Death of the Time Lords

Sarah Jane Smith and Jo Jones nee Grant cheered as Clyde informed them that the supposed death of the Doctor and the Professor had been faked, all a ruse created by the Shansheeth, the horrible vulture-like undertakers of the Universe, and a traitor within UNIT. It had all been a ploy to get the two women, two previous Companions of the Doctor, there for some evil purpose which they didn't quite know yet. They should have been angry at being played by a trusted organization like UNIT, tricked into thinking the Doctor and Professor had died, that their bodies were lying inside a lead lined coffin in another section of UNIT about to be blasted into outer space, but they couldn't. They were just so relieved to hear the two Time Lords were alright.

"If they're lying that means the Doctor and Professor are still alive!" Jo beamed, she'd been stunned to hear the Doctor had died as well as another Time Lady, and when she'd met Sarah Jane and been informed that the Time Lady was also his wife…she'd been heartbroken to miss the chance to meet the woman.

"Yes!" Sarah Jane shouted, turning to high-five Jo.

"Course we're still alive Jo, I'd have thought that was obvious," Clyde spoke but in a voice not his own, "Catch up."

"I beg your pardon?" Jo frowned.

"Clyde is that you?" Sarah Jane eyed him carefully.

"Course it's not, it's me!" Clyde said, "I'm using Clyde as a receiver. The Professor's keyed into his residual Artron Energy to organize a very complicated biological swap across ten thousand light years hold on…"

Suddenly Clyde shook, jolted by energy, the same energy that had been crackling from his hand since they arrived in UNIT.

"That wasn't me," Clyde shook his head, himself again, "That wasn't me speaking. I'm getting…" he trailed off, holding up one hand to see it was white, "That's not my hand. It's…my hand's not white…"

He groaned as he was shocked once again, twitching as a man in a tweed jacket and bow tie appeared in his place, before switching back to himself, over and over.

"Sorry Clyde," the man apologized, "But. This. Space. Is. Taken!" and with a final jolt, the man in the bow tie was left standing there, "Good…so, gosh that was different. Hello everyone."

"Who are you?" Rani glared at him, "Where's Clyde?"

"Come on Rani," he rolled his eyes, "Use your brain."

"Clyde and him have swapped places," a voice said behind him as a woman with strawberry blonde hair wearing a jean jacket and white skirt appeared in a flash of electricity, "We're where he was, so he's where we were, which means he's in a lot of trouble right now."

He turned to her, a bit shocked, "How did you get here?"

"I rewired the device to teleport me to the last location the Artron Energy deposited you," she explained simply.


"You bring him back!" Rani demanded, "Whoever you are!"

"No, no, Rani don't you see?" Sarah Jane smiled, looking at the two strangers, "It's you, isn't it? You've done it again? Doctor? Professor?"

"Hello Sarah Jane," the Doctor beamed.

"Hi," the Professor gave a little wave.

"That's the Doctor and Professor?" Rani gaped, stunned.

"What Doctor?" Jo frowned, "The Doctor? My Doctor?"

"Well…he can change his face," Sarah Jane explained.

"I know, but into a baby's?"

"Imagine it from my point of view," the Doctor cut in, "The last time I saw you Jo Grant you were what? 21? 22? It's like someone's baked you."

"Jo Grant?" the Professor looked at him a moment before turning to the blonde woman, "You're Jo Grant?"

"Yes…" she answered slowly.

The Professor beamed and quickly hugged her, "It's a pleasure to meet you!" she pulled back, "I'm the Professor, the Doctor's Bonded, er, his wife," and then turned to the Doctor, "I love meeting your former Companions. They're so amazing!"

Sarah Jane and Jo beamed at that, though Jo a bit stunned at actually meeting the girl in person.

"Everyone!" her grandson Santiago cut in, "Meanwhile…" they turned to see three Shansheeth striding down the hall towards them.

The Doctor frowned and stalked towards them.

"The Claw Shansheeth of the 15th Funeral Fleet," the Professor assessed as she stood before the humans, blocking them from the Shansheeth as the Doctor confronted them.

"We've been looking for you!" he glared, "Have you been telling people we're dead?"

