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I kept running until I reached a river and had to stop, across the water I could see a decrepit building that must have been the Ironworks, panting breathlessly I shielded my eyes from the sun and strained my eyes in an attempt to see something on the other side that looked like a steel type,

Eventually something crawled out from beneath a pile of iron, it was small and silver with a big head, I flipped open my pokedex,

"Aron, the Iron Armour pokemon; this pokemon feeds on iron that it extracts from the earth in the mountains, but sometimes it gets into trouble with humans by eating railroad tracks, as it grows it sheds it armour which can then be used to make products"

"It's adorable!" I grinned "now, when I checked this thing earlier it said steel types are weak to fire, so…you're on Flare!"

My Charmander leapt out "char, char!" she cried,

"Aim an ember attack at that Aron across the river!" Flare nodded and took a deep breath, the fire hit the pokemon but only just, and afterwards it merely shook itself off "what the…?" when I extracted the pokedex again it told me that Aron was part rock type, which gave it a resistance to fire attacks "bugger!" returning Flare I instead called out Coral "water gun!"

She dived into the water and resurfaced a few feet from Aron, the steel type squeaked as the water burst hit it dead on "Aron!"

"Catch it!" I shouted, tossing the pokeball across the water, it bounced on the shore and then hit it on the head, after being drawn inside I had my Totodile carry it back to me and once the red and white ball was in my hands I cradled it gently "now we have five members on our team" I grinned to her, she mimicked it,

After releasing the tiny steel type I bent down and rubbed its head "Ar…"

"Hey buddy, I'm Syren and you're the newest member of our group! Now what should I call you?" I thought for a few moments "you're a steel type; steel is a metal…Titanium, Titan for short" the pokemon blinked up at me with big eyes before smiling and nodding "come on out everybody and meet Titan!"

The others all crowded around the tiny and timid pokemon, I placed my finger on my chin as he cowered slightly and pulled out my pokedex again "Larvitar?" Dia poked Titan on the forehead and he shook her off,

"Says here you're male and you're also below average height and weight…you must be young, that or you're the runt" I laughed before petting him softly "oh well, you'll grow in time" after everyone had had a chance to greet him and introduce themselves I returned them all apart from Coral "we better get back to Lucas, otherwise he'll come looking for us and might miss his rare pokemon"

When I returned from my little adventure I found the Assistant sitting on the floor leaning against a tree and scanning the skies for the pokemon that was supposed to appear, I snuck up beside him and tapped him on the shoulder,

"Hey, seen anything?"

"No" he shook his head and I slumped down next to him "did you catch a pokemon?"

Holding up the pokeball I grinned "yup, an Aron and I named him Titan" looking away from him I brushed back my ebony locks out of my face "hey…what's that?"

"What's what?"

"That!" I pointed at the tiny purple spot in the sky behind the turbines; Lucas followed my finger and furrowed his eyebrows,

"I don't know…is it a pokemon?"

"It looks like one" we stood up and started walking towards the cliff to get a better look, as we got closer the purple thing did a cartwheel and rode the turbine gust down until it was behind the rocks "it's gone…" the dark haired boy turned around to face me with a sigh "what do you thing it was?"

I shrugged "I have no idea-" I cut myself off as the little purple thing reappeared behind Lucas, I stared at him and he at me,

"What?" turning his head to the left he looked over his shoulder but the pokemon moved to the right, it happened when he looked that way too, Coral and I giggled wildly "What? What is it?"

He spun around furiously and came face to face with the thing, with a yelp he flew back with his arms flailing and landed flat on his back "Driiiif!" the purple thing sniggered,

Lucas was the one to check it on the pokedex "Drifloon; the Balloon Pokemon, this pokemon is said to take children who mistake it for a balloon to the underworld, however, it is not very strong so it often gets pulled around instead" I laughed,

Drifloon was small and round with two string like legs, each with a yellow heart on the end, on its face was a large yellow cross and on top of its head was a puff of white hair, like a cloud "this must be the rare pokemon" he said "it's a ghost/flying…which means both Turtwig and Abra are at a type disadvantage…I guess I'll go with Turtwig since he's stronger"

I stepped back as he called out the little green pokemon "Turt-turt!" it chirped happily,


"Razor leaf!" Turtwig shook his head and a flurry of leaves hit the other pokemon; it shook it off and floated about "why isn't it attacking?"

"Maybe it doesn't want to" I answered "or maybe…it just can't do anything when there's no wind about to move it"

Lucas tapped his chin in thought "hm…" he then dropped his bag and started rooting around in it "oh no!"


He looked up at me sheepishly "I forgot to buy some pokeballs…" Coral and I both face-palmed and I retrieved my last pokeball from my pocket,

"Here" I said, tossing it to him "make it last, I don't have any more" he grinned in thanks and turned away to face his opponent once more,

"Turtwig use bite!" the turtle pokemon leapt forwards and bit down hard on the side of the Drifloon's body, it squealed and he enlarged the ball "Pokeball…GO!" the ball hit the deflated pokemon and drew it inside, we watched patiently as it started shaking before falling still,

"Alright, two catches in one day" I smirked as I held up the ball containing Aron "now that you have the rare pokemon we can finally make our way to Eterna"

He examined the ball closely "I want to take it to the Centre first, it took quite a beating without fighting back…right Turt…TURTWIG!"

