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E means Enchanted

Enchanted. By every move, every word and smile.

Sakurazuka Seishirou, the school doctor, was standing by the window in his cabinet, observing the park below. He wasn't interested in the park itself as much as in a person who was there at the moment – one of Horitsuba's students, Sumeragi Subaru. He was sitting on the bench below the tall sakura tree, reading a book, while wind was carrying yellowed leaves around.

Subaru was recently transferred in Horitsuba from Clamp Academy, along with his sister. Sumeragi-kun, as Seishirou quickly noticed, was unique in his ability to get into various troubles, which inevitably led him into his cabinet. Seishirou didn't mind though. He came to like that cute and good-natured boy. Besides, nobody could deny the fact that Subaru was magnificently beautiful. His twin-sister already had a hoard of fans, whom she'd tease, not giving much hope to anybody in particular. As for Subaru – he was mostly alone, even though girls were giving him longing gazes full of admiration from afar. Seishirou's hand twitched, and his lips twisted in dissatisfaction.

"I don't want for anybody to look at you like that."

Seishirou made himself relax his fingers and let the curtain fall. He couldn't explain why must it be Subaru, but he knew that he wanted for this new student to be his only. Maybe it was first impression's fault? Who knows.

That day Sakurazuka was sitting in his cabinet, filling in reports, when the door flew opened, and Kurogane stepped inside, carrying the new student in his arms. Seishirou immediately judged the situation.

"Put him onto the bed," – he said lazily, ignoring the furious look from P.E.'s teacher.

Seishirou was well aware of the fact that Kurogane couldn't stand him, considering him evil bastard, and that other students preferred to endure the pain from bruises and scratches rather that came to the "scary doctor's" place. He smirked to himself and came to the boy.

"Name?" – he kept his tone casual and lazy, knowing it would annoy the hell out of Kurogane.

The boy was about to speak, but Kurogane interrupted.

"This is Sumeragi Subaru. The new transfer student. He cut his knee during my class."

Seishirou twisted his face a little.

"I think he could've told me that by himself, Kurogane," – he said insinuatingly, carefully studying Subaru's injured leg. – "The cut isn't so bad. It just needs to be cleaned and bandaged."

Kurogane reached for the bandages, but halted, seeing Sakurazuka's heavy gaze upon him. Even he, the P.E. teacher, the strongest man in Horitsuba, was feeling unease from the expression in school doctor's eyes. Kurogane swallowed nervously.

"I just…"

Seishirou gave him a scornful look.

"I'll handle this, thank you," – the doctor flashed one of his favorite smiles at him, for which he knew would scare any student to tears. – "You're free to go."

"You do not tell me what to do!" – Kurogane snapped, clenching his fists.

Seishirou raised his eyebrow, preparing his instruments on the table next to the hospital bed.

"If you want to fight with me, I am at your service anytime," – he said emotionless. – "But I suggest for you to wait until I take care of my patient first. You should behave in front of the students, you know."

Kurogane flushed angrily, and stormed out of the cabinet, slamming the door behind. Seishirou switched his attention to the student, expecting to see the usual picture – face, distorted in fear, gaze, frozen upon his instruments, and silent question in eyes: "Oh God, what is he going to do to me now?" Seishirou loved to make such shows and observe students' reactions. It was mostly the same. But this time… Seishirou's eyes widened in surprise, when he met the calm, soft and studying look of boy's green eyes. There was no trace of fear or anxiety.

"Doctor-san, did you do that on purpose?" – Subaru asked.

Seishirou looked at him, confused. How does he know? He noticed?

"Did what?"

The boy smiled slightly.

"You wanted to make Kurogane-sensei angry on purpose, didn't you?"

Seishirou couldn't hold his own smile back.

"He annoys me," – the man admitted, taking the bandage and pouring disinfecting agent over it. – "You'll have to endure a bit, while I clean your wound."

Subaru nodded.

"I was careless and fell during the gym class. Sorry for troubling you, doctor-san."

"Seishirou," – Sakurazuka stated, carefully cleaning boy's cut. – "My name is Sakurazuka Seishirou. How are you feeling now?"

Subaru nodded again.

"I'm Sumeragi Subaru. Sensei told you already."

He didn't make a sound while Seishirou was cleaning his knee, and his voice sounded calm and soft.

"Velvety," – the adjective came into Seishirou's mind.

"I'm feeling fine, Sakurazuka-san."

"Call me Seishirou," – the man finished cleaning, and began to wrap the bandage around Subaru's knee. – "Here, you're as good as new," – he said, finishing his job. – "Come to me after tomorrow so I can check on you, alright?"

