Hey friends! A new little something for you, thanks to the May Drabble War picture prompt challenge (which can be found on FB or their blogspot). No, it's not what I intended to write next, but it is what spoke to me, so here we are.

I was inspired by picture prompts numbers 2, 7 and 8, if you're curious. If you don't want to look at those, I suggest you at least copy and paste this link for the banner below, as it will help you visualize a few of the chapters.

http:/ /i1095 (dot) photobucket (dot) com/ albums/ i467 /shahula1/ Inevitable (dot) jpg

All usual disclaimers apply, because I'm not Stephenie Meyer and I don't make money doing this.

I hope you enjoy your tea extra sweet, because this is nothing but pure sugar and fluff for 25 chapters that will be posted over the next three days. Let's get to it!

"Do you remember that first day?" she asks softly, her face turned to gaze at his. A gentle smile spreads on his lips. "Yeah."

She waits, but when he doesn't go on, she huffs and pushes against his firm stomach with her hand. "Tell me."

The grin grows wider on his face, his eyes dancing as he studies her relaxed form beside him.

"What do you want to know?"


He chuckles, his hand skimming her silk covered hip with careful fingertips. "But you already know it all."

"Please," she begs with a pout on her lips, knowing he can't resist.

He doesn't.