AN: This is very cheesy and I apoligize in advance :)
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"Spider!" A scream peirced the calm morning air as the grey eyed girl shrieked and cowered against the lockers. A gren eyed, black haired boy began to push through the crowd towards her.
As soon as the grey eyed girl saw the green eyed boy she screamed at him.
"Kill it Percy! Kill it!" She shrieked at the boy pionting down at the spider. Percy's eyes followed the girls finger and his body tensed. He lifted his foot and squished the spider into the hard wood floor. He squished it again and again until it was only a black spot. Then he looked up at the girl and chuckled. The grey eyed girl got off the lockers and hugged him fiercly.
"What are you going to do when I'm not there, Wise girl?" Percy asked the girl.
"You'll always be there when I need you seaweed brain." The girl said simply.
"And why is that Wise girl?" Percy asked as they grabbed their books out of their lockers.
"Because that's how it works." The girl said.
"How what works?" Percy asked confused.
"Love, seaweed brain. That's how love works." The girl explained. Percy kissed her on the cheek and they walked off to their first class.