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Takes place after Human Curiosity ends and after the return of the "dead" nations.

"Does anyone know where England is?"

"No, I haven't seen or heard from him in a while."

"Really? Because no one else has heard from him either!"

"Is that so? ...Have you asked his government?"

"Yes, but they haven't seen him in weeks!"

"Well... How about his brothers? Or anyone else who could be considered a friend?"

"Well duh, I have. Still no England!"

"... Have you checked with Liechtenstein yet?"

"Liechtenstein? Why Liechtenstein?"

"Well, ever since the "human year", the two have been closer, you know. You don't spend a year with a nation without forming some kind of attachment. Especially if that nation was your human sibling."

"Hey, have you seen Liechtenstein?"

"Isn't she with you?"

"No, I haven't seen her for days now!"

"Have you asked any of her friends?"

"What do you think I've been doing for the last few days?"

"Well, have you asked everyone?"

"Yes, I've asked Hungary, Germany, Italy, Sealand, Prussia and even France and Austria!"

"What about England?"


"Well, those two are pretty close now, what with the "Human Year", as they like to call it."

"... Did I ever tell you that I kept some of the HCS' research for 'just in cases'?"

"Yes, we all know that. We all agreed, in case you forgot."

"Yes, but..."

"Yes? But what? Where are you going with this?"

"Well... Some of it is... Missing."


"The stuff that makes us human, undetectable to other nations. Some of it's missing."

After quite some organizing, England and Liechtenstein had finally managed to plot a way out of their daily lives, to visit some old friends they hadn't seen in a long time. It had taken quite some skill and patience to finally pull it off, but they eventually managed to do it, successfully.

They both had met up quite often, under the guise of wanting to spend some "Quality Time" with each other, when really, they were planning and plotting to do something that, while not being forbidden, was probably frowned upon.

They had taken some of those "drugs", which turned them human and had hijacked an airplane to get to the USA, where they then renewed their IDs (the ones that they had had as humans) and went off to contact Maria and Jack, the people they'd been living with as humans.

Part of the reason why they went into so much trouble, was to meet their human friends again, but it was also partly because it was simply nice to just be "normal" for once, instead of continously carrying the burden of being a nation. Especially after you'd had a good taste of being human in the first place.

"Thank you for letting us stay here for a bit." England, or as he was currently known, Arthur said, walking into the hallway, putting his luggage down. Maria, the lady who had looked after him and Liechtenstein during their so called "Human year", stood awkwardly by the door, smiling politely.

She was now older than before, wrinkles on her face and reading glasses hanging from her neck, but she still had that soft, friendly expression she had had fifteen years ago. She didn't look worse for wear, despite her greying hair.

"Oh, it's no bother. This place has been a little bit empty since you and Lilli left, so I'm not complaining." Maria replied, smiling. She then frowned and looked away. "But isn't it a little bit dangerous for you two to return?" She asked, concerned. Liechtenstein entered after England, carrying her own luggage too, with a soft and happy smile on her face.

"No, if they see us, they'll just think it's coincidence and that we're doppelgangers. They know we would be older by now, so we can't possibly look the way we do." She explained, taking her coat off. Maria stared at Liechtenstein, baffled. The poor woman still wasn't used to Lilli, her Lilli, being able to speak. Neither was she used to the idea that Arthur could see.

"Well, how's Jack?" Arthur asked, conversationally, taking off his coat and hanging it up on the coat rack. Maria sighed deeply and fumbled with the wedding ring around her finger.

"Er..." She stuttered and bit her lip. "I've been meaning to tell you..." She carefully started, her voice hitching. Both Arthur and Lilli looked at her confused.

"Yes?" Lilli asked. Maria eventually sighed, giving up on whatever she had been wanting to say.

"Look, why don't you two make yourselves comfortable in the living room? I'll take your things upstairs and then put the kettle on, OK?" Both Arthur and Lilli shared a look, before nodding and leaving Maria in the hallway. Once Maria was out of earshot, Liechtenstein dared to talk to England about what was probably a sensitive topic.

"... Something's happened to Jack, right?" Lilli steadily asked, a little nervous.

"Yes. Most definitely. He probably died during the war." Arthur replied. "It's a good thing we finally came over. Otherwise we might have missed her too."

"... But she's only fifty!"

"Yes, but humans have a habit of dying unexpectedly." Arthur replied bitterly, closing his eyes and frowning, as if suffering from a headache. Liechtenstein sighed and sat back in the sofa. She knew that humans died unexpectedly, of course she did, but she still wasn't as cynical as England about the life span of a human.

"... Hey, Eng- Arthur?"


"How long do you think it will be, until the others notice we're gone?"

"Well... I think your friends and family will notice relatively soon, but with me it could take a while."

"Ah. And how long until they find us?"

"I think they won't be able to. They can't sense us at the moment, so we'll be fine, as long as we make sure they don't see us."

"Switzerland's not going to be happy with me."

"I don't think anyone will be, but I guess this was worth the risk." Liechtenstein smiled and looked over to England.