"I apologize the death notice was released a little too soon…" one of the Shansheeth said, "Though I can rectify this immediately!" he threw out his hand, firing a red beam of energy straight at the Doctor, striking him in the chest for only a moment before he snapped his hand back, a beam of light striking it.

"Try that again," the Professor threatened coldly, her blaster out and aimed, "And next time I won't 'miss.'"

The Doctor pushed himself to his feet as the Shansheeth held up their hands in surrender. There was a flash of light and the Doctor disappeared, leaving Clyde in his place.

He stood there, confused, and turned around to face them, "I…was on a planet…"

"Never mind that!" Sarah Jane shouted, gesturing him to run to her.

The Professor took three shots, striking each of the Shansheeth in the back left wing, making them stumble back, "Run!" she shouted to him.

Clyde ran towards them, the Professor waiting till he'd gotten past her before turning to run after the humans. Sarah Jane opened a door at the end of the hall, ushering them through, Rani, Santiago, Jo, and then suddenly it was the Doctor, back again. He jumped through the doorway and Sarah Jane looked at him, confused.

"Come along Smith!" the Professor grabbed her arm as she ran past, pulling her through as well.

They dashed down another hall, the Professor now leading them towards a small room they could hide in for now. She opened the door and ran in, holding it open as the Doctor stood by the doorframe, guiding everyone in, "In, in, in, in, in, in, in!" he rushed them.

"I'm sorry, is there a problem?" a woman in a UNIT cap walked over.

The Doctor ran into the room and the Professor slammed the door in her face. The Doctor opened it a moment later, "Sorry, we were…slamming it…" and then he slammed it as well. He turned around and looked at the group.

"Right," the Professor took charge, "We need to lock it."

"Come on use sonic lipstick!" the Doctor motioned Sarah Jane forward.

Sarah Jane frowned but headed towards him anyway, "Haven't you got the sonic screwdriver?"

"They took it," the Professor told her.

Sarah Jane nodded and flashed the door with her sonic lipstick, a little gift from the Doctor.

"Wow!" Jo gasped, "They do sonic lipsticks now?"

"Well, we're running out of time," the Doctor looked at them, "We need you, Sarah, and you, Jo…" he took their hands in his as the Professor walked over and put her arms around his neck, holding on.

"Need us for what?" Jo looked at him.

"Remember the old days when I'd go zooming off to far away worlds?" he smiled, and suddenly they disappeared in a flash of energy, reappearing on a red, desert-like planet.

"No," the Professor muttered, walking over to a scepter-like device on the ground, the one they had used to swap the Doctor for Clyde, it had been a rush job and the machine was starting to fail, "Don't do that…" she sighed, rubbing her head and called to the Doctor, "We need to get it working properly."

"Where are we?" Sarah Jane breathed as she and Jo looked around in awe.

"The Wasteland of the Crimson Heart," the Doctor told them, "Planet Earth's that way…" he pointed to somewhere behind them as he moved to crouch down beside the Professor, "Bit of a long walk."

"Sarah," the Professor looked up at her, as Jo and Sarah Jane turned to look around, "Could we borrow your sonic please?"

"Wow," Jo shook her head in wonder, "Oh, so many years since I was on another planet."

"Me too," Sarah Jane nodded.

The Doctor shook his head, but had a smile on his face as his two Companions stood in awe.


"There…" the Professor held up a wire for Sarah Jane to attach with the sonic, "…and there…"

"Did it hurt?" Sarah Jane asked them quietly.

"…and there…" the Doctor added, pointing to another area.

"I mean the regeneration. Those last bodies of yours, were they ok in the end?"

The Professor honestly couldn't answer. By the time she was regenerating she was almost looking forward to it. She just wanted to leave behind the stone cold soldier, even if she had regained something like humanity in the end, she was still far too much like a soldier to be happy. And the thought that she was about to start a new life with the Doctor, both of them could she be upset with that?

"It always hurts," the Doctor remarked. The Professor took his hand in her own, squeezing it.

"…and there," the Professor pointed to another area.

