So, yeah, here's the characters in Survival. As usual, the original edits are still there unless they are changed... If that makes sense...



Name:Aria Lambert

Nickname:Carrot (only a selected few can call her this)



Personality:Aria can be two different people sometimes. At her best, she is funny and laid-back with a caring side, and at her worst she is sadistic and paranoid, often talking to herself about what to do. She likes to tease people by having quiet arguments with herself, just to see their reaction. She is often called "big sister" by the kids in her street and a bully or an idiot at school, though she denies being a bully


Family:All overseas - she's in a foreign exchange program. She lives with Yomi Suzumiya (17, f), Daisuke Suzumiya (39, m), and Junko Suzumiya (38, f) in Japan

Background:Aria never tells unless she is asked to, and all she says is that she comes from a wealthy family that lives in a huge mansion, but this is obviously a lie. People accept the lie, though, because they know she won't change her story.

Description -

Hair:Aria has orange hair that is wavy and around shoulder-length. It has earned her the nickname "Carrot" among her peers

Eyes:A light lilac colour

Height:Average height

Clothing:Blue hightops, grey skinny jeans, grey and orange striped shirt with long sleeves, grey and black striped hooded-jacket

Markings/Tattoos/Piercings:Both ears have silver studs, but her left ear has a small gold hoop next to the stud

Weapons -

Main:A very old and very sharp Chinese sword that was given to her family six generations before her and was passed down to her before she left for Japan. She somehow snuck it through the airport, don't ask how...

Secondary:A dagger she keeps hidden under her shirt and tucked in a customised belt loop

Strengths:Agile both physically and mentally, and knows a lot about different kinds of blades

Weaknesses:Can't deal with depressed girls (despite being a girl) and can cook to save her life

Fears:She has claustrophobia because she was "accidentally" locked in the boot of a car by a so-called friend, and she spent almost a whole afternoon inside it until someone heard her screaming

Likes:People who don't bullshit her, dogs, swords

Dislikes:Spicy food, liars, people calling her Carrot without her permission


What kind of person do they like (what kind would they be paired with):A guy that cooks and balances her personality, more so a guy that treats her with respect

Misc:Meh, she can't eat curry without coughing on the first bite


Name: Mei Todashi

Nickname: N/A



Personality: She is very crazy, Rude, and cold. She likes be destructive and trashing cars and other things of the sort. She is a very very VERY bad cook but denies it, often trying to put her own input when someone else is cooking. She would most likely become friends with someone who is shy and quiet since she has a soft spot of shy and innocent girls. If she does earn one of these friends, if she ever hits them out of anger she would be very shocked and would run away where no one else is and cry. She curses a lot and will often put cursing into one word (ex: final-fucking-lee [finally]) She is very competitive and will try to outdo someone, whatever the thing is. She hates to be told what to do and will do the exact opposite.

Nationality: Korean-American



Background: Her parents left her at an adoption home when she was born. She always went house to house only to get sent back within a week. She decided to rely on herself from now on. She eventually got sent to Japan with another adoption center because her adoption family couldn't stand her. She absolutely adored girls who were the opposite from her but often scared them away with her blunt and crazy attitude. A rumor came to school saying she was lesbian but no one would pick on her because the first time a girl did she got sent to the hospital. She was often lonely but masked it with craziness and did juvenile things to get attention. On Z-day she was sunbathing on someone's roof and ended up sleeping on there.

Description –

Hair: Short, Black, Fluffy and up to her shoulders. Is often messy

Eyes: Bright Lavender

Height: 5'7

Clothing: She wears a white V neck that is cut to show her stomach with very light blue short shorts with white suspenders. She wears blue sneakers.

Markings/Tattoos/Piercings: She has a 1 inch scar on her stomach from fighting a few girls who cheated and had a pocket knife w/ them.