The small green pokemon had lit up with a white light, in the brightness it began to grow and change "Grotle!" he cried out when it was over,

"What…what…" I pointed at it "where's Turtwig?"

Instead of being very small, this pokemon was quite large with thick green legs and yellow plating across its back; it had a large, strong jaw and on its back were two big green bushes "Turtwig evolved!" Lucas cheered "this is brilliant, now I have another page in my pokedex! The Professor is going to be so proud!" I cautiously petted Grotle on the head,

"So…it's still Turtwig he's just…bigger?"

The boy nodded "sort of, he's the same pokemon but he's just taken a different form that allows him to be stronger, all his stats will have increased too!"

"Okay…" I said slowly, still nervous "did you want to get going now?"

After returning his new pokemon Lucas smiled "yeah, just let me get Drifloon checked out and then we'll head north to Eterna"

We came to the entrance of Eterna Forest by that evening, it was going to take a few hours to traverse through because the place was supposed to be like a maze, the only way we'd be able to find our way was if we kept heading north-east, the direction of the City we wanted,

"Should we stop for the night?" I asked my friend, he shook his head,

"Either way Eterna will be dark, the trees are so thick we'll need a flashlight so we might as well get as far as we can tonight and then continue on tomorrow"

"Do we have a map or something?" again he shook his head "the place is too complicated?" he nodded "great…" I pushed through the thick branches until I fell out onto a beaten path "hey…someone marked a trail!"

I went to stand up but Lucas fell out of the trees and on-top of me "sorry!"

"You are just like Barry" I muttered as he helped me up "so, which way?" we looked left and right,

"Right, because it's in the direction we want to go, as long as we keep going that way then we should be alright"

Together we started walking, the place wasn't as dark as he'd originally made out, the setting sun still let some light in through the small gaps in the leafs and as the hours passed the moon gave us some visibility, I checked my Poketch "it's almost nine, how far have we gone do you think?"

Lucas was covered in grass stains from tripping over tree roots, I was mostly clean because I'd been following him and when he fell over I knew where to dodge,

"I'm not sure, this place is really big" picking himself up again he coughed up some grass, looking through some bushes he gave a yelp and fell back with a Wurmple attached to his face, I pulled it off and placed it on a tree, it crawled off and the dark haired boy wiped slime from his cheeks "I saw a house!"


Pushing through the bushes again he pointed out a red roof "see?"

"Oh yeah…do you think they'd let us stay the night?"

"Wouldn't hurt to ask, let's go" we started fighting our way through thorns and angry bug pokemon in order to reach the building, when we finally got to the gate we looked up and gasped,

The place was completely overgrown, ivy was winding up the walls and the grass was three feet high, one of the windows was broken and the gate creaked as I pushed it open, we slowly approached the front door where Lucas knocked, the door edged open at his touch and we glanced at each other, stepping inside slowly we looked around "is anyone here?" I called out; we left footprints on the floor where the dust was so thick "I think this place is abandoned"

Lucas was already climbing up the stairs to the second floor, about half way up one of the steps broke and he got stuck "Sy!"

"Coming" I ran up and helped him pull his leg out of the hole "since this place is empty should we leave?" he tapped his chin in thought "or is it okay to stay?"

"Let's have a look around first" continuing on upstairs we started checking out the rooms, Lucas had released Drifloon and both it and Coral were acting nervous, they were sticking close to us and seemed to be focusing their gazes on corners, but whenever Lucas and I looked too we saw nothing, in one of the bedrooms was an old notebook that I flicked through, causing a cloud of dust to become lodged in my lungs, I coughed it out and dropped the item, as soon as I did a huge gust of wind blew over me and made the pages turn until they stopped on the only one with anything written on it,

"Did you see that?" I gaped at my friend "there are no windows open or anything!"

He paled and backed out of the room "p-probably just a draft, hehe"

Picking the book up again I read the words "som...hing so pecu...r shou... make off ...ith the mot..." I furrowed my eyebrows "what the…?" I placed the book back on the table and shook my head,

Lucas was next door examining the T.V which seemed to be on even though there was no electricity in the house, he turned it off but when he twisted around it flickered back on again, he frowned and tried it again but like before it just turned back on "strange" he muttered,

"Very" I added as I watched our pokemon cower behind my legs "I don't like it here, can we go?"



We screamed and all four of us hugged each other in fear as the loud noise echoed around the house, when it had passed we stood shaking for a couple moments before seperating,

Outside it had begun to rain and lightning was flashing across the sky "great…" I moaned "we're stuck here until morning"

"It seems pretty strange how it suddenly started" my friend commented, I rubbed the back of my head and left the small office to try and find a bedroom, there were quite a few and all of them were dusty, Lucas had claimed the room opposite mine "I don't know about you but I'm sleeping with all my pokemon tonight" he said as he scratched his neck,

"Ditto" I nodded, pulling out my pokeballs and letting out all of my teammates, Titan the Aron, Coral the alternate Totodile, Flare the Charmander, Nina the Nidoran and Dia the Larvitar, they all shuddered like they were cold and crawlled into the bed with me, luckily the bed was a king size so we could all fit, or at least we should have if they hadn't of squeezed up as tight as they could "night guys" I mumbled, they all squeaked in reply.

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