United States of Hetalia

Thought of this when I was alone in the middle of a lightning storm. I don't own Hetalia.

There was another flash of lightning that lit up the sky.

I shut my eyes and tried to ignore it, but another resounding boom stopped any chance of sleeping. I huffed and glared at the window.

"Stupid rain... Let me sleep, dammit!"

As an answer, there was flash of lightning right outside my window and clap of thunder.

I jumped at the sight of lightning and grabbed his pillow. "Ugh! Screw it!" I leaped out of bed and took my pillow with me.

I wandered through the house until I reached the tomato-bastard's room. Did I really want to do this? The flash of lightning outside says yes.

The moment I opened the door, the bastard shifted and lifted his head.

"Who is it...?" he asked in a voice that said he was only half awake.

"Who do you think it is, dumbass?"

"Romano?" He looked down at me with those tired green eyes. "What are you do-" I jumped up onto the bed beside him before he could finish. "You can't just steal my bed like that! What is wrong with you!"

I buried my face into the pillow to hide the embarrassed blush on my face. "The storm..."

"What?" Couldn't this bastard hear?

There was another clap of thunder and I jumped up. "CHIGI! T-The storm, dammit!"

"Romano... Are you afraid of the thun-"

"NO!" I protested. I could feel the stupid blush on my face grow brighter. "I just came in here you that you wouldn't be scared and whine to me about it, bastard!"

There was a pause before he laughed. "Of course you can sleep in here for the night if you're scared, Romano!"

"I'm not scared, dammit!"

"Your boss will protect you!"

"I told you I'm not scared!"



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