Hi guys! I know you haven't heard from me in a year and I am so sorry about that. I am however back now and I will be posting a new story within this week! I stumbled back to this site after quite some time and I read some of your reviews that are all asking me to post more stories so here I am! Your kind words and even your criticisms mean a lot to me and I feel like they've really helped me grow as a writer and as a person is so many ways.

Here is the synopsis of my new Dramione story! It is still the one I promised you guys from a year ago but I may tweak some parts of the plot to suit my mood lol we'll see how it goes:

The war is over and the light side finally won. Draco Malfoy really doesn't care anymore as long as he is able to live in peace in his manor with his promised inheritance. But as it turned out, getting a hold of his inheritance was more difficult than he originally thought. Under the Ministry's new law, the only way he would be able to receive a single galleon was by taking into custody little 4 year old Teddy Lupin who was technically his cousin and who was currently under the care of his temporary guardian Hermione Granger.

Granger was only supposed to hand the child to him and let him continue living his life the way he wanted to (preferably away from the wizarding world's judgemental stares and deeper into the lavish world of wealth and parties). But the possibility of that seems to be close to zero now that Granger had decided to stick her little nose into his life. In fact, he didn't exactly know how in the world Hermione Granger of all people ended up living with him and Teddy in his manor, nagging him to death about how it was to be a good parent. But now, he doesn't seem to have a choice but to live his life with a noisy Granger and an even noisier child. Something good is bound to happen to him soon right?

That's the synopsis! I'm playing with some ideas in my head and of course all of you are welcome to suggest details, events, characters, and such! Please pardon if my writing seems to be rusty as I am just about getting back to writing once again.

I hope you guys will give it a chance and maybe drop a comment or two. I love you guys and I'll see you real soon with a new story!