Weapons –

Main: Axe

Secondary: Explosives

Strengths: Climbing, not getting emotional, Upper body strength, cheering someone up

Weaknesses: lower body strength (running, kicking, ect.), cooking, social skills, driving, intellect (always skips school), Shy and sweet girls.

Fears: Thunder (believe it or not, she is VERY scared of thunder and will hide in a closet), Getting close to someone.

Likes: Pocky, Being Destructive, Teasing people, Yo-yos

Dislikes: Kids, judgemental people, people who try to hurt (physically and emotionally) someone who is her close friend

Sexuality: Straight

What kind of person do they like (what kind would they be paired with): A boy who is the complete opposite of her.

Misc: She often likes getting people drunk, She turns into the crazy dancer drunk then knocks out in the most unnecessary place. She hates kids and enjoys killing them as zombies. If a kid is alive she will be super duper mean things to it. Think of her like Dallas Winston from the book "The Outsiders"


Name: Misora Ishida

Nickname: Sora

Age: Sixteen

Gender: Female

Personality: Misora's quite a talkative young woman. Having been raised round a sibling who didn't talk much (if at all), she's become adapt to talking for more than one person. She needs to hear the noise to keep calm, so it makes sense that she's not particularly fond of quiet people. When you're as talkative as she is, you have to get used to people insulting or yelling at you to get you to shut up. And she has. Comments like 'Shut up, whore!' and things like that have long since stopped fazing her. She's not perfect. Far from it, actually. She gets scared, she's prideful at times, and she can be unkind and selfish like anyone else. She has her flaws, and she embraces them as a part of who she is. In the beginning, she was frightened of Them, yes, and there was a point where she was afraid that she wasn't going to make it out alive. But having been a fencer, once she got her hands on a object close enough to a rapier, she was good to go. (Though she looks dim, she's more astute than most give her credit for. But in order to keep what semblance of peace their group is able to achieve, she continues to play the fool.)

Nationality: Japanese


Tsubaki Ishida - Mother (47, f, unknown)

Akito Ishida - Father (42, m, unknown)

Koichi Ishida - Brother (19, m, unknown)

Background: Sora grew up in a very normal family. Her mother was a housewife, her father was a history professor (who taught her and her brother fencing on weekends), and her brother was your average school student. There were no great tragedies in her life. No acts of heroism, no military training that could've prepared her for the apocalypse, nothing. She was just an average girl leading an average life.

Description –

Hair: Short, ending at about the nape of her neck, and black. Usually soft to the touch, but despite it's length, it's a pain in the ass to brush out. Gets very curly after it's been washed.

Eyes: Hazel, almost gold-ish.

Height: 5'7"

Clothing: A white button-up short-sleeved shirt, a large red jumper (or sweater i guess. same thing different name), a black skirt, a pair of grey tights, and a pair of bright teal sneakers.

Markings/Tattoos/Piercings: No tattoos, has freckles around her nose and cheeks, and only has her ears pierced (though she doesn't normally wear earrings).

Misc details: Sora has a slight overbite, and her eyebrows are a little large for a girl (she doesn't think that the pain of waxing or plucking them is worth it).

Weapons –

Main: A saber from her house. Simple in design, but sturdy and balanced. Despite trying to defend it from the flak it gets for being impractical, should she come across a European longsword, she could be persuaded.

Secondary: A Beretta 92FS 9mm semi-automatic pistol. However, she's not very good with firearms, so she prefers to stick to her saber when possible.

Strengths: Can fence (and therefor knows how to handle a sword), somewhat flexible, light on her feet, thinks as fast as she moves, and is a fairly good judge of character.

Weaknesses: Defenseless without a weapon, not really good at hand-to-hand combat, has a little too much confidence in herself, will never leave a dog to fend for itself against Them, talks way too much, and knows jack shit about first-aid.

Fears: Silence, being caught without a weapon, watching a poor defenseless dog being killed by one of Them, and loosing her family.

