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rated T for swearing and mention of sex.. (just mention I'm not going to type it out..)

Dreadful In-Laws/Why England got a new table cloth

Scotland looked at Sister England, and wonder how could someone he loved so much be the little sister of someone he hated so much?

She had short curly hair which reminded him of a sheep wool, though Scotland didn't mind it was one of the many things he liked about her, and blue eyes, those beautiful blue eyes, that made Scotland's heart melt.

But her brother, why was he so protective of her? For years it was always "Is he treating you well sister?"and "you can do much better."

they where at the table drinking tea, and England was giving his "is Scotland treating you well sister?" speech,every time it drove Scotland crazy, and he was going to punch the stuck up English man, when he felt Sister England's hands on his "It's ok" she whispered to him, "I'll speak to him, I'll make him stop"

England was still chatting listing off names of bachelors he knew or knew of.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! Scotland is my husband and has been for over three hundred years, and not once did he ever do what you accuse him of doing! " Sister England yelled at England.

England stopped speaking and looked at his baby sister with his mouth wide open. Scotland was looking at her with the same shocked expression.

"Well than" England said getting up from his seat "It seems where running low on tea, I shall boil us some more." and walked away caring his tea pot with him

Scotland looked at his wife, "Sister England..."Sister England looked at him "I'm sorry I lost my patience when I told you not to.."

"Are you kidding?" Scotland asked "that was one of the sexiest things you ever did, I could make love to you right now on the table."

"Ok lets" Sister England smiled.

England was walking to the dining room when he heard Sister England scream Scotland's name

"I knew it!" he said running to the dining room.

England open the dining room door and closed it just as fast,

England shook his head in disgust, "I need a new table cloth..."