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Dick glanced over at the familiar redhead beside him, a small grin flitting across his face. Even a small peek like that was enough to make his heart race and spine tingle. Barbara had only been Batgirl for a few months, and this was only her third or so patrol, but the sight of her perched on rooftops next to him was already so achingly recognizable that Dick couldn't help but wonder how he had ever lived without her there.

Her bright sapphire-blue eyes, visible through the cowl, gazed down on Gotham City as they searched for any sign of trouble. Dick could tell she was trying to keep her composure, but a smile ghosted across her pink lips, tugging them into an excited smile. He was positive that she was still squealing with ecstatic anticipation inside, filled with the incomparable buzz of energy that came with actually being able to live one's dreams out in reality. For some reason he couldn't quite explain, just the thought of her feeling that way made him feel as if he could start floating as well. It was a nice feeling though, and Dick didn't resist the urge to embrace it, hugging it close like it was a lifeline.

He wanted to tear his gaze away, knowing he should probably be doing his actual job, but he couldn't bring himself to stop. When had his best friend become so beautiful?

Barbara's cheeks were rosy and pink from excitement, her lips curling into an ever-widening smile that made her whole face seemed to glow. Her blue eyes sparkled with a beauty that was indescribable. Her hair, flowing gracefully from underneath her gray cowl, softly brushed her shoulders. It shone like the sparks of a new flame, dancing gently in the subtle Gotham breeze. She lit up the gloomy sky, her light as unmistakable as the glow of a star amidst the darkness of night.

Dick felt dizzy looking at her, like he was falling, but this time he wasn't scared of hitting the ground. He enjoyed the feeling actually, relishing in it, his smile echoing her own wide one. The urge to reach out and take her hand, the fingers splayed over the old bricks, was so strong he swore it was a tangible thing. Then a siren went off, and it was gone.

The young vigilante shook himself roughly out of his thoughts, forcing himself to focus. Bruce would surely be upset if he learned Dick was so distracted out in the field; this was the first time he had allowed the two to patrol Gotham on their own, after all, and he had expected Dick to keep a level head.

Dick stood, pulling out his grapple as he turned to face Barbara. Her face shone with excitement in a way that made her seem so much more beautiful, and it took his breath away. Then he shot his grappling hook at a distant building, grinning when he heard the distinct click meaning he had hit his target. He never missed.

"Ready for some action?" he asked, heart beating just a little bit faster when her face echoed his own grin, only far more excited.

"Born that way," she quipped as a response, her own grapple already held in her hand. This was what she had been eagerly waiting for all night, after all; a chance to do what she had so often dreamed about. Fighting crime and swinging from the rooftops with her best friend at her side. Life couldn't get much better. She didn't hesitate before jumping, laughing when the cord tugged her away to safety.

Dick followed her lead, enjoying the wind on his face and the rush through his veins. The landed easily, running across building tops, feet lightly stepping in tandem against the rooftops as they raced towards the crime.

It was a simple mugging, nothing more, but the adrenaline was still there as Dick swung down first. Barbara had been specifically instructed to let him take the lead for now; he was more experienced, after all. She kept insisting that would change soon enough and he always responded with a mischievous smirk and a familiar cackle.

That same cackle echoed through the air now as he leapt into the alleyway, a well-placed kick knocking the gun out of the criminal's suddenly shaking hand. Dick could hear Barbara laugh behind him, the joyous sound so out of place in such a gloomy setting, yet somehow so perfect at the same time. He allowed her the fight, knowing how exciting the thrill was and how magical the first few patrols seemed.

She grinned, launching into an attack that seemed more like a graceful dance than actual fighting. She was poetry in motion, body a blur as she twisted and spun, dodging and moving with an undeniable elegance. Dick forgot to breathe as he watched, heart leaping into his throat and spine tingling again.

He was out for the count in twenty seconds. Dick knew she could've taken him out so much faster, but she wanted to really feel the adrenaline of the fight. It had been a slow night, after all; this was the first real thing that had happened, other than a couple of cats stuck in a tree.

Barbara turned to him, unconsciously seeking for approval in his face as her own expression glowed. She would never admit that out loud though; she was far too proud and strong for that. Dick knew that though – it was part of her charm – and he also knew how it felt to be out in the field for the first few times. "Great job, BG," he praised, feeling lighter when her eyes lit up in response. "That guy's definitely feeling the aster."

Sometime during the fight it had started to rain. Dick hadn't noticed, not until the crystal droplets had started to trickle down the edges of her dark cowl.

Barbara rolled her eyes, nudging him with her elbow playfully. "This is why our English teacher doesn't like you, you know," she commented, the teasing tone in her voice obvious.

Dick merely cackled that familiar laugh again, offering his hand to her. "Come, milady," he said dramatically, enjoying the banter. "We must depart to patrol these majestic streets."

"I would be honored, my good sir," Barbara responded, playing along with a grin. She accepted his hand, her gloved fingers fitting neatly into the spaces between his. She stepped in close, wrapping her other arm around his shoulders, body pressed up against his as she braced herself. Dick was sure she must be able to feel the rapid, hard beats of his heart through the Kevlar vest. He let go of her hand to put his arm around her waist, making sure she wouldn't fall as he shot his grapple at a high-up fire escape, pulling them back to the familiarity of building tops and abandoned roofs.

It wasn't just the wind in his face that took Dick's breath away, and as their feet touched ground he almost didn't want to let go. Barbara pulled away slightly and Dick met her gaze. For a moment, the world seemed to freeze around them.

Her lips were still curled into that same smile and her eyes sparkled with the same delight. Her red hair was darker from the wet rain, plastered to her head and neck, a few stray strands stuck erratically to her face. She couldn't have looked more perfect.

Dick couldn't help it, his hand moving of its own accord as it reached up to brush the rebellious hair back into place. He could tell Barbara was holding her breath, her sapphire eyes lighting up with something entirely new but no less joyful.

Dick should probably be focusing on his duty to protect Gotham. But the city was quiet, almost painfully so, and surely the police would be able to take care of whatever minor things that did pop up. He pulled away from their tenuous embrace only to hold out a hand. Rain pattered on the rooftops around them and the stars were hidden behind a layer of thin gray clouds, but that didn't seem to matter as she took his hand once more.

And then they were dancing, spinning and twirling across rooftops with joyful abandonment. They danced until they forgot all of their troubles, leaving everything behind in favor of these precious minutes as they clung to each other's hands, their grips firm but gentle and sweet as their fingers entwined, their gazes locked together and smiles permanently lighting up their rain-streaked faces.

Dick was Robin and Barbara was Batgirl.

But there, for just a moment, dancing on the rooftops, rain pouring down around them, they were simply a boy and girl falling deeper and deeper in love…

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