Author note: After it was pointed out to me that my writing style has gotten darker reccently, I thought I'd post something less depressing! I also apologise for the use of Japanese honorifics in this fic - it's something I tend to try and avoid (I fail to see the point, as I'm not Japanese myself or addressing someone who is), but in this case, the honorifics give an extra look at their changing relationship. Writing this without them would have been like attempting KuroFai without the nicknames. THAT'S HOW YOU ENDED UP WITH 'KURGY' AND 'KURGER-BURGER', VIC!
Warning: Sex (eventually), tiny bit of bondage, more OOC than I'd have really liked.
Pair: Shirogane and Akira Nikaido
Disclaimer: Monochrome factor is not, however much I'd like it to be, mine. Kaili Sorano owns the characters and the universe they live in. :D

"This is becoming a habit, isn't it?" Akira huffed. He was carrying Shirogane through the deserted streets, the semi-conscious Shin balanced on his back easily. The silver haired shadow had taken a hit meant for Aya, and passed out. Kengo was walking the girl home, so Akira was left to carry Shirogane alone.

"Sorry, Akira-kun." Shirogane smiled weakly. "I couldn't let Aya-chan get hurt though."

"Hn." They continued on for a few more blocks, until Akira's ankle turned on the slippery, wet curb. They crashed to the floor, with Akira cursing, and Shirogane twisting to try and avoid landing on his smaller partner. They lay on the floor, side by side, trying to recapture their lost breath. "Fuck."

"Gladly, when we're home and in your bed." Shirogane purred, but it was strained with pain.

"Shut up." The boy climbed to his feet, and scooped the silver haired Shin back into his arms. "And you can't be that bad off if you can make jokes." Shirogane was silent for the rest of the trip, and Akira felt surprisingly guilty.

"You make always make a joke of it." Shirogane murmured as Akira dropped him gently on the bed. The brunet snorted and turned to leave as the Shin lay down.

"Of what?"

"Of my feelings." Akira froze, and then glanced back at the shadow. Shirogane sounded so...serious. "It's a bit disheartening, to have the one you like knock you back every time you confess." Akira sat on the edge of the bed, looking away from his friend.

"Shirogane. I never get an answer from you. Are all those confessions real?"

"I never lie to you, Akira-kun. I keep secrets, and I may not tell you everything even if you ask, but I will never tell you a lie." Akira turned to look down at the silver haired man. "I do have feelings for you, Akira. I've offered you everything I can, and I continue to do so, until you accept."

Akira sighed, and ran a hand through his hair tiredly. Everything Shirogane had said up to now seemed so different, if he believed that they were serious. Every promise of fidelity, each attempted kiss, all those little intimations, gentle touches, that soft look in his eyes whenever the older Shin looked at him, seemed so much bigger and more important now. He looked down at Shirogane, who was chewing his lower lip with cerulean eyes fixed on Akira. The teen was struck, suddenly, by a pang of guilt as he realised how much he must have hurt the shadow.

"I'm sorry." Akira turned a little, and leant over his partner. "I didn't mean to reject you so coldly. I didn't realise you meant it." Shirogane's eyes flicked down to Akira's lips – they were so close – but he didn't try to meet them.

"If I knew how to make you understand before now, I would have." He admitted. Akira reached up, and tentatively brushed silver bangs away from Shirogane's face.

"I suppose I should have known. You kissed me on our second meeting, after all."

"That was for the contract. I asked for more because I wanted to." Shirogane went back to chewing his lip as the silence stretched between them. Akira growled softly, and reached in to gently prise the abused lip free.

"Stop that. Someone so beautiful shouldn't damage their features." He pressed a single, tender kiss to the reddened flesh before pulling away. "I can't give you everything, because I still don't know if I can fully trust you, but I can give you little things, if that will make you happy." Shirogane turned his face away.

"If you don't mean it at all, if you can't accept my feelings, I would rather things continue as they are. I would rather you don't allow me anything."

"Idiot." Akira leant down for another gentle kiss. It was just pale lips pressed against rosy pink ones, but it was enough. "If I didn't mean it at least a little, I wouldn't have done that." Shirogane offered a weak smile, and Akira pulled away to begin treating his wounds.