Likes: Fencing, gymnastics, dogs, lukewarm coffee, rain, noisy people, the few times she's able to sleep in, keeping the peace, and chatting with her brother (although it's more like she's talking at him than with him).

Dislikes: Them, silence, people who are too dim to see what's clearly in front of them, food that's really spicy or really bitter, spiders, and people touching her without her permission.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

What kind of person do they like (what kind would they be paired with): Mmm...just...someone who isn't really tightly-wound, I guess? She's a pretty laid-back girl, so I can't see her being with someone who's all serious all the time. But I won't be against it if you think she would go well with someone like that.

Misc: When she gets nervous, she tends to touch her hair, face, or clothes.


Name: Wendy Matoke

Nickname: N/A

Age: 12

Gender: F

Personality: Wendy has a very shy and polite personality. She is very eager to try and make friends. Wendy also cares greatly for her Friends. She has low self-eestem Wendy is becoming more confident and brave as time goes on, and she always tries to be of help wherever she can. She is very easy to hurt, emotionally and is intelligent and has a very honest personality, is "direct and open with her emotions", and is easily swayed by the people around her. However, this also causes her to be "very romantic". She can be spontaneous and "very ditzy".

Nationality: Japanese/white


Watanbe Matoke: Dad: Dead

Layla Matoke: Mom: Dead

Kozan Matoke: Big Brother 17: Infected

Background: Her mother Died while giving birth to her. Her father was always on trips and when he came back he was always irritated and mean. Wendy would try to talk to him but he would always yell at her. Her big brother, Kozan, was very protective and kind over her and would yell at her dad which would make them break into a fight. Wendy would wished to be a nurse and would heal animals and sometimes kids who were injured. On Z-day, Kozan pulled her out of school after escaping his and tried to get her to any safety he can. Little did Wendy know that Kozan was already bitten.

Description - she is very small and petite.

Hair: She has Blood red hair that is up to her waist.

Eyes: she has big innocent brown eyes that have that "kicked puppy dog" look.

Height: 4'10

Clothing: She wears a middle school uniform, witch consists of a black jacket with the school's symbol on the right corner, a small white button up shirt, a dark black skirt that is a little over her knees, and dark brown dress shoes. with white over the knee socks.

Markings/Tattoos/Piercings: She has a scar on her finger from cutting herself while trying to cut a long bandage.

Weapons - She doesn't fight...

Main: Bandages, healing ointment, seeing what is wrong with someone.

Strengths: Her healing skills, Her gentleness, Her intellect, and Her open mind.

Weaknesses: Her innocence, Her low self eestem, Her honesty, She gets horrible motion sickness in any kind of vehicle

Fears: She gets incredibly scared when people yell, or attack someone.

Likes: Meeting people, Exploring, Cookies, Making people feel better.

Dislikes: Mean people, when people yell, Milk, being alone, Silence.

Sexuality: Straight

What kind of person do they like (what kind would they be paired with): she isn't intending on making love right now ;D

Misc: She is nice to people even if they are mean to her.


Name: Roberto de Jesús McGrath

Nickname: Arcángel/(Robert to his friends)(spark by his sister)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: he is the type of person that just is full of secrets he is totally in his own world thanks to his passion for writting but once you get to open himself to you hes a great guy and a friend you can count on that will recive a bulet for you he is Also really good with children and Always is a shoulder you can cry on


Family: orphan after his parents murder. Lives with his aunt Gabriela and his little 5 year old sister Ana


Hair: he has black hair. On the left side some of it painted electric blue (thats why his sister calls him spark)

Eyes: originally Brown, he uses a red blood contact lens on his left eye and a ocean blue on the right

Height: 1.89

Clothing: leather black jacket with wings on th back that belong to his father, blue T-shirt, dark jeans, leather finger-less gloves, black running shoes and square glases

Marking/Tattoos/Piercing:some cuts bellow the wrist. He Says it was an accident ( but we all know the truth )