Subaru nodded, blushing slightly.

"Thank you, Seishirou-san," – he smiled timidly, and Seishirou caught himself unable to avert his eyes from the boy's face.

"How beautiful he is… but what on earth am I thinking?" – he straightened himself.

The doctor shrugged, and smiled carelessly.

"It's my job."

"Like putting Kurogane-sensei into tricky situations?"

Seishirou looked at smiling Subaru with wonder. Why does he see so many details? Sakurazuka laughed casually.

"Well, that would be my hobby!"

Subaru laughed too. Seishirou caught himself thinking again, that he's listening to Subaru's laughter as if enchanted, watching his face, and trying to remember every line of it.


Just like that.

This new student enchanted him since their first meeting. Maybe it was the fact he wasn't scared of Seishirou at all, and wasn't jerking away when seeing him. Maybe it was just his clear green eyes. Seishirou didn't know. But he did know he wanted to find out more about Subaru, and spend more time with him. And he knew he's crazy for wishing something like that. Yet still…

Knocking at the door interrupted his thoughts.


"Good evening, Sei-chan!"

It turned out to be Subaru's twin sister, Hokuto. She entered in his cabinet, and unceremoniously sat on the bed, dangling her legs and looking at the pile of papers on Seishirou's desk.

"What are you doing?"

Unlike her brother, Hokuto was way more sociable and carefree. She immediately started to call Sakurazuka "Sei-chan", and was often visiting him during breaks, to complain about yet another stalker, or about her brother.

"Are your classes already over, Hokuto-chan?"

"Yep," – she waved off her hand. – "I'll be going home soon. So what were you up to?" – she didn't let him get her off the tangent.

Seishirou noticed that Hokuto never let him leave the subject unanswered, or slip away from reply.

"Oh, I was just watching sunset, thinking I'm nothing but a loser, since I cannot win Subaru-kun's heart," – Seishirou brushed away a nonexistent tear, and put his hand to his chest in gesture of sadness.

Hokuto giggled.

"Sei-chan, aren't you a mischief! And stop pouting here – Subaru just doesn't understand it, but you're a perfect match for him!"

As soon as Hokuto saw Seishirou and her brother together that day, when she came to pick Subaru from hospital wing, she declared they are meant to become a couple. The statement made Subaru blush violently and cough, while Sakurazuka smiled, thinking he had nothing against that. Since then Hokuto never stopped saying that Seishirou makes a perfect match for Subaru, which always made Subaru blush in embarrassment.

This time she started her favorite topic again. Seishirou sighed mockingly.

"But Subaru-kun doesn't love me."

Hokuto snorted, waving it off.

"He's just being dense about it. But he'll understand," – she suddenly turned serious and studied Sakurazuka's face. – "Don't you dare to ever make him cry."

Seishirou raised his brows.

"Why would I make Subaru-kun cry?"

Hokuto lowered her gaze, fingering the edge of her skirt.

"I don't know. It seems to me something like this happened before. So I want you to promise me you'll never hurt my brother!" – she raised her pinky, demanding, her eyes fixed on the doctor's face.

Seishirou came to her and crossed his pinky with hers.

"I won't hurt Subaru-kun," – he said calmly. – "Why would I do that anyway?"

Hokuto looked at him, studying.

"I'll be watching you, Sakurazuka Seishirou."

She jumped off the bed and vanished from his cabinet before he could answer anything. He smirked, looking in the direction she went to.

"Now, look at that. It would appear that both Sumeragi are very observant. And both are studying me, for some reason," – he mused, gathering his papers in a neat pile.

He came to the window again, and glanced at the park. Subaru was still reading his book beneath the tree. Soon his sister joined him, and Subaru got up – they were preparing to leave for home. Seishirou's lips curved into a smile.

"Honestly, Hokuto-chan. After this promise I gave you, I won't give up on Subaru-kun. I'll make him mine."

Sometimes she wonders, why is she the only one who remembers everything. Sometimes she wonder, is it a punishment, or warning, or something else. But she prefers not to think about it too much. In this world they all are different. They cannot use magic. They are usual people. And Sakurazuka too. He is not an assassin this time. In this world he won't harm Subaru. Yet still every time she catches herself looking into his face, searching in his eyes... for what? The reflection of that dark persona, that smells of blood? Or confirmation of its absence? She doesn't know herself. As well as she doesn't know why does she remember that other world. But she realizes this might be the new chance, for all the three of them. That's why she'll keep remembering. And she'll protect this time, for sure. And also, she'll hope that this time her brother will remain happy.