"Hey, this will be like the human year, won't it?" She asked, smiling nostalgically.

"Yeah, I guess it will." England replied, likewise smiling. He then looked out the window, a peaceful expression on his face.

"So what shall we do first?" Lilli asked, crossing her arms.

"Well, it's winter, so we could go ice-skating. We used to do that often, didn't we?"

"Yes, though, you spent most of it off the ice."

"Hey, I was blind back then, did you really expect me to skate?"

"No, I guess not, but Can... Er... Canerds? Canerds and Japan dared it and they were blind too."

"Canada, Lilli, Canada. And yes, so he dared it, but Japan was pretty much forced to by Italy, remember? ... You know what we did wrong for this?" England suddenly asked.


"We should have invited Japan, Canada and Italy. I think they would have appreciated and enjoyed it."

"I suppose, but they didn't really have such a strong social life with humans, like we did."

"Hm. Good point."

"And Italy would have probably told Germany."

"Yes, that's true."


"... Lilli, I get the point. You can stop now."

After their stay at Marias, which lasted a few weeks longer than they had excpected, the two finally bid their goodbyes and headed back to Europe. Arthur was worried that he'd picked up an accent, but Lilli reassured him that his accent was as strong as ever.

The two bordered the plane, first class and sat down, quite comfortably. They could have gone second class, but after the experience on the flight over to America, England refused to travel second class again. Despite the Brit being quite fond of children, the one he had been forced to sit next to had been quite bratty. And the guy sitting next to him had drooled all over his shirt and had invaded England's personal space far too many times.

Never. Again.

England hoped that the first class would be more pleasant, but he left room for doubt, in case it wasn't (he had always been a little paranoid).

The plane took off and England and Liechtenstein passed the time by talking about their little "holiday" and their new memories and experiences.

They had gone to visit Jack's grave, who had indeed died during World War Three (as a soldier), Maria had learnt the hard way that England was still a rubbish cook, despite no longer being blind, and Liechtenstein had met up with some old friends, introducing herself as Lilli's daughter "Annetta".

They had also done a lot of things they usually didn't have time to do as nations. England joined several competitions, while Liechtenstein played quite a few... Violent... video games (though England wondered if she hadn't played those games with Belarus before...) and both had spent at least three nights once, simply watching different series of TV shows (My Little Pony, Doctor Who, etc.)

As their flight started coming to an end, Liechtenstein started finding it hard to sit still. She was nervous about seeing Switzerland again.

Her older brother was probably furious.

England wasn't feeling much better. He was stitching, but Liechtenstein could tell he was rather nervous. He kept accidentally pricking himself with the needle and often made stitches in the wrong places.

She still loved the fact she could read England so easily now. England was usually considered a difficult, unpredictable nation, but because of the year she spent with him, she could now read him like an open book (unfortunately, this also applied to England).

"Lilli..." England spoke up, after the captain announced that they would be landing soon. "... When we get back, I'll tell everyone I abducted you. That way you won't have to deal with getting into trouble." He said softly, placing his unfinished work back into his bag.

Liechtenstein blinked at him in surprise, before her face turned into a frown.

"I'm old enough to accept the consequences of my own actions England. You don't need to look out for me... If you want, I could tell them that I abducted you, then you won't have to deal with them." Liechtenstein offered, wanting to do a favour for England. After all, he had been the one doing most of the organising.

"No, no, I insist you let me cover for you."

"But I insist that you let me cover for you." Liechtenstein argued back, crossing her arms. Before they knew it, the two were fighting, despite England not usually being a hothead around Liechtenstein and Liechtenstein being a generally gentle and calm nation.

They were still arguing when they got into a taxi in London (the two had agreed that Liechtenstein best stay with England, until she no longer suffered from jetlag). The two weren't using particularly vicious or gruesome language, however, it was still anger-filled.

England threw the door to his house open.

"Yes, but if you let me take the blame, Switzerland won't bloody bite your head off and eat you up alive." England repeated, for what felt like the billionth time that day.

"And if you let me take the blame, you won't be put under house-arrest for who knows how long!" Liechtenstein replied exasperatedly, knowing that the others would be far gentler with her punishment, than with England. She was, in appearance, only a young teenager, who didn't know better. However, England was, in comparison, ancient and should by now know better. Far better in fact.

"But I can't let you do that, it would be unfair on you if only you take the blame! I was the one to bloody organise this whole escapade!"

"Yes, but I was the one who came up with the idea!"

"Ahem." Both nations looked up and paled, seeing a group of nations in England's living room. Switzerland, America, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Hungary, England's brothers... The list was seemingly endless. There was an awkward silence, as they just stared at each other. The larger party of nations were at first shocked, but once they finally digested Liechtenstein's and England's conversation (and thus understanding the current situation), their faces distorting and changing into ones of anger.

The two nations blanched, and before they knew it, they were pointing at each other, while crying out "He/She abducted me! I'm innocent! Honest!"

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