Sarah Jane nodded to herself, before taking a breath, "So how did you end up in this place?"

The Doctor grinned as he stood up, Sarah Jane dusting off her hands, "For once it wasn't my fault!"

The Professor shook her head, standing as well, "You're never going to let me live this down are you?"

"Nope!" he beamed, before putting an arm around her waist and pulling her back to him, "The Professor nearly begged to go see this 'mighty old battlefield just begging to be explored,'" he laughed, "And we found out it was just a trap by the Shansheeth. 'Cos we're travelling with Amy now."

"And Rory," the Professor added, "They got married."

"So we dropped them off at a honeymoon planet, which isn't what you'd think. It's not a planet for a honeymoon it's a planet on a honeymoon, it married an asteroid. And they nicked the TARDIS."

"The Shansheeth, not Amy and Rory," she sighed, "Luckily we had all the wreckage to build a…"

"Space whopping do da thinga-ma-whatsit."

The Professor shook her head but let him call it what he wanted.

"So you've got a married couple in the TARDIS?" Jo asked as she watched them, sitting on some debris.

"Mr. and Mrs. Pond," the Doctor nodded.

"I only left you because I got married."

The Doctor frowned a moment, uncomfortable, and pointed at a random bit of the device, "And there…"

"Doctor," the Professor looked at him, eyeing him meaningfully. She was not about to let him run away from a former Companion when they needed to talk to him.

"Did you think I was stupid?" Jo asked meekly.

The Doctor looked at her, stunned, "Why do you say that?"

"Well…I was a bit dumb. Still am I suppose."

He shook his head, walking over to her, "Now what in the world would make you think that? Ever, ever, ever?"

Jo sighed as the Doctor sat down by her, "We'd been travelling down the Amazon for months and we'd reached a village in Cristalina and it was the only place for thousands of miles that had a telephone. So I called you. I just wanted to say hello. And they told me that you'd left, left UNIT, never came back. So I waited. I waited because you said you'd see me again. You did. I asked you and you said yes. You promised. So I thought, one day I'd hear that sound deep in the jungle, I'd hear that funny wheezing noise and a big blue box right in the middle of the rainforest. 'Cos, see, he wouldn't just leave, not forever. Not me. I waited my whole silly life…"

"Oh, but you're an idiot!"

"Well there we have it," Jo sniffled.

"No, no, no, but don't you see? How could I ever find you? You spent the past 40 years living in huts, climbing up trees, tearing down barricades. You've done everything from flying kites on Kilimanjaro…" he looked at the Professor who smiled.

"Sailing down the Yangtze in a tea chest," she supplied with a grin. Jo certainly had gotten around, becoming an activist, inspiring her family to fight for what was right, all across the world.

"Not even the TARDIS could pin you down," he sent a wink at the Professor, "Needed a better tracker…"

"Hold on…" Jo looked at them, startled, "I did sail down the Yangtze in a tea chest. How did you know?"

"And that family. All 7 kids, 12 grandchildren, 13th on the way, he's dyslexic but that'll be fine. Great swimmer."

"So you've been watching me, all this time?" she started to smile.

"No," he admitted, solemn, "Because you're right, I don't look back, I can't. But, you know, the last time I was dying the Professor made me look back on all of you, every single one, and…" he smiled, "I was so proud."

"It really is you, isn't it?"


Someone blew on a whistle and they looked over to see Sarah Jane stand up, "Sorry, but we've got that lot back at home with the Shansheeth."

"Yes, yes," the Doctor nodded, getting up, "And uh…we still need you Jo."

"In that bag of yours I can smell black currant, is it buchu oil?" the Professor asked.

"Handpicked in Mozambique," Jo nodded, walking over and handing it to her.

"Just perfect!" the Professor grinned, opening the top of the device, "These circuits just need a little connectivity."

"Wonderful!" the Doctor beamed, "Little tiddly drops…that's it! What a team."

"There we go…" she put the top back on, "That should work!"

"Intergalactic molecular streaming with just a hint of black currant."

"Oh, but what'll happen to Clyde?" Sarah Jane asked, concerned.

"Don't worry," the Professor reassured her, "I've rewired it again, it'll send us back and leave Clyde where he is."