Weapons: Two Desert Eagles 50 cal. 2 butterfly knives ( he Always plays with). Katana with engravation Alicia in it

Main: Dual Desert Eagles

Secondary: Katana

Strengths: he is fast and quite, when he opens himself is a great friend, he can clean a good terrain of enemys with a good plan, Always follows orders

Weaknesses: the pain in his hearts makes him deal with the question of why to keep living, when hes angry he Well attack everything in his path (even people that keeps messing with him or his friends)

Fears: losing his sister and his friends and being alone again, but what he fears the most is having to hurt his friends

Likes: hes Not afraid of spiders or those kind of things, he likes spiders, thunders, Rain, cats, people that arent douches to him, the Dark and blades

Dislikes: dogs, douchebags, blood and seeing others in pain

Sexuality: Straight

What kind of Person they like: someone that can show him the good that is to be alive and dont care about the things they do or like and can talk about his feelings with and is Always there for him

Misc:he is Not afraid of things that normaly would scared people off he actually likes to study them and keep them as pets


Name: Izanami 'Iza' Niwachita

Nickname: Iza, Nini, Nami

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Izanami is a very happy go lucky, and (surprisingly) very outgoing. Her appearance may look shy, but she loves talking. She's polite and rarely repeats herself. She actually gets annoyed when she has to repeat herself.

Nationality: Japanese




Brooke-Older Sister/Alive-Location-America

Background: Izanami was born into family with enough money to make a living. They weren't rich, but they were happy. When she was ten and Brooke was 13, there was a robbery and her mother and father were killed. They refused to go to a Orphange and ran away from there home. When Brooke turned 18, she went to America to go to college, leaving 15 year old Iza to live alone.

Description –

Hair: Long, Snow White hair that curves into light waves near the ends with bangs that sweep over her forhead to the left.

Eyes: Deep Sky Blue eyes with pretty eyelashes.

Height: 5'4

Clothing: Jean shorts that cover half her thighs, with a saturated purple tank top and the same colored purple shoes.

Markings/Tattoos/Piercings: She doesn't have any.

Weapons –

Main: twin pistols

Secondary: Her samrai sword

Strengths: She can be very quiet when she has to be and she can fit into small places. She gets along well with others, as long as there not rude to her for no good reason.

Weaknesses: She doesn't care what situation she's in, if she sees a cat, she'll start running after it. She's terrible with directions, and she finds herself in the weirdest of places sometimes.

Fears: She's afraid of spiders, that is one thig she will never tell anyone. She hates the dark, and will cling to the nearest person if it is dark. She's afraid of thugs on the street, for she is very 'cute' as people like to call her, and there always hitting on her and trying to force her to do things she doesn't want toot do.

Likes: Purple things, Nice people, The sun, Rain, Cats, Food, and Jems.

Dislikes: The Dark, Scary men, Dogs, Wild things, and Spiders.

Sexuality: Straight

What kind of person do they like: She likes boys that aren't afraid to stick up for themselves, and talk about there feelings from time to time. She LOVES cute boys and sometimes calls them Kitten, just because she thinks cats are adorable and that any cute boy she sees is as adorable as one. She loaths boys who try to show off, and likes guys that know how to have fun!

Misc: Iza hates anything pink and won't do anything you tell her to unless you say please. She just likes messing with people like that.


Name: Freddy Cuellar

Nickname: Wolf (native american name)

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Personality: Freddy is all-around good guy, he is a dyed-in-the-wool optimist who doesn't dwell on petty matter he doesn't mind fighting he sometimes makes jokes on situation to keep hishers spirits up, also he can be serious when he wants he is also a bit of a flirt with the ladies.

Nationality: American

Family: His Father Jose(43) ,his younger brother Ernesto(13) and his mother Eileen(41) and dog Rambo and hen Crystal are still in America and alive

Background: He grew up in California he's father was tough on him of most of his life and learn a lot when he was a kid he had trouble with school, gangs and grades, he loved his family his dream was to be a green beret he later wanted to go to Japan because he want to see something different.

