, eyes wide and face pale. His hands were clenched into tight fists as he struggled to get away. "Please!" he cried out, desperation edging his words. "Daddy, don't make me!" Bruce's heart was breaking now, but he forced himself to keep Dick still until the doctor gave him the shot.

Dick's breaths came even faster, and Bruce could feel the boy trembling in his arms. "Shh, Dickie," he soothed. Dick buried his face into Bruce's shoulder, sobbing as the needle was plunged into his arm. Bruce softly assured him that everything was alright, that he was fine, that it was over. Dick was still hyperventilating though, and Bruce glanced at him with concern.

Dick was starting to feel dizzy, but he couldn't seem to calm himself. "He's having a panic attack," Bruce said calmly to the rather pale doctor.

"Uh, r-right. Have him lie down, and uh, get some water," he instructed. Bruce resisted the urge to roll his eyes; he had known that. Bruce set Dick on the long bench gently, Dick still clinging to his suit, causing Bruce to have to lean over Dick. "Shh, Dickie. It's over now, I promise. No more ne - shots," he said, hastily changing "needles" at the last moment.

He ran his fingers through the boy's sweaty hair, and eventually Dick began to calm down, though tears still shone on his cheeks. "I'm sorry, Dickie," Bruce said softly. Dick wrapped his arms around Bruce's neck with a small whimper, burying his tear-stained face into his chest. "D-daddy," he said softly, the words muffled.

"Yes, Dickie?"

"Do…do I still get ice cream?"

A/N Yeah, as I said before, based off a true story. I didn't cry or cling to a light fixture, but I did attempt to run out of the room, and I did have a panic attack. ...Then I nearly passed out from oxygen deprivation because I was hyperventilating so much. Yeah. Me and needles don't mix.

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