The Doctor nodded, "All we needed were you two. Oil and sonic," he took their hands, "Hold tight," and the Professor put her arms around him once more as they disappeared in a bolt of energy, appearing in the hallway of UNIT.

"Whoops!" he frowned as they heard the shouting of the children coming from the vents, it seemed they had gone wandering off and gotten themselves trapped somewhere, "Then again, maybe leaving Clyde in the same place wasn't such a good idea."

"Look out!" Sarah Jane ran over, flashing the sonic lipstick against the grating, "Stand back!"

"Ventilation shaft," the Professor shook her head as the Doctor pulled the grating off, "That takes me back…" she smirked at him.

"Or even forwards," he joked, knowing she was thinking back to the shafts on Kroptor, the fact that she was able to laugh now at a time involving Rose meant the world to him, she truly was moving forwards in all regards.

The Professor crawled in, the Doctor behind her.

"Hurry up!" they heard Santiago shout, "They're going to boil us alive."

"Hold on we're coming!" the Doctor called. He could feel the heat in the shafts, growing higher as they continued on. Whoever had trapped the children was increasing the heat to harm them.

"Don't worry Santiago, I'm here!" Jo yelled behind them before something banged against the shaft opening.

"Doctor!" Rani screamed, "Professor!"

"Jo?" the Professor looked back.

"Sarah?" the Doctor shouted.

"They're roasting us!" Clyde called.

They looked back and forth between the opening and the rest of the shaft.

"Let us out!" Rani screamed.

They looked at each other, "They'd want us to get the children," the Professor breathed.

The Doctor nodded and they continued forward.


The Doctor crouched before a small device that was glowing red on the wall just by the grilling that would lead to the room the kids were being kept in. He frowned, tweaking a wire, trying to get it to open when the Professor pulled out her blaster and fired at it.

"And…release!" she smiled, the device sparking as the grilling slid up. The Doctor turned and came face-to-face with Clyde, standing in a room that was glowing red from the heat.

"Blimey!" Clyde breathed, looking at the Doctor intently before glancing at the Professor, "You really have changed faces haven't you? I couldn't see you before I was too busy swapping."

"Oi!" Rani shouted, "We're still cooking back here."

"Where's my Gran?" Santiago peeked around him.

"Right, yes, sorry, uh," the Doctor shook his head, "She's in danger…along with Sarah Jane…so we better…uh," he twisted a bit, trying to turn, "Can't turn round…"

"Shuffle backwards," the Professor remarked as she started to move back.

"Oh, yes, right," he began to move back as well, Clyde, Rani, Santiago, and a little blue alien, a Groske, following.

"Even your eyes are different!" Clyde continued as he crawled, facing the Doctor, "It's weird 'cos I thought the eyes would stay the same…can you change color or are you always white?"

"No, we can be anything," the Doctor stated.

"And is there a limit? I mean, how many times can you change?"



"He's joking," the Professor added as they quickly piled out of the vent and into the hall. Suddenly a whirring started up, "It's started," she looked at the Doctor and he nodded, the two of them taking off down the hall with the children following after.

The Doctor ran straight to the door of the room the noise was coming from, banging on it, "Oh they've sealed it off!"

"Jo, Sarah!" the Professor shouted through it, "Can you hear us?"

"Doctor!" they shouted, "Professor!"

"They want the key!" Sarah Jane added, "They've got the TARDIS and a Memory Weave!"

"Too late," they heard another woman, the same woman who had asked the if anything was wrong before, shout, "Full activation!"

"Concentrate, think of the key," the Shansheeth were ordering.

"Try and find a way in!" the Doctor turned to the kids and they ran around, looking. A Memory Weave could be dangerous in the wrong hands. It was a machine that drew on the memories of those harnessed to it, creating a physical manifestation of the thing remembered. It could literally pull the memories out of a person's mind if need be.

The Professor put her hand to the door and shook her head, no getting in that way, it was too heavily blocked and locked.

Santiago seemed to share her sentiments for he added, "There's nothing! We're gonna need a bulldozer!"

