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WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! This story is going to be dealing with kidnapping, brainwashing, physical and mental abuse. This is an olderward story, but Bella's age will not be revealed for a while. If you ask, you will not get an answer!

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I sat on the hard wooden bench and picked at my fingernails nervously. When my right ring finger began to bleed lightly, I quickly stopped and began bouncing my foot on the hardwood floor beneath me instead.

"Relax, Dear," Esme said quietly, placing her hand on my knee gently to get me to stop my fidgeting.

I nodded my head but said nothing in return. I was afraid that if I opened my mouth, I might hurl all over everything. Esme clicked her tongue, and I looked over to see her shaking her head, giving me a sad smile.

"Don't go injuring yourself, now," she chided gently, lifting the finger that had started to bleed.

I watched as she took a tissue out of her purse and wet the tip of it with her tongue before gently applying it to the bleeding area to make it stop. Her hands were warm as they covered my own, and I leaned onto her arm, grateful for her presence. Once the bleeding had stopped to her satisfaction, she brought out a Band-Aid and wrapped it around my finger, pressing a soft kiss to the tip.

"There," she whispered. "All better."

"Thank you, Mom," I smiled.

I curled into her side on the uncomfortable bench as she wrapped one arm around my shoulders, allowing me the comfort that I so desperately needed at this time. On her other side sat Carlisle, and as I caught his eye, he offered me his hand which I took eagerly in my own, squeezing his palm in thanks.

"Are you ready for this, Isabella?" he whispered, looking around us to make sure no one was listening in.

"I think so," I said with a frown.

"Good girl," he praised, lifting my hand to his lips and giving my fingers a kiss.

Our attention was diverted then as they called for us to enter the courtroom. I was sure that my knees would give out on me at any moment, but I managed to hold out for those few seconds until we were granted the opportunity to sit once again. But then my breath caught in my throat and I whimpered softly, causing Esme to grab my hand once more in support. He was here. His orange jump suit made him stick out like an alien in a room full of humans, and his hair was more crazy than usual. Here was the man that had haunted my dreams; the man that changed everything for me. He was all I had. He was all I needed. He was my life.

I nervously began to play with the ring on my left hand, twirling it around my finger by the diamond. I kept my eyes trained on the back of his head, not even listening to the chatter surrounding us. Suddenly, he looked around and his piercing green eyes found mine. My heart raced and my palms became sweaty. Only he could have that effect on me. My husband, Edward.

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