Hi, It's me again, back from the dead (jk) anyway, I've decided to rewrite/edit this story. So, the chapter below is edited (BY THE WAY! I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST FAERIES, IT JUST A STORY!)

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Chapter 1: The Inside Story

Deep within Blackspore, in Vigil Vermont's graveyard, on a bench, blackened by the dark magic lurking around, sat two humans. Their black cloaks were pulled up over their heads to mask their grimy faces. Then man wrapped his arms around the woman, his black cloak now draped around her shivering body.

She rested her head on his shoulder. "When will this end? When will we be safe? When will she be safe?" She whispered to the man, slowly adjusting so that the bundle in her arms didn't slip.

"I don't know. I don't know." He looks up at the dark sky, the sky that even during the day, is as dark as night. The sky now imprinted with a set of wings- a symbol of the fae, the faeries. He looks down at her once more. "But we will do everything in our willpower to make sure she survives." He assures his wife. Slowly he unwraps the bundle to reveal their baby. It's as if she knows to be silent, her pink newborn lips are pressed together but her eyes are wide, and explore the world in fascination. The man quietly laughs. "She'll be alright darling. She'll be just fine."

"You there! Take off your hoods! You fae or human?" Calls the watch guard from the other side of the graveyard. The man and the woman look at each other. It's a silent agreement. She takes the bundle from him, and holds it securely to her chest. He turns around, now facing the guard.

"We're fae."

"You don't look fae. Your not flying. Take your hood off." The man looks at his wife, sending her a silent signal. Protect the baby. With that, the guard flips his hood, and his true human face his revealed.

"Just as I thought," the fae watch guard says, "Another dirty, good-for-nothing human. Your kind shouldn't of come into our world. I'm surprised you still exist, we got rid of you a thousand years ago." He turns to the woman.

"You too?" He flips her hood. "Yeah, you too." He takes out his gun- its special and only works on humans- not fae- just in case they get into the wrong hands. Pointing the gun at the man, he smirks at him. "Say your final goodbyes." The man looks at his wife for the last time. She looks at him fearfully, but understands the message. She rips her eyes away from his, and as the bullet sounds, she takes off running to the bridge.

"Hey you! Get back here! I'm not done with you yet!" The gun fires again, missing her by a close inch. She scrambles over the bridge at top speed and ducks behind a fence post. "Where are ya'? Come out where I can see ya'!" As the guard is looking the other way she runs to the bank of the river. Bringing the bundle out from her cloak, she stows it away, tucking it into a dry corner of the bridge. "Where are ya'- oh there you are! Well I'm gonna be nice and make this quick- because you don't have any final goodbyes." And with that, he pulls the trigger.