"I've got the original here you can have it but let them go!" the Doctor turned back to the door.

"You let the Doctor inside this room and he will destroy us," the woman yelled.

"Oi!" the Professor called, "Trust me, the Doctor's NOT the one you need to worry about."

The Doctor just pulled her back, she was getting just as worked up as when Amy and Rory had been trapped in the crashing ship.

"Keep going!" the woman inside shouted.

"Think of the TARDIS," the Shansheeth hissed, "The key, remember."

"Fight it Sarah Jane!" Jo was yelling, "Try to think of something else."

"I can't!" Sarah Jane cried.

"Neither can I!"

"The memories coalesce!" the Shansheeth cheered, "The key! It takes shape."

"Don't!" Jo shouted, "Don't!"

"I can't stop!" Sarah Jane gasped.

"What do we do Doctor?" Clyde looked at them intently, their time was running out, "Professor, what do we do?"

"Do you think…" the Doctor looked at the Professor, relaying a plan.

"It could work," she nodded, "Because…the Shansheeth are making them remember."

"I know!" Clyde cried, exasperated.

"But don't you see…" the Doctor grinned.

"I don't see anything!"

"We do the same," the Professor nodded, rushing to a small control panel and flicking a switch, "Opening comms.."

"Yes!" the Doctor ran over, "Sarah, Jo! Can you hear us?"

"The key!" Sarah Jane called, "It's almost ready!"

"Listen to us all of you," the Professor began, "We want you to remember."

"We are doing it," Jo replied, "That's the trouble."

"No, no, we want you to remember everything!"

"Every single day with me," the Doctor agreed, "Every single second."

"What're they doing?" the woman screeched.

"Because your memories are more powerful than anything else on this planet," the Professor told them.

"So think of them Sarah," the Doctor called, "Remember them Jo, but properly, properly."

"Give the memory everything. Every planet…"

"Every face…"

"Every madman…"

"Every loss…"

"Every sunset…"

"Every scent…"

"Every terror…"

"Every joy…"

The Professor smiled, "Every Doctor."

He grinned, "Every me."

The Professor glanced back at the kids, "And yes, we do this a lot apparently."

"I remember," Sarah Jane cheered.

"No!" the woman screeched.

"Memory Weave overloading," a computer reported.

"I remember!" Jo breathed.

"We need that key!" the woman shouted, "What is happening? What is happening?"

"Initial target lost," the computer added.

"The device is overloading," the Shansheeth gasped, "Too many memories. Too many!"

The Doctor turned to the kids, knowing they needed just a bit more to stop the Weave completely, "Come on! Come on! Tell them! Tell them!"

"Remember us Sarah Jane!" Clyde ran to the door, "Remember Maria and her dad. And all the stuff we did. Like the Gorgon."

"And the clones!" Rani grinned, "And the zodiac. And the Mona Lisa!"

"All of it!" Sarah Jane agreed, "All of it!"

"Just think Gran!" Santiago added, "All the countries you've been to!"

"Every country in the world," Jo laughed.

"Weave starting self destruct," the computer reported.

"We've broke a circuit!" Sarah Jane shouted

"I can't get out!" Jo called.

"I've got you!"

"Now we're in trouble," the Doctor went grim, turning to the kids, "The Weave's about to blow up…and we can't get them out."

"What?" Rani's eyes widened in horror.

"You can't escape!" the Shansheeth threatened, "We need the key!"

"Weave now entering detonation phase," the computer announced.

"I can't unseal the door!" the woman shouted, the sounds of machinery sparking blaring over the comm., "The power's gone!"

There was a faint sound of a sonic before it sputtered out, "We've drained it…" Sarah Jane's voice reached them from the door before there was a banging on it, "Doctor! Professor! We can't get out!"

"We can't open it," the Professor shook her head, looking around for a way to help them.

"No sonic screwdriver," Sarah Jane realized.

"It's inside the TARDIS," the Doctor swallowed hard.

"And we can't get in 'cos guess what?" she laughed, "We stopped ourselves from getting the key…oh that was clever"

"I just want to say," Jo spoke up, tears in her voice, "I'm so glad I saw you again. I waited all this time and it was worth it. Every second. The funny thing is though, your funeral turned out to be ours instead."

