"The Case of the Stolen Red-Laced Panties"

Rated T (soon to be rated M for lemon later)

Disclaimer: This will be a fourshot featuring Lightning and Anne Maria, in which I do not own both characters. It will be four chapters, I think...

Chapter 1: Such A Sight To See

Such a tiring day had befallen the rest of the campers right at the good old radioactive dump known as Camp Wawanakwa. Anne Maria was tired enough as it is after just one day of hell of taking it up with Chris's crap. Well, not just Chris, but Zoey's as well. I mean, Anne Maria just hated her because Mike was just smitten with the red-haired angel and not Anne Maria. But she hardly cared about that at all. What the jersey chick really cared about was getting her delicate hands all over Vito, one of Mike's sudden personalities due to a condition called Multiple Personality Disorder. Mike had refused to tell everyone about this problem because some of the competitors thought that Mike was just way too crazy for human standards.

It was right in the afternoon as Zoey was annoyed by the hair-spray that Anne Maria was spraying all over her hair with.

"Ack! damn it!" Zoey coughed as the fume almost went right over her mouth. She was busy putting on her red halter top underneath her red, lacy bra. "Did you have to spray that crap close to me? Don't you see how irritating that is when I'm changing?"

"Well, if you don't like it, then why don't you leave and just let me do my business, okay sugar?" Anne Maria replied as he felt annoyed by Zoey's complaining.

"I would, but I prefer to keep my business where your nose didn't belong." Zoey replied as her statement keep irritating Anne Maria more. "I have to get ready for my little date with Mike. We just decided we're gonna be alone with ourselves and just sitting on a tree. It's nothing fancy, but it just helps me relieve some quietness I need."

"Well, what kind of business do you have anyway, stealing away my Vito?" the tough Jersey chick spoke to her as she finally stopped with the hairspraying for a change. As Zoey heard this, she turned to Anne Maria immediately, looking very annoyed and upset.

"Your Vito? His name is Mike! Sure he may act different, but I just like him the way that he is. And it just makes me sick that you would just brainwash him just for the heck of it. Well, Anne Maria, I sure as heck won't you infest him with your Jersey garbage!" Zoey exclaimed as she immediately turned away and put on one of her earrings. Mike sure loved a girl with such fancy earrings, but he only liked Zoey's priceless ruby earrings and not Anne Maria's.

"Brainwash? Call it what you like..." Anne Maria replied with such a smile, but Zoey was still raging like a bull.

"Oh, you..." the red-haired beauty replied, still gritting her teeth, but just decided to let it slide by letting out a calm breath. "...well, I still won't let you have him all to yourself. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready for Mike, so HMMPH!" Zoey said as she turned the other cheek and started to leave responsibly.

"Don't hurt your little butt on the way out, princess!" Anne Maria exclaimed with such a devious smirk as Zoey growled quietly at him.

But then, Zoey had such a plan up her sleeve to get Anne Maria's rage boiling like water itself. She looked right at the Jersey girl's hair products, most notably her hair spray. She decided to give one of the bottles a little spray through her hair, but before she can, Anne Maria turned right around.

"AHHHHHHH! You better not be messin' with my hair products! I need that to make my life living!" Anne Maria reacted out of stunned shock.

"Come and try it..." Zoey smiled roughly as she gave the bottle a good spritz to her red crimson hair. Anne Maria saw this and decided to retaliate.

"You...!" the Jersey chick growled as Zoey took off on foot chuckling with Anne Maria's spray bottle in her hand. "You better hand that back to me or else I'll send you out with a fat-lip, Jersey style!"

As Anne Maria chased her out of the Mutant Maggots girls' cabin, A football of some kind was unexpectedly thrown out of nowhere. It seems that the two members of the Toxic Rats, Lightning and Sam, were busy playing a game of catch just to let the time go by. Sam was the quarterback and he ended up throwing too hard in which the result wasn't permanent, it just landed right in Anne Maria's bed.

"Dude, did you have to throw it this way? No wonder someone like you can't throw squat that hard and ending up landing here!" Lightning spoke out to Sam, who criticized him for throwing too hard. It was lucky that the football didn't break anything pretty that was Anne Maria's.

"It's not my fault I try so hard!" Sam said right out to him, trying to get Lightning to understand that he didn't mean to do it purposely.

"Next time, let Lightning do the throwing and you do the catching! That way, Lightning will show you how someone like me does the throwing." he replied back as he got the football off of Anne Maria's bed. But as soon as Lightning was about to leave...

...he turned around just to find something lying there unexpectedly that was underneath the football a milli-second before. Lightning's brown eyes just couldn't exactly believe what he was seeing right now. It was made of lace and it was just so racy. It was just so red and crimson like blood. And yet, the elastic felt so soft just like Heaven itself.

What Lightning was seeing right now...

...was a pair of red-lace panties. It was the kind of red-lace panties that gave one single chick thong itch. This was unexpectedly. Mostly every female in the forbidden campsite had plain panties, but nothing could ever come close to this. I mean, it could probably be someone's lacy panties that was missing. Lightning was just drooling at the side of the mouth. He was stuck in his little fantasy world until Sam's voice cut him right out of the daydream itself.

"Hey, Lightning, you coming back outside or what?"

"Uh, yeah... coming!" Lightning spoke right out again as he struggled to find a way to hide the panties. Should he put them back or better yet... just keep it all to himself? The answer was simple.

Lightning had decided to roll up the lacy red panties into a ball and hide it in the pocket of his shorts, just to amaze it more for later. Just a little memento to remember for this little camp experience. Lightning finally took off for the door with the football back in his hands.

Minutes later, Anne Maria came back into the girls cabin with his hair spray retrieved and used, much to the Jersey reject's utter disappointment. It seemed that Zoey had used the rest of the bottle. It just appeared to be too late.

"I swear that Wendy's mascot makes me sick! It isn't gonna be pretty when I get Vito back and she'll be crying like a little baby..." Anne Maria uttered to herself, thinking what to do to make Zoey miserable. But as she was doing so...

...she noticed something missing from her bed. It was the only thing that Anne Maria always wears when she's off to bed and such.

"Wha-? Where is it?" Anne Maria spoke with desperation in her tone as she was trying so hard to find what she was definitely looking for and such. She tried her dresser and even under the bed, but it was just too late. Clearly, it was like some robber had infiltrated one of her belongings. "It's gone! My tight red panties are gone!"

With one single response, Anne Maria shouted right to the skies.


Her shouting not only attracted the frightened birds, but it attracted Lightning and Sam as well, as they hardly cared why they heard screaming.

"Did you hear someone screaming?" Sam replied to Lightning as he catched the football slightly.

"Nah, must be the dang pelicans." Lightning responded as he was just ignoring the scream. "Lightning hates it when they sound too Jersey-like..."

With that, Lightning and Sam continued to do their thing as Anne Maria was about to go into panic attack soon enough.

Well, this is gonna be interesting. Will Lightning ever know that it was actually Anne Maria's red-lace panties that he has stolen? We'll find out in the next chapter after you read and review!