Author note: Thanks to everyone who's stuck with me to the end! This is it for Akira and Shirogane - at least as far as my writing is concerned. Maybe I'll revisit in the future, but as I said at the end of Bloodlust and Petticoats: Handcuffs and Candlewax, I can't see it happening any time soon.
Warning: Sex (eventually), tiny bit of bondage, more OOC than I'd have really liked.
Pair: Shirogane and Akira Nikaido
Disclaimer: Monochrome Factor, it's characters, and consisting universe is not, nor has ever been, my property. All rights and ownership to Kaili Sorano, ACGT, and Yuu Kou.

"That was amazing." Akira panted into the pillows as his world settled back into place on earth. "Fucking amazing."

"We need to do that more often." Shirogane agreed, looking up at the ceiling.

While Akira's parents were out visiting friends, they'd taken the opportunity for some fun. The brunet was handcuffed to the bed, face down, his arms out to the side crucifixion style. Over the last hour and a half, Shirogane had teased and tortured him mercilessly, and ended it all with a spectacular round of sex and a mind numbing orgasm. Akira had since turned to jelly, and Shirogane wasn't much better off.

"Gotta get cleaned up." Akira grumbled. "Parents will be home soon. Where're the keys?" Shirogane groaned and rolled out of bed. He pulled on a pair of underwear, and unlatched the cuff pinning Akira's left hand. It snapped as he withdrew it, caused partly by him taking it out at an angle, and partly because Akira flinched when the metal cuffs snagged the skin on the inside of his wrist as they opened. Shirogane cursed, then sighed.

"Let me find the spare."

He was still looking ten minutes later. Akira had sat up, twisting his wrist in the cuff and shifting on the bed until he could face his lover.

"We lost it, didn't we?" Akira's tone was deceptively calm.

"I think so." Shirogane admitted sheepishly.

"These things happen." Akira sighed, then tugged gently on the short chain holding him to the bedframe. "Shame really, I liked this pair." He jerked his arm up, and the chain snapped. "Thank God we only got the cheaper ones." He smiled up at Shirogane's guilty expression. "Don't worry so much, we can buy a new set. Now go and grab the bolt cutter, or the tiny hacksaw." He ordered.

While Shirogane was fishing in the shed for tools, Akira cleaned himself up and dressed. By the time Shirogane found what he was looking for, Akira was sitting at the kitchen table, trying to slide an oiled hand through the cuffs and failing.

They were halfway through cutting the metal cuff off when the door opened. Akira's parents wandered in chatting, only to freeze up as they absorbed the scene in front of them.

"This is something we will never talk about." Mr Nikaido rubbed a hand tiredly across his eyes. His wife broke down into giggles. Shirogane and Akira studiously ignored them both in favour of cutting the brunet Shin free.

"We never need to do this again." Shirogane sighed. Akira nodded fervently.

"Next time, we make sure the keys aren't made of paper before we tie me up."

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