"Our funeral…" the Professor looked up suddenly.

"Doctor, Professor, all of you," Sarah Jane added, "You'll look after Luke for me please?"

"No, no!" the Professor shouted, excited, "But listen! Our funeral! Don't you see!" the Doctor looked at her, confused, "It's our funeral!

"With a lead lined coffin!" Sarah Jane and Jo realized at once.

"Yes!" the Doctor cheered, running to the Professor and pulling her into a hug, spinning her around before kissing her deeply, only to pull away a moment later and look at the Groske, "How much time have they got?"

"Big bang," the alien shrugged, "10 seconds."

"Come on!" the Doctor pulled the Professor down the hall with the kids.

"10…9…" the Groske stood before the door, counting down, "8…7…6...5…4…3…2…" and then he seemed to realize where he was and dashed off to the left just before the door exploded off its hinges.

The Doctor, Professor, and the children stood up, coughing and trying to wave the smoke out of their faces as they walked towards the door. The Doctor stopped and looked at Rani, "What do you mean the Mona Lisa?"

"Another time Doctor," the Professor tugged him towards the room.

"Come," the Groske called, walking in, "Smells like roast chicken."

The Professor looked around the room, spotting two flat boards that Sarah Jane and Jo had been harnessed to and the blown up bits of the machine that had controlled the Weave before spotting the TARDIS, not a scratch on her, just in the back of the room.

"Now then," the Doctor walked over to the coffin, "Smith and Jones," he and the Professor lifted up the lid and revealed Sarah Jane and Jo safely inside, hugging each other. They looked up at the group and started laughing in relief.

"The coffin was the trap, but the coffin was also the solution," the Professor smiled.

"That's so neat, I could write a thesis!" he looked back at Jo and Sarah Jane, "Well, come on you two, out you get," the two women just hugged and laughed more, making him laugh too, "Yes…"


The Professor opened the door of the TARDIS after she had landed, holding it open for the kids to step out and into the attic of Sarah Jane's house. They had discovered that the woman from UNIT, one Tia Karim, had joined forces with the Shansheeth in an effort to seize the TARDIS. The Shansheeth had wished to use the box to go back in time, save the lives of the many people whose funerals they had overseen. They wanted to end the suffering of the families who lost their loved ones. Tia had simply wanted to leave Earth, claiming there was nothing left for her there. After the trap had been set and sprung, they'd only needed someone who had seen the TARDIS key to use the Memory Weave to recreate it, giving them access to the time travel technology. They'd created a whole elaborate story that the last of the Time Lords had died on some odd planet, saving children, and that their bodies had been brought to Earth for a funeral. Sarah Jane and Jo, of course, had doubted and been wary of it from the beginning, and rightly so.

The Professor glanced back, watching as Jo walked around the console, smiling fondly at the old machine before she shut the door and walking back over to the console.

"Still the same old TARDIS," Jo remarked, "Doesn't matter what's changed. Still smells the same…" she inhaled, "Nope. Gotta say goodbye or else I'd stay with you forever. Besides, I probably couldn't keep up anymore. Get both of you into trouble with the Time Lords."

The Doctor looked down and the Professor took his hand in her own. He smiled back at her before clearing his throat, "Yeah, we probably better go…you know me, stuff to do."

"It's daft though, 'cos we were both saying," Sarah Jane turned to him, "We had this theory that, if you ever die, we'd feel it somehow, we'd just know. That's silly, isn't it?"

"I don't know. Maybe not, 'cos between you and me, if that day ever comes I think the whole Universe might just shiver…" he fell silent a moment.

"Boo!" the Professor shouted, making them jump and her laugh, "Sorry, I couldn't resist."

They laughed, Sarah Jane shaking her head, "You two are a pair!"

They smiled at each other before moving to hug his former Companions, watching as they stepped out of the TARDIS with a final look back, before turning to the console.

"We do make quite the pair, don't we?" the Professor mused.

He just smiled at her, "The best," before pulling a lever, sending them off.

To be!

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