Description -His ethnicity is Spaniard with a little bit of Native American he has mostly a Spanish look to him he's skin complexion has a somewhat of a little bit of tan but mostly white

and he's athletic build he's weight is 115.

Hair Description:–Medium length brown hair (hair is like Kevin Ryman's in resident evil)

Eyes: Brown

Height: He's height is normal size maybe a few inches taller.


First: – Some what military look but also civilian to it he wears A army green military jacket ( but a little bit more darker green), a white under shirt and a pair of jeans, he either wears black biker boots or converse black shoes

Second: Mite give his jacket to a girl he likes ( like if their cold) but all and all not much change. Sleeping clothes: Just normal gray pajama pants and no shirt

Markings/Tattoos/Piercings: None

Weapons - M1911 pistol , a combat knife,M4 carbine,Bren Ten pistol(sometimes duel wields the pistols) and sawed off shotgun (and maybe a molotov cocktails or 3 grenades)finds all these weapons later on and carries them in a bag

Main: M1911 pistol ( gotten it from a friend a old man he dies and gives it to him)

Secondary: The Bren Ten pistol and a combat knife ( passed the knife from air port security)

Strengths:His strength,speed, endurance he is good at planing stuff,he's a good liar and good judge of character and is able street fighter also he got a very accurate gut feeling and not that bad with guns also his will to survive.

Weaknesses:Sometimes when a girl seduce him, taking care a girl he likes and sometimes rare occasions perverted stuff with a girl stuff and he doesn't really know Japanese

Fears: Actually doesn't have a fear as far as he knows of but knows he just have to be careful but is afraid if someone he loves or likes is in danger and not seeing his family again

Likes:Girls, flirting with women,Dogs/Wolves,exploring/ fighting, wrestling and hanging out,and his family

Dislikes: Fighting without reason Bullies, Assholes and who people complain to much and think negative,people who act like they are helpless when they are not or people that would try to hurt/take advantage of a girl he likes

Sexuality: Straight

What kind of person do they like (what kind would they be paired with): A girl around his age who isn't older then him and would like him and both enjoy each other's company and both enjoy stuff together

Misc: He knows how to cook a little bit, His religion Catholic and Christian and a little bit of Native, his theme song is Three Days Grace; Time Of Dying and other theme is SH:BOM OST #25 - Now We're Free he likes teaching people some things and teach them about life and his dream is to become a green beret


Name: Alexander Takahashi



Gender: male

Personality: He loves to joke around, and appears really laid back at all times. He always has a plan for his survival even if he doesn't let anyone in on it, and because of his past he is merciless to his enemies alive or undead. He becomes cold and focused in combat, and while fighting enjoys it greatly, but never admits to this except in a joking way.


Family: Sara Takahashi- deceased, Kenji Takahashi- deceased, (Brother) John Takahashi- deceased

Background: When Alec was 8, his parents were killed in a car accident so he moved in with his older brother. Even before that Alec was bullied at school, so he learned self-defense at an early age, and he learns how to take care of himself( cooking,cleaning the house, etc) because his older brother is a drunk. A year before z-day, John dies while drunk driving so Alec has been living alone for the past year. In grade school he was considered extremely gifted in academics, but in high school his grades slipped because of lack of motivation; Alec became known as 'dangerous' by his peers and teachers because of his affiliation with some gangs, but he never actually joins one.

Description –

Hair: Alec has medium-length, spiky black hair that covers his right eye most of the time.

Eyes: purple


Clothing:He wears a black jacket with white lining, a torn up white muscle shirt and black cargo pants.

Markings/Tattoos/Piercings: He has three rings in his left ear.

Weapons –

School: Skipping class but he has his brothers old switchblade, and he can take a gun from a security guard.

