"The Case of the Stolen Red-Laced Panties"

Rated M for a little booty popping, a little booty clapping and a whole lotta love.

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Chapter 4: Lightning Gets Sha-Lucky

Lightning still couldn't believe his own brown eyes when he saw it.

Anne Maria wearing that tight, skin-molded red laced thong. The very same thong that Lightning accidentally stole from the Jersey girl herself. The athletic overachiever was paying the price big time, but never before that his punishment would come in this kind of form. Lightning's eyes just bulged out like an airbag inside a crashed automobile.

"Wow, uh... uh... Anne Maria... you l-look..." Lightning said to the sexy Jersey chick as he was thinking of getting out of these ropes, but luckily, he didn't need to...

"Hot...?" Anne Maria spoke in a very seductive tone as she finished Lightning's incomplete statement, "I'm flattered that you would think about me in this form..."

"Why are you..." Lightning said, trying to speak again but Anne Maria cut him off sexily by putting the tip of her finger right into his lips.

"Shhhhhhhh... just let me talk..." The Jersey girl said quietly purring as Lightning's heart began to beat like a loud senseless drum. "Since ya really love my red thong so much, I'm gonna let ya show what I do with them..."

"Oh, man..." Lightning said as he was sweating just like a hog running on a scorching hot summer day.

And then, out of nowhere, some kind of sultry rap/R&B music began to play out through the stereo that was in Lightning's own dresser.

In the beginning of the tune, Anne Maria's sudden rhythmic body swayed a little as she approached Lightning closer and closer than ever. Her smooth tanned skin had shone like the brightest light that Lightning's eyes had ever taken a gawk at.

I mean, Lightning had pretty much examined her whole entire body. I mean, the way he was looking at her was so much breathless in-between. Anne Maria had those tremendous DD breasts that your hands ache to grab on entirely, those passion-fruit flavored lips that you were just aching to get a taste out of, that beautiful hair of a pouffe that if you can touch your hands through her hair, it'll feel like a soft blanket wrapped around your hands. But that wasn't her best qualities to be exact.

Her best quality was definitely her tight, creamy tanned hips. And wow, those hips were just so large and curvy, and right behind Anne Maria was the only thing that was gonna make Lightning's pants stiff out really hard. It was those sweet and fine Jersey-style ass cheeks of hers. I mean, Anne Maria just had that awesome banging bubble butt. And she was hoping to bump and grind Lightning's brains out soon enough.

The Jersey girl started to do a little sultry shimmy by taking her hands and smoothing her hair going right down to her bust, waist, hips and legs. This kind of shimmy made Lightning's hard rod go right into erection mode. He was now getting a complete hard-on due to her rhythmic movements and seductive energy.

"Mmmmmmm, do I turn you on...?" Anne Maria spoke to the cocky athlete, who was refusing to leave one bit. She was getting Lightning's heart sha-pumping while his black rod was still throbbing.

"Ohh, sha-yeah..." Lightning smiled as he somehow felt the urge to strip out of his shorts and just shaft it to the Jersey honey.

"Hmmmmmm... I see your little friend wants ta come out... Go ahead and do ya stuff, you sweet honey, you..." Anne Maria said with a sexualistic smile as she now finally started to turn around to have the athletic overachiever see her fine bubble butt, much to Lightning's excitement.

Lightning quickly reached out for his shorts and gently took them off slowly, letting Anne Maria see his awesome 12-inch display of a manhood. It was so hard, so thick, and so mesmerizing that it's own stickiness would be shot over and over and over again completely. He had one hell of a freaky monstrous rod.

As Anne Maria began to bend over and pump her own curvy asscheeks like a heart beating two times it's size, Lightning's hand had touched the rim of his black stick and began to shaft it nice and easy. Lightning let out a quiet moan as he felt the sensation of his manhood go up and down due to his hand. The type of masturbation he liked so that it could build up to much more larger streams of his own man-juice.

Oh, man, and here came the booty clap. Those ass cheeks of hers clapped so hard and so gently that it could caused quiet thunderstorms all around the world. Man, was she putting a show for Lightning or what? Those babies of hers flopped and clapped around like a seal clapping just to get some tasty fish. Her sexy and seductive booty clap from that fine bubble butt of hers was making Lightning shaft his manhood even harder. It was like if Anne Maria was somehow riding him in the reverse cowgirl position. Lightning always wanted it to happen to him.

Anne Maria then started to bootyclap once again with her asscheeks just pumping from one cheek to another. Like two drums beating at the same time. It kept on beating and beating and Lightning just kept on shafting and shafting.

