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Kim pro.

well I was sleeping when I heard the door closed with a loud sound. My eyes went open and I looked to the door and I shocked and I screamed Milton and Jerry were in the room with Jack and they shocked from my reacton and Jack felt on the ground and I said "Guys what happened with Jack?" and I helped the guys to get Jack up and he sat down and I said "Jack you're bleeding" and Jerry said "NO really?" and I shoot him the dead glare and Milton said "I will call a doctor" and went out the room and I said "okay Jerry tell me what happened" and he said "blackdragons" and I said "okay...more?" and he shook his head 'no' and I signed and Milton came and said "no doctors want to help us" he put his phone on the table okay now I'm mad! and I said "go to Rudy then" and they knew I wanted to be alone with him and went out the room and Jack said "ya know there is no reason that you get mad on them" he stood up and I walked to him and I said "true but you hurt" and he said "better me than you babe" and kissed my cheek I said "who did this?" pointing to the wounds and he said "well... I think Jath he's sooo jealous" and I said annoying "you now figure it out?" there was a silence I signed and walked to the balcony it was raining but I don't care I was not even 10 seconds outside and I was soaking wet but still I didn't care

Jack pro.

okay what did I done? she said annoying "you now figure it out?" and went to the balkony it was raining and she was soaking wet in 6 seconds but she didn't care I was deep in my mind after 5 minutes I decided to went to Kim and when I saw her I walked to her and hugged her and said "you know I love you right?" and she turned to me and said "well yeah but-" I cut her off and said "I know you mad at Jath" and she said annoying "Ya think" and I saw tears rolling down her cheek and I said "hey don't cry" I rubbed her arms and I saw something looks like a pink bra her white shirt was all wet and I chuckled and Kim said "what?" and I said "your shirt is so wet I see your pink bra" and she blushed and I looked at her and she looked away so I grab her face and kiss her soft and I pulled away and she said "we better go inside" and I nodded because the rain make us soaking wet... when we got inside she took first a shower when she came back I took a quick warm shower and I tell you my body was burning from the pain

Kim pro.

I was lying in bed and listen to music and closed my eyes and felt two lips on mine and I opend my eyes and saw Jack shirtless and saw his wounds and he lied next to me and hugged me care fully. I turned me to him and my hand went through his hair and I singed and he looked to me and said "you okay?" and I said "I can't belive Jath did thi-" I was cut off by his lips and I broke the kiss and said "okay tell me wath happened with you" and he said "fine" and he continued "Okay when you left we continue practice and after 30 minutes we took a break and Jerry, Eddie, Milton and Rudy went to the locker room and then came Frank and Duncan and kicked me everywhere and I felt on the ground and then Joëy and Justin came and hold me up I thought they helped me but-" I cut him of and said "you were wrong..."

Jack pro.

"you were wrong..." and I nodded and said " when they hold me up they let me fall on the ground hard and Brad came and I thougt he gonna slap me and punch me so I tried to protect my self and he punched me in the stomach but then I kicked him so he felt and I was again hold up and then came Jath..." and I looked at her and she said "but why didn't came the guys?" and I said "they were locked up in the locker room and they came out when Kelsey and Grace came and they tried to opened the door but bad luck so Kelsey kicked the door open" and she said "cool she's a strong girl but back to you and Jath..." and I said " key... so Jath came and he had a knife and make wounds and saying 'this one is for stealing my girl'..." I pointed at the wound it was a long wound from my shoulder to my elbow and I continued " and the next was at my back and he said "this one is for kissing her behind a rock' and he make more wounds and Grace yellled 'Stop Jath!' and he shouted 'SHUT YOUR MOUTH BITCH! AND THIS ONE IS FOR CALLING HER SEXY!' and he tried to but then Rudy showed up and puched him on the ground and his knife felt on the ground and Kelsey took the knife and hide it... Joëy and Justin let me fall again and they ran a way and Rudy went with Jath to Ty.. and Kelsey said 'O MY GOD! Jack you're okay?' and then everything went black..." and I looked at Kim and she said "I can't belive this!" I nodded and she said "you sure you okay?" I said "yes I'm okay a little hurt but okay" and she nodded and I hugged her carefully and I kissed her soft and soon as I know it we felt both in sleep...

