Chapter 6: The Possessed And The Not

Trellis gazed up at the sky. 'Okay, tell me what to do.' Seloes wouldn't answer, neither would Harent. Fine, don't talk to me... Trellis thought, he looked at Emily. She was still asleep and cold, colder than before.

Oooh! This body's the one! An unfamiliar voice spoke in Emily's head. Emily moaned quietly. 'Who-who is that? I-I can't control my body! What's happening?' Emily panicked. She wanted to wake up, but she couldn't. Emily tried to call out to Trellis, but no voice would come out. Emily's soul, inside her, tried punching herself to consciousness, her result was failure.

'What is happening to me?' Oh, my dear. You're awake! You see I am possessing you, that's what's happening. The voice said. 'Who are you?' A spirit, from this island. Long have I searched a young body to take control of! The voice laughed horribly. 'Why would you do that?' The voice didn't answer. Why... Emily's thoughts were broken when the spirit made her body get up. Trellis looked at her. Her eyes were blurry. "You're awake!"

"Yes. Now let's go!" Emily said cheerfully. Trellis narrowed his eyes. "Okay. Let's get moving then."

The spirit is in her. It's taking control of her body. Don't be fooled by her cheerfulness. Seloes's voice spoke in Trellis's head. 'I won't be.' Trellis replied. Trellis got up and walked on, Emily followed, skipping close behind. 'Ugh! Why are you making me skip?' Emily asked to the spirit. Oh, I wanna be cheerful! Weren't you ever cheerful?

'No!' That was a flat out lie. She had been cheerful before her dad died. Liar! I'm in control now, so there! Emily's soul frowned. 'Don- Hey! Stop that! N-No!' The spirit made Emily run up to Trellis and hug him from behind. "What the!" Trellis looked down. "Emily, what are you doing?" "Oh, nothing. I just felt like hugging you." Emily gave a wide smile. "Okay. Whatever." Trellis unwrapped Emily's arms and walked on.

Emily sure seems to want to hang onto you...Trellis's stone spoke in his head. 'Yeah...' Trellis looked back at Emily, she had stopped walking. Her arms, now, were crossed over her chest. "Stupid..." She mumbled the walked after Trellis. 'Why?' Emily's soul wailed. 'Why did you have to do that? I have a rule you know? No hugging, except for family if needed!' her soul raged. Sheesh! What does it do you anyway, glummy? 'No-nothing. Just stop!' Why? 'Because! This is my body! Not yours!' The spirit didn't answer.

Possessed or not, I'm gonna fix this! Were Emily's last thoughts before her soul drifted off to sleep in her possessed body.