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Thump thump thump.

Healer Granger's soft thudding footsteps echoed through the empty hallway of St . Mungo's. She had just received a distress call concerning a young boy who crashed his broom a few moments ago and she's now hurrying her way to the boy's room. Hermione's no stranger in treating these kinds of accidents. What with Ron and Harry always injuring themselves every time they play quidditch, She can quite say that she's a pro when it comes to these things, which is probably one of the reasons why she was the healer always assigned to quidditch accidents.

Muttering about how irresponsible and stupid boys are when it comes to quidditch, She finally found the room where the young boy is currently in and quickly barged through the doors. The first thing she saw was the small boy covered with bleeding wounds and dark blue bruises. She cringed at the pitying site in front of her.

"Merlin…" she cursed.

She didn't anticipate that the boy would be this young. His expensive looking robes are almost in tatters making it look like he's been scratched by a wild beast of some sort. His pale blonde hair was sticking to his forehead and matted with a mixture of dried blood and sweat. Wasting no time at all, Hermione went straight to the side of his hospital bed and started examining him, observing and holding him as gently as possible, all the while taking note of his injuries and their gravity. It seemed that he had broken his right arm as well as his tailbone, Not to mention his cuts and bruises but other than that he seems ok.

Hermione breathed a sigh of relief, at least the injuries are treatable she thought. Nothing a little Skele gro and a few days rest can't fix. He could've saved himself all this pain and trouble if he just stayed away from his broom. She quietly stood up and gripped her wand. Silently she murmured "Expecto Patronum."

Slowly a large misty white creature donning a scaly body and huge fangs emerged from her wand's tip, Its tail barely being contained inside the small ward.

After the war her patronus had changed, quite drastically at that. This didn't really surprise Hermione in the least, after all a lot has happened during and after the war which Hermione believes made her a much stronger person than the girl who used to follow the chosen one around Hogwarts as he continually makes an ass of himself. Don't get her wrong, she loves Harry and his quirks but being best friends with him does have its drawbacks.

Like fighting Voldemort and watching some of your friends die in front of you.

Her new patronus has a huge difference from her old one. Not only in sheer size but as well as in its appearance. While her otter patronus had seemed calm and tame her new patronus looks menacing and scary but at the same time comforting. This piqued her interest months ago when she first discovered her new patronus. She had spent hours deciphering what creature it is exactly, pouring her free time into reading books about magical creatures and mystical animals and yet until now she still has no idea what it is.

Shaking her head slightly to focus at her task at hand she sent her patronus to the healers lounge where all the available healers are. She asked whoever will come to get bandages, a sleeping draught as well as some skele gro. She looked at the small boy at the bed once more and couldn't help thinking that she'd seen him before. There was something about his pale complexion and aristocratic features that seem to make him look like someone she'd met before. Oh well, she thought, probably just one of my other patients.

She waved her wand over the little boy's wounds muttering spells which will help the wounds heal as well as avoid infections. Sure enough the wounds stopped bleeding as Hermione's wand swished here and there, leaving a soft green glow in its wake as the healing spell kicks into action. His delicate skin around the wounds started to knit back together leaving no blemish or scar behind.

Hermione sucked in a breath, watching as her magic heals the little boy's wounds. It never really ceases to amaze her how versatile magic is, even until now she still can't believe that someone of her heritage could be able to do such fantastic things with a simple piece of wood.

After a few more minutes the boy's skin was back to normal. His pale complexion was again smooth as marble. Hermione couldn't help herself as she touched the boy's arm reveling on how soft and silky it is. Quietly she transfigures her hanky into a soft towel and placed it on the small table near the bed. She tiptoed as she went to the adjoining loo to get a pitcher of water for her to use in dampening the towel. Slowly she started scraping off the dried blood and sweat off the little boy's arms. Hermione smiled to herself. She always wanted a child she mused, maybe not now but surely in the future she can see herself bouncing around a cute baby boy or maybe nursing a baby girl in her arms, And seeing this cute child so bruised and hurt made her motherly instincts to kick into overdrive.

After making sure that the boy is clean and his minor injuries are taken care of, She pulled the chair next to the bed and took a seat, mindlessly caressing the boy's arm softly she accioed one of her favorite books from the healers' lounge to calm her mind before dealing with the injured boy. For sure he would be livid and confused. Who wouldn't be? After taking quite a bludger to the head and waking up in an unknown room, it's only a natural reaction.

Hermione couldn't help but steal little glances at the boy as she read her novel, she just couldn't help it. It was like there was some kind of string pulling her full attention to the boy. In the end, she gave up in reading her novel when she noticed that she had been reading the same paragraph for more than a few times. She placed the book on one of the tables near the bed and decided to hold the hand of the boy instead as she waited for her fellow healers to bring the materials she asked for.

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