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Yako stopped for a few moments before entering the office; in that time she had prepared herself for whatever trap awaited her behind the office door, or so she thought. However, like always she was caught completely off guard.

The offence came from her right. Neuro's hand clamped over Yako's head and she was pushed to the ground, her face leaving a deep print in the floor tiles.

"You're late." Neuro exclaimed and released Yako. He then crossed his arms and leant back against the plain walls of the office. Yako for once had no excuse for her bad punctuality and she knew lies wouldn't work on Neuro so instead she remained quiet and examined herself for any new wounds.

Neuro didn't push the matter but made his way over to his desk, past a wide eyed Godai who was leaning forward in his chair, most likely toying with the idea of phoning an ambulance.

"I'm alright.' Yako reassured Godai, who didn't seem convinced. Neuro held back a sigh, he'd thought that by now Godai would have been used to this, Yako wasn't easy to bruise.

Neuro got seated and propped his legs up on the desk lazily. "You wouldn't believe how calm everything has been today," He wasn't smiling. "I would've hoped a mystery would show itself by now." He tucked a dark strand of hair behind his ear, not that he needed to, Yako had never seen Neuro's hair get in the way of his work before.

Yako was watching Neuro from across the room; he'd taken up a newspaper and was scanning it for any new mysteries that may have arisen.

As little as she liked to admit it, Yako often took pleasure in watching her boss; he was so unlike anyone she'd ever met before, even down to the hair on his head.

Neuro's eyes drifted up from the newspaper and met Yako's. "What is it louse?" Yako's cheeks turned scarlet and her gaze darted away, she searched for something to distract her.

Godai was becoming more agitated as he watched the exchange; whatever was going on between those two was not something he wanted to be in the middle of.

Feeling slightly sick to the stomach Godai decided to leave the room and find peace somewhere else. He stood and tucked his cell phone neatly into his trouser pocket.

"I'm... erm..." He struggled for an excuse to leave the office and after a long pause Neuro finished the sentence for him.

"Going to get a drink so that your pea of a brain can work hard enough to satisfy your master's needs." Godai struggled with the temptation to curse Neuro and muttered. "Yea