Until finally, Lightning began to reach monstrous levels of peak arousal. Mount Lightning was about ready to erupt.

"Ohhhhhhh, Shhhaaaaaa-LIIIIIGHTNING!" Lightning yelled out as he sprayed a large load of white stickiness which shot up right about 5 feet. And then he came once again, but this time, he shot up right around 6 feet. But in stunned fashion, Lightning had only reached his own version of premature ejaculation. Anne Maria stopped booty-clapping for once and looked at the satisfied overachiever with a smirk on her face.

"Hmmmmm, looks like you really made a big mess for sure, huh?" Anne Maria giggled softly at Lightning who was pretty much panting for his life at the moment.

"Ohhhhhh, you damn right Lightning did... and I'm all out of paper towels to wipe off this sha-cum with!" Lightning exclaimed as he was referring to the cum that was pretty much soaked around his balls and much on the floor.

"Don't worry, I got another way to wipe that cum off of ya..." Anne Maria smirked as she soon approached him full-blast.

In a moment of surprise, Anne Maria went down on Lightning's already cummable stick and inserted her own mouth in an effort to wipe/juice down his throbbing black manhood. One by one, her head and pouffe bobbed in a slow, but satisfying pace. Anne Maria never knew that Lightning's ribbed rod tasted so much like an ounce of Slim Jim. She always loved this kind of meat coming right from Lightning himself.

"Ohh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes..." Lightning said as he let out a moan. He never knew that Anne Maria's Jersey mouth was this sensationably hot before. It was already steaming like the hot plume of hot water. Her tongue was sliding down his rod and going way up again just like a towel polishing off a dirty lead pipe. But it was the other way around.

Anne Maria then started to lick the head out of Lightning's stick, which was just leaking out pre-cum once again, therefore swallowing more man-juice out of him. This was perhaps the start-up to something more fruitful than the next. He tasted like pure ethnic chocolate to the Jersey Girl, who was looking right at him sensually.

"Mmmmmmm... you ready for this?" Anne Maria replied to him in such an erotic mood. To add the pleasure, Anne Maria teased him playfully by stripping her red lacy thong off slowly right down to her smooth tanned legs and tossed them in the air which made her bubbly ass bare to him in the forefront. She just happened to catch the thong on impact and wrapped the entire red thong on Lightning's neck making him wear it as a necklace.

"Ride the Lightning..." he smirked at her as he got up and started to position herself right on Lightning's lap.

Gently and carefully, Anne Maria's tight pink slit was slowly inserting herself inside Lightning's throbbing rod and in rhythmic motion, her ass started to pop once more with her assets grinding through his hard, pumping sausage. It sounded like a slimy, gentle scrape over and over again.

"Ohhhhhh, that feels sha-goooood..." Lightning moaned as the sensation between his hot manhood and her rocking slit heated his insides like a torch lighting up throughout Lightning's entire body, just burning everything in sight. His throbbing manhood was being lit up on fire with each bootyclap and jump that the Jersey babe made, just to enhance the cowgirl position even more.

"Ohhhhh, more... moooooooore!" Anne Maria moaned loudly as their cowgirl position sped up even more.

Lightning kept on jamming her and impaling her sweet Jersey walls with every vertical thrust and pump as Anne Maria bootydanced on top of his thick inch stick yet again. No doubt that her rump could take 12 inches of pure sexual power pump her ass just like one of Lightning's footballs that he owned. The Jersey babe could feel her tight ass bulging by the seconds and minutes passing. The blood flowing to his penis kept Lightning so strong than he ever can.

She seemed to have stopped for a moment until she faced Lightning head on with a sexual grin on her face.

"Wanna ride me from behind...?" Anne Maria smiled devilishly to him.

"Go on ahead. I'm gonna keep on going..." Lightning smiled back to her as the tasty Jersey babe turned right around sensually and began to sit on Lightning's throbbing rod once again. She gently sat on him once again as he grabbed her hip region and began to thrust again vertically, making it one rough reverse cowgirl.

Like a rocket going fast forward and reverse at the same time, Lightning's rod kept shifting up and down while trying to keep Anne Maria still. This was some sort of vertical pelvic thrust exercise. Up and down, up and down Lightning went. And boy, he wasn't stopping anytime now. He was making Anne Maria moan nine times as loud.

