"Are we humans, because we look up to the Stars, or do we look up to the Stars, because we are humans?" – Stardust

Space Panda

Reaching the Stars


The stars look wonderful again.

I could look at them for hours.

There are so many of them.

So much small sparkles.

So much to search.

So much to find.

The universe is huge.

What is the life of a panda against this size?

What is the life of anyone against this size?

One day I will be there.


Reach the stars.

Explore them and their planets and moons.

Find new life.

New existences.

New Civilizations.

Be a part of this huge void out there.

Be a star.

One day I will leave my home and fulfill my dreams.

Go where no one has gone before.

Only by looking at them I am already there.

My destiny lies out there.

I breathe in and out loud.

What is this?

This star….it is green.

It looks like…..a green orb.

It shines much stronger than the others.

It looks like it would call for me.

The other stars.

They look odd.

Like eyes.

….These are eyes.

They are moving.

At me.

I recognize shapes.

Oh no!

This is a Space Hornet Swarm.

They are huge.

And they fly at me.



Let me go!

Please let me go!



And I wake up.

Uhh….what was that?

A dream?

Yeah it had to be a dream.

Or better a nightmare.

At least the last part.

Something is pressing against my back.

I take it out.

He he….

My copy of "Starship Furious against the Space Hornet Hive."

So that's why this nightmare.

I stand up.

Seems so that I fell asleep, while watching it.

The metal ground on which I slept isn't very comfortable either.

I fall on my bed.

Turnover. My huge belly upwards.

And there they are.

I still can't find a reason, why it is bad to have a roof window.

In this way I see the stars always during going to sleep.

And the big universe.


I breathe in and out again.

Still the stars look wonderful now.

Came on the idea, when looked Star Trek last time. But this isn't a crossover. Try to make something own here.

Although I admit that I will use some inspiration from much sources. :)

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