Ty pro.

I was busy with reading a book when Rudy stormed in my office and with Jath and I said "what's wrong?" and Rudy said "this guy atacked one of my best students with a knife" and I was suprised and said "thanks Rudy you can go now I will handel with Jath" and he nodded and left the room and I said "Jath who did you attacked?" and he said "Jack because he called Kim sexy and random stuff" and I said "still not over it I see" and he nodded and I said "how is Jack?" and he said "I don't know he have wounds here ,here, here and here" and I said "so he's bad hurt?" and he nodded and I said happy "GOOD!" and he said "why good?" and I said "we have a tournament with them so if you wanna you can attack him bad so we could win!" and he nodded and said "I will do it when?" and I said "you will hear it" and he nodded and went out my office and I began reading again in the book...

Milton pro.

"what's wrong with Kim yo!" and I said "Jerry it called love" and he said "uggg love sucks" and I said "said the guy how have a crush on Kelsey" he looked at me and said "not cool man not cool!" and we went to the others.. and when we got there I said "Shoot my phone is still in room 8 be right back!" and went to room 8. I nocked on the door and opened the door carefully and walked inside and went to the table and picked my phone and turned around and saw Jack and Kim and I thought *aww how cute they share one bed and how peaceful wait a minute share one bed!* and I ran so fast out the room and closed the door behind me and ran to the others and said "HOLY CHRISTMAS NUTS!" and Jullie said "what's wrong Milty?" Jerry said "yeah dude!" every eye was on me and I said "Kim and Jack share a bed!" and Eddie was suprised and the others said "so? we allready know that" said Jerry and I said "we have to tell Rudy" "Have to tell me what?" and we turned around and saw Rudy and I said "Rudy did you know that Kim and Jack share a bed together?" and he said "Jep" and I said "but...but how?" and he said "the frist day we were here they came to me and said they have to share a bed and I said it was good but dont do-" we said fast "okay we get it Rudy!" and he said "okay...key" and we talked

Kim pro.


(bold is dream and Italic is the thoughts of Kim)

I woke up I was in a room a big wite room I was in a big bed and I stood up and walked across the room and looked in the mirror and I was in a beautiful white dress with red roses in my hair again the same dream! and heard "You don't love me do you?" wait a minute I recognize that voice Mom? "Of course I love you!" who the hell is that man? "but why leave me alone?" "It's because for my work" "But why in the Netherlands?" "Because my job is there now" "Can we not go with you?" "Can't but I promes that I will be back when she will be 15 year key?" why not earlier? "Key but don't give her a heart attack when you come back" why I dreaming this again? I walked out the room and saw my mom and who's that? and then said my mom "I Love you!" and then I saw a face...

~end dream~

I woke up and saw Jack sleeping and I thought * he's really cute* and saw his wound from his shoulder to his elbow and I said "why did he do this? because he's Jealous? or stupid or not happy that I have him..." and I heard "Yes, yes and yes" and I looked at Jack and I kissed him and I said "sleep well for a short time?" and he laughed Kissed me back and said "Jep.. you?" and I said "no" and he said "again the same dream as last night?" and I nodded and he said "okay tell me what happened" and I looked at him and said "okay... well when we went back to sleep again I dreamed that I was in a big wite room and I was dressed in a white dress and flouwers in my hair and then I heard two voises ..."and I looked at him and he said "you know who they are?" and I said "well one is my mom but the other I don't know" and he said "it can be your dad or grandfather" and I said "I don't know" and he said "was that the reason you was frozend and off today?" and I nodded I was what going to say but then we heard a "BANGGGG!"

oww a cliffy again




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