"Pump me... pump me more!" she moaned at him, just begging to stuff it inside her more deeper. Lightning obliged as he started thrusting and thrusting harder with such sexual animalistic rage. Now her tight slit was popping as well. The vertical slide from his rod to her fine Jersey hot box sounded like graceful in the most sexual and a little bit of a slimy way. It was however until Lightning reached his peak of pre-cum intensity again.

"Ohhhh... You want it sha-bad now?" Lightning whispered to her as he proved the reverse cowgirl kind of dull.

"Oh, yes! Give it ta me!" Anne Maria desperately exclaimed as with such great strength, the overachiever lifted up through the legs of the Jersey babe quickly and sent her to this bed where they placed themselves in the doggie-style position. Hmmmmm, Lightning always fantasized about a hot chick going on all fours, and it was really coming true to reality.

Lightning grabbed on to her hips and pushed his groin into her harder. The over-achiever kept on stuffing her like a Thanksgiving day turkey being put right in the oven to bake, and he was baking the hell right out of her fine Jersey-like bubblebutt.

"Unnnnnhhhh..." Lightning grunted heavily as the thrusting and banging was now making his entire muscular physique gleam with such sweat and musk that came through him, and weirdly, so was Anne Maria. She was taking it very hard and very rough and very big. She had never felt anything this hard. Well, other than Vito. Lightning was 2x as hard!

"Mmmmmmm.. ohhhh, Lightning! HARDER!" Anne Maria moaned excitedly as the over achiever kept on thrusting her harder and harder with the speed of a motorbike just breaking right over the speed limit. As he was thrusting the helpless Jersey babe, her red thong kept flopping around his neck and chest. Heck, this lacy red thong of Anne Maria's could definitely be Lightning's new necklace! Who needs a thunderbolt anyway.

But something inside Lightning was bound to explode in a minute. Was he getting ready for a second explosion of some sorts? Was those heavily and monstrous thrusts of Lightning's were gonna result in a disasterous mess of cum? He could feel his rod twinging from the left nerve to the right nerve. It was gonna be like a cum-tastrophe.

After several hard thrusts and gentle scrapes, it was finally time.

"Ohhhh, man... I'm gonna SHA-CUUUUUM!" Lightning yelled out in vain as with one final thrust, he erupted inside the Jersey Shore reject in an thick load of Lightning's love juice.

"AhhhhHHHHHHHHHH!" Anne Maria moaned out very aggressively as she felt that soft long load of semen shoot through her repeatedly right about eight times. He shot her through the womb so aggressively that the rest of the cum splurted out of her pink womb. It was certain that Lightning had planted his seed inside her perfectly.

After they took their sudden breath from their extremely hot sex session, both Lightning and Anne Maria enchanted each other with a breathless, yet passionate kiss. It was somehow the hottest sex they had ever imagined come true felt in such forever.

"Mmmmmmm, Lightning... you were so amazing..." Anne Maria smiled devilishly at the already satisfied Lightning, who was busy wiping off the sweat from his own football jersey. Heck, he felt a little hydrated to say the least!

"No problem... Lightning knows where he gets his manhood from..." Lightning spoke out to the already satisfied Anne Maria who was busy getting redressed, not even forgetting one thing that she truly needs. Her lacy red thong.

"Maybe we should do stuff like this again..." Anne Maria said with a very sweet murmur, "I always imagined what ya would look like dressed in my thong. Why, with that long hard johnson of yours, anything's possible..."

Lightning seemed to blush by this tantalizing comment made from Anne Maria. As soon as Anne Maria finally put on her pants, it was finally time to leave. But not without Lightning stopping her for one moment.

"Hey, Anne Maria... Aren't you gonna have your sha-thong back?" Lightning said as he raised up her thong that she always loved so much.

"Nah, you can keep it... I have plenty of those to keep me occupied for a lifetime. Bye!" Anne Maria said smiling at him as she left the room a whole new woman, thanks to the already breathless Lightning, who looked back at the panties which was holding by his hand.

"Free sha-sex with Anne Maria, and Lightning get off scot-free?" Lightning said with amazement and then took a very prideful smile, "Man... Lightning just got more untouchable! SHA-LIGHTNING!"

As Lightning flexed in victory, he decided to kill time with a well-worthy, well-rested nap throughout the afternoon, just to savor this hot sexual moment. This was perhaps his sweetest day in the history of Lightning.

Consider the case of the missing red laced panties closed.

Damn, this took a very long time to finish, but I couldn't let the loyal LightMaria fans down for creating such hot L/AM lemons such as this! Read and review my broski's! SHA-LIGHTNING!