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It was during a moment of boredom that Gin had roamed the halls of Las Noches and ended up outside her room.

Ah, it appears to be lunchtime for Sunshine.

The silver-haired man knocked, and upon receiving permission to enter she sounds surprised, he pushed open the door.

"Ichimaru-san!" Aizen's latest captive stood up hurriedly from her chair when she realised who had come to pay her a visit.

"Ah, ah, ah Ori-hi-me-chan! No need to get all worked up. I just dropped by. Go finish your lunch. Pretend that I'm not even here." Gin's smile stretched even wider. The last suggestion would not have been possible given his nature and her discomfort at his presence.

Orihime slowly sat down before she sighed and gave a resigned poke at the food on her plate.

"The stuff here not to your liking, Sunshine?"

The auburn-haired human girl paused, as though weighing whether or not to confide in Gin. It appeared loneliness won out so she spoke.

"The meals are all very nice. Ulquiorra-kun makes sure I eat them… but…"

"But?" Gin prompted, curious. Cuartro Espada allows her to call him Ulquiorra-kun?

"The food lacks taste," Orihime whispered, a small amount of guilt crossed her features.

Gin actually considered for a moment. Cocking his head at a slight angle, he observed. Despite being fed three meals a day, Sunshine was evidently losing weight instead.

He knew how food can become unappealing if unfresh or was bland. His scavenging days in the Rukongai with Rangiku resurfaced in his mind.

Finding himself in a slightly charitable mood, he reached into the billowing white sleeves of his outer coat and withdrew a small pouch. Gin swiftly pushed something into Orihime's parted lips as she began to ask a question.

Her eyes watered as her taste buds tensed then relaxed at the sweetness on her tongue.

Raising her hand to take the object in Gin's hand, she gazed in surprise at her palm as she chewed slowly, relishing the sweet taste.

"Sugared persimmons?" she asked, looking with wide grey eyes at Gin.

The foxy captain only smirked, munching on his own piece as he recalls his first encounter with Rangiku and similarly feeding her with persimmons as she lay in the beaten track, abused and exhausted from hunger.

How nostalgic… Gin thought before he raised another piece of persimmon to Orihime's pink lips, feeding her in the same way he would feed an injured sparrow.

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