So this is "That's What Makes You Beautiful" by me and if you can't figure out what this crossover is then your idiots (take no offince but its plane obvious). But if you can't figure t out then I guess I'll tell you. It is a crossover between 1D and HOA! Read on and prosper my children. I will never own HOA or 1D!

Chapter 2

Fabian's POV

Where the Hell is Nina because Mick wont stop complaining and its getting on people's nerves. The door open. Amber let out the biggest squeal.


Everyone looked at the door. Nina was in the doorway with a blond guy standing too close to her and a brunet that looks familiar.

"Guys I would like you to meet my Niall Horan and his friend Harry Styles." said Nina looking extremely happy. Amber nearly fainted.

"Harry Styles? I used to know a guy named Harry Styles back in Cheshire, but he was a blond" I said.

"Well I was and I know who you are." said Harry everyone looked at him.

"You do?"

"Ya. I'm gonna guess, because you never change, are the Fabian Rutter from when I was little. Last I saw him was like a year ago." shrugged Harry. Every mouth dropped.

"Wait Harry?" I asked astonished. Harry started laughing. I looked at him and started laughing to. "Harry! How's it been?" I asked giving him a guy hug.

"Brilliant!" and we started talking about things since I left Cheshire to go to school. Then Amber just had to be Amber and slap me.

"Amber!" i said rubbing my burning cheek.

"How could you not tell me you know Harry Styles?" Amber screamed.

"Amber use your inside voice pl-" started Nina, but Amber already moved on to interrogate Harry.

"So Harry," she said very seductively, backing him up to a wall, "Are the others coming. Like maybe Liam Pay-"

"KEVIN!" yelled a voice outside.

"Louis. Use your normal voice please." said another voice. When Nina heard that voice she started blushing a very deep red color.

"Ya. Louis use your inside voice." said a 3rd voice.

"BUT WE'RE OUTSIDE! KEVIN! COME BACK KEVIN!" yelled the 1rst voice, whom I'm gonna guess was named Louis, but they kept calling him Loui.

"Oh my God! THEIR ALL HERE!" squealed Amber. Nina looked at the blond, which whom I don't like. He's way to close to Nina to be just her friend. Then the door opened and in walked, well walked is an understatement. It was more like bolted into the house was a person who looked like he could top even Alfie crazy. A feet we all thought was impossible. Anyway, the crazy person started turning things over and moving people to the side. "WHERE IS MY KEVIN?" he yelled.

"Loui! Liam and Zayn put Kevin in the back in the car because it was annoying Liam." said the blond.

"Ya. It was funny because Liam almost chucked Kevin back because he was annoyed." laughed Harry.

"OK! I LOVE YOU HARRY!" Louis yelled. I started blinking.

"LOVE YOU TO LOUI!" yelled Harry as Louis ran out the door. I looked at Harry sceptically and he gave me a look that said, "Inside Joke." The blond just kept laughing.

"Um so Neen's, how do you know Harry?" I asked, hoping they didn't have a thing going on, because she was my Nina.

"Oh I don't. I know Niall and he knows Harry so he introduced me to him. And the rest of them." said Nina, pointing to the blond boy.

"Oh." I said.

"Wait, you've met Liam Payne? Like the extremely hot Liam Payne?" asked Amber and Nina nodded. What did she mean by extremely hot?

"What about Zayn?" asked Patricia. Nina nodded, Patricia and Mara sighed a longingly sigh, and Eddie and Jerome looked jealous.

"And we now know you know Louis and Niall and Harry. Nina which is your favorite." asked Amber.

"Shh Amber! Not here!" giggled Nina. Then the door opened and he walked in. All of the girls sighed, but Nina started blushing very hard.

"Hey Liam. Where have you been?" asked Harry.

"Getting Louis to leave Kevin." who is Kevin?

"Who is Kevin?" I asked.

"NO ONE ANSWER THAT!" yelled Louis as he came running back in with a fake pigeon in his hands. Then Liam made a fake cooing sound and Louis started introducing everyone to Kevin. Then the rest of the guys introduced themselves and when Liam got to Amber, she fainted and Nina asked Liam to help her take Amber upstairs.

That's not fair. That's my Nina.