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Alex arrived home not long after leaving Mitchie's house. She was pondering why Mitchie was the way she was. She wondered what had happened to this girl. As Alex approached her house, she saw Miley sitting on the stairs of her door step.

"Where have you been?" Miley spat out as she got in Alex's face. Alex Russo wasn't ever one to take people's shit, until Miley.

"At Mitchie's house working on the science project." Alex said quietly.

"And you didn't ask me because?" Miley yelled as she shoved Alex backwards. Alex was glad that her family wasn't home to see or hear this. She couldn't explain to herself why her 'I don't care about anything, I don't take any shit' attititude succumed to Miley, let alone explaining it to anyone else.

"I'm s-sorry." Alex whispered. Alex didn't get a chance to say anything else before she felt a sharp sting on her face. She saw Miley withdraw the hand that she slapped Alex with, and Alex fought the tears back inside. She looked at Miley with such broken eyes and received a mere smirk in return. Miley enjoyed the power that she had over Alex. Alex made an attempt to walk past Miley, but Miley was too fast and grabbed the top of her arm tightly.

"Where do you think you're going?" Miley muttered into Alex's ear.

"Inside." Alex answered with all the courage that she could muster up. Miley contemplated this before letting Alex's arm go. Miley followed Alex inside and up to her bedroom and she watched as Alex flopped down on her bed on her stomach. Miley laid next to Alex, and propped herself up on her elbow. She touched Alex's back, causing Alex to flinch. Miley frowned down at Alex as she played with her hair.

"Sit up baby, please." Miley requested gently. Alex relucantly obliged and sat up indian style, but she kept her eyes down on the bed. Miley lifted Alex's chin up with her finger's so that she could look her in the eyes.

"I'm sorry baby, you know not to make me mad." Miley cooed as she brushed the hair out of Alex's face. Alex looked into Miley's eyes and wondered what it was about this girl that made her stay. She didn't know anymore. She hated Miley, so why not just leave? Alex flinched as Miley's lips met hers. Miley guided the kiss, taking charge as she forced her tongue inside Alex's mouth. Miley roughly tore off Alex's shirt and she roamed her hands all over Alex's body, greedily, like she owned Alex. Like Alex was her property. Miley's hands moved down to Alex's belt buckle and undid it before sliding off Alex's jeans and underwear. Miley forced two finger's inside Alex, ramming them in and out, hungrily. There was no love, just ownership. Miley didn't even notice the tears freely running down Alex's face. Alex did nothing but lay there and hoped that it was over soon. After what seemed like forever, Miley finished marking Alex as her own and left without another word. Alex found the willpower to get up and shower, her parents would be home soon and she didn't want them to see her like this. She turned on the water and stepped in once it heated up a little. She couldn't hold it in anymore, Alex cried as she washed her body. Her broken cries and weeps sounded through the bathroom as she tried to wash and clean herself free of Miley. She felt so dirty, and worthless. Just like Miley wanted her to feel. One year ago, Alex had been a bright, happy, quirky, witty trouble maker. Since Alex had hooked up with Miley, that light in her eyes disappeared and was replaced with a lifeless one that temporarily came alive when she felt it necessary as to avoid people asking questions. Her once happy, 'I don't care what anyone thinks' nature was replaced with an obediant one. She used think the world of herself, but after a year with Miley, she just felt worthless and as if she didn't deserve anybody else. Miley knew this, and Miley loved this. Alex shut off the water and gently dried herself before getting dressed. As she was drying her hair, Alex heard the front door open and shut and mother's voice sing through the house.

"Alex baby? Are you home?" Her mother yelled out. Alex looked in the mirror and plastered a smile on her face before bouncing down the stairs.

"Hey mum! Where is dad? Oooh, is that KFC. Yum!" Alex said all in one breath.

"Wow Alex, slow down!" She said as she swatted away her daughter's fingers from the chicken. Alex had a guilty puppy dog look on her face before apologising.

"Sorry mum." She said politely.

"Dad has to work late, so it's just us." Theresa explained as she lead the way to the loungeroom and sitting down before switching on the Television. Theresa looked up at her daughter standing expectantly. Theresa looked confused.

"Are you waiting for an invitation Alex?" Theresa asked as she looked up at her daughter.

"Oh, right. No." Alex replied as she sat down, silently kicking herself for showing Miley's effect on her.

"Is everything okay baby? You don't seem yourself." Theresa pried as she eyed Alex carefully.

"Yeah mum, I'm fine. Let's eat!" Alex said with a fake smile before eagerly picking out pieces of chicken. It was a rare occurance for take-away food in the Russo household, and Alex wasn't about to let Miley ruin it for her. Theresa wasn't completely convinced but allowed the subject change anyway. She'd find out what was going on with her daughter sooner or later.

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