Dive In, Bloodthirsty Leeches

SUMMARY:Drabble- growing up, losing yourself and picking up the pieces when it falls apart.

Inside Summary: Bella and Alice have been best friends forever but once they met Edward and Jasper it seemed they never had time for one another until the end when they hardly knew one another.

Disclaimer: Sadly Twilight is not ours.

Genre: Angst, and Romance

Rating: M for later chapters of drug, alcohol and physical abuse.

Written by: Beckaboo (B&E) and Mona Rider (A&J)

Prereader:Ang LuvsFanFic

Betaing by: TwiLighT7242

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Chapter 1 - (Alice - Pixie Bitch- POV)

Black and pink skates are slung over my shoulder as I stare at the time clock.

Wait for it...

Wait for it...


I punch the time card in quickly.

Eight o'one am.

Fuck! Again a minute fast…so much for that bonus...Damn!

Tardiness is not a virtue Mary.I internally mock my boss' wife's, voice from our last mandatory six am meeting.

Sitting on the bench, I take the time to lace up my skates, and tie a ribbon into my hair, also try to block out the commotion from the diner and patrons.

For just a moment, I am elsewhere, in a room with my blond dream guy singing to me and only me.

His voice fills me, making me light headed with need.

My first time

I was in control until the blood

It was my first time

The bloody mess I had to clean up

It was my first time

I know this ain't right

It was my first time

I finally took someone else's life

A/N: Thank you Bella Carroll for the music rec, Dark Lotus, "1st time."