Main: AKM with a silencer

Secondary: dual desert eagles and a tantõ sword

Strengths: planning for his own survival, long range combat, hand-to-hand-combat, short range combat, self sufficient

Weaknesses: not good at trusting people, making close friends, and likes to piss people off.

Fears:that people that are close to him will die like his family

Likes:meat, soda, sleeping, fighting, joking around, girls

Dislikes: milk, vegetables, people that annoy him

Sexuality: straight

What kind of person do they like (what kind would they be paired with): A girl that can joke around with him, and can hold her own in a fight.

Misc: has a scar on his right cheek, and he likes to have a cigarette in his mouth, but he doesn't smoke. He does drink though.


Name: Jun Naru

Nickname: N/A

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: He is very silent and calm even in the most dangerous times. He rarely speaks and is very afraid of girls. He is blind and acts like he is blind (not like he knows where to go, he needs someone to help him walk around). He loves to cook if he can find a stove. He cooks all the time and carries around a mini Bar-B-Q set everywhere he goes. He has great hearing, taste, touch, and smell as a result of his blindness. He is a kind person if he talks to you.

Nationality: Japanese

Family: Dad, he doesn't know him; Aoi Naru, 45; living

Background: He was born blind. He was raised by his mother and he learned how to cook when he was 5. He doesn't like girls because he is scared of their boobs. Nothing sad.

Description –

Hair: He has short straight black hair.

Eyes: A really light gray eyes (blind).

Height: 5'7

Clothing: A chef outfit without the hat

Markings/Tattoos/Piercings: None

Weapons –

Main: Cleaver (note: he doesn't use it much cause he can't see)

Secondary: Another cleaver :D

Strengths: His other senses.

Weaknesses: Blind, weak, and slow

Fears: Girls, and food he didn't cook

Likes: Cooking, pancakes, and all other foods

Dislikes: Girls who try to talk to him.

Sexuality: Confused

What kind of person do they like: He doesn't know.

Misc: N/A


Name: Katherine Harper

Nickname: Kit

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: Kit is an outspoken, witty girl who has a knack for adventure. She knows next to nothing about the real world since she has lived in confinement her whole life. She always tries her best in everything that she does.

Nationality: French

Family: Her mother (Victoria, 49), father (Henry, 53), and little brother (Jack, 12) all died in a house fire and now Kit lives with her aunt (Macey, 44).

Background: Kit was born and spent most of her life in Paris, France with her family. She comes from a very old family with many ties to the government. Since Kit will become the next head of the family, her parents hid her from the world. They taught her everything that they thought she should know in life and never let her leave the estate. She's never had any friends other than her brother and lacks common knowledge of how to do simple things. When Kit was 13, her entire family died in a house fire. She was sent to live with her aunt in Japan and has been there ever since.

Description –

Hair: straight, layered white hair that reaches her mid-back

Eyes: blue

Height: 5'2

Clothing: white mid-thigh sundress, cream colored fedora, cream colored boots, white stockings, sapphire pendant necklace, sapphire and diamond bracelet

Markings/Tattoos/Piercings: both ears are pierced at the lobe with diamond earrings

Weapons –

Main: Two 9in combat knives that are hidden in Kit's boots.

Secondary: A a Pardini PC/GT45-5 fitted with a C-More sight and a suppressor hidden in a thigh strap underneath her sundress. She got it from her aunt for protection when she first came to Japan.

Strengths: flexible and agile, has great accuracy when shooting guns, decent in hand-to-hand combat

Weaknesses: can't cook, doesn't know much about the world and others, not that fast when running, has bad balance

Fears: Kit is scared of heights.

Likes: exploring, learning about the world

Dislikes: people who treat her like an alien because of her lack of knowledge of the most common of things

Sexuality: straight

What kind of person do they like (what kind would they be paired with): a boy her age who can protect her and will teach her about the world

Misc: Kit will always try her best when learning how to do new things (i.e. learning to use chopsticks)


So, yeah... Characters.