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Chapter Two

Lieutenant Jack Read

Lord Wellesley's Encampment

Lisbon, Portugal

Lieutenant James Emerson Fletcher

Chopstick Charlie's Fortress

Rangoon, Burma

Dear Jaimy,

I hope this letter finds you safely in the care of Charlie's fortress and well. By this line, I hope you've realized that this is not some letter from some army Lieutenant but a letter from someone who's writing to you yet again from the other side of the world. I don't know if you still care for me Jaimy, or even if you are well but I will ask that Charlie give you this letter only if you are well enough to read it. But I suppose these are just idle thoughts that help me to believe you are getting well again and still care for me, someone who's caused you far too much trouble since we've met.

I will write this as I've always written your letters, only to hope you recognize me. I cannot write down who this is, it is too dangerous but I hope you know already. I, as you might have realized, am once again fighting for King and Country though not fully by my own choice. I've had Higgins write to you, which I hope you've received a full account of the events surrounding our finding you again and the events that find me here. I am sorry but I can't tell you more... I wish I could but I will have to leave that to Higgins.

I do not know what else I can tell you, besides the fact not to worry about me here. I have found some friends amongst the ranks, some old and some new, so you needn't worry. Just worry about getting yourself well again for my sake. I am sorry I am not there next to you, to nurse you back to health as I should, because I feel this whole mess is my fault. Please forgive me Jaimy, I tried, but one day maybe I'll tell you why I came here instead. I hope you will forgive me for it.

I hope that you also find the time to see Burma, it is a beautiful place and I know you will find it as enjoyable as I did while I was land bound. Maybe Sidrah can show you, if Charlie would allow it? She's an excellent guide and a very good friend. She's promised me she'd look out for you, I hope you allow her to.

I want to write more Jaimy, if not just to distract me from this place, but the rider carrying the mail has just arrived and I must get this to him before he leaves. So please forgive the length of this letter and know that I pray you are well and hope you can read between the lines I have to print here for appearance sake and know the only think I have to say to you and pray you feel the same. But I hope that you enjoy the charms and distraction of Charlie's beautiful harem of silk-clad women. I really do... I was once in that tub Jaimy, I know how good it feels so I will not judge you. After all who am I to? I long to hear from you if you can make yourself reply to this letter... even if it is to tell me something deep down I fear is coming. Whatever it is I remain

Always yr,