Twilight Sparkle: Red Lantern

"Twilight please listen to need help!" said Princess Celestia.

"I disagree Princess" Twilight said with a sarcastic sneer on the last word "you're the ones that need help!"

Twilight using a magical spell fuelled by her Red Lantern Ring then sent a blast at Princess Celestia sending her to the ground.

Twilight then used her Horn to manifest a red lasso construct and then swung it at Princess Celestia's head. She then used the lasso to swing Princess Celestia around a few times before letting her go.

"Come on surely the almighty ruler of Equestria could do better than that?" laughed Twilight mockingly as Princess Celestia got up.

"Please Twilight" begged Princess Celestia "I don't wish to harm you!"

"Unfortunately for you!" said Twilight "I have no such restraint!"

Twilight then sent another red blast of energy from her horn to Princess Celestia sending her down again.

Twilight then went on a top of horn and then constructed a giant red blade. She was about to stab princess Celestia when she stopped.

"Twilight you can't do this!" a voice was telling her inside her head "you are better than this! Princess Celestia has been your loyal teacher since you were a little filly!"

Twilight was then sent back by a spell from Princess Celestia's horn. She then hurried to the storing place of the Elements of Harmony and used her horn to unlock it and took out the box.

"Please use the Elements" said Princess Celestia as the Elements went to the Mane 6 minus Twilight "hopefully we will be able to save Twilight from whatever evil force is controlling her!"

"But how about the Element of Magic?" asked Rarity.

The Tiara of Magic then went onto Princess Celestia's head and she said "hopefully I can make it work just this once!"

The remaining Element Bearers and Princess Celestia then used the power of the Elements to send a rainbow blast at Twilight but due to the weakness of it (with the Element of Magic being in Twilight) Twilight was able to construct a red shield to deflect it back at them.

"You really thought that would work" asked Twilight mockingly she stepped closer to them "I may have hesitated before killing you Celestia but that is a mistake I won't make again-"

Before Twilight could finish she was blasted by a green ray of energy. She then looked to see enter a humanoid like being almost twice as big as Twilight with blue skin and black hair. He was dressed in a green version of Twilight's uniform only his symbol was of a green circle with a green line on the top and bottom of it.

"Fear not creatures" said the creature "I am Gah'ston Green Lantern of Sector 0201. I had been sent to this unmarked sector when we got wind of a Red Lantern power battery making its way here."

"I don't wish you harm Red Lantern" said Gah'ston "I know you have been corrupted by the power of the Red Lanterns but I must bring you in!"

"AS IF I WILL LET YOU!" Twilight screamed in rage floating up and sent a blast from her horn which Gah'ston dodged.

Gah'ston then constructed a hammer which he charged at Twilight with though it shattered by a shield Twilight brought together.

Twilight then sent a red surge of energy at Gah'ston who then sent a green surge of energy at her in return. Both blasts hit eachother and Twilight and Gah'ston were putting everything they had in the blasts.

"In Brightest Day" Gah'ston started reciting to increase his willpower "in Blackest Night"

"No Evil shall escape my sight" continued Gah'ston with his blast strengthening "let those who worship evil's might"

Gah'ston's blast was continuing to get stronger and Twilight was struggling to keep hers in check "Beware my power..."

"GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!" and with that Gah'ston's blast then overpowered Twilight's thus sending her to the ground.

"Give it up" said Gah'ston "while your ring is powered by the evil red energy of rage mine is powered by the heroic green of willpower!"

Then came flying in was a robot Stel and a hunchback fish like creature called Green Man, both wearing Green Lantern uniforms. They were sent with Gah'ston to help him if he needed it.

"Stel, Green Man" said Gah'ston "I think we will need to take her back to Oa!"

They nodded and the trio of Green Lanterns used their ring and Twilight was then handcuffed in green shackles and put into a green constructed cage. Gah'ston then took it and said to Twilight "don't worry, once we take you back to Oa and then remove the Red Lantern Ring you will be saved and be able to go home!"

The Mane 6 and Princess Celestia got up to see the trio of Green Lanterns flying away with Twilight in a cage. Princess Celestia silently casted a spell which sent a small blue aura to Twilight.

"A location tracking spell" said Princess Celestia "once we recover and are prepared we can go to where they are taking Twilight and be able to save her!"

The rest of the mane 6 and Princess Celestia then got up and hoped they could save twilight before it was too late.

Green Man and Stel are actual Green Lantern characters while Gah'ston is an OC. Gah'ston is kind of a GL version of Gaston from Disney's Beauty and the Beast only less jerkish and I got a backstory planned for him which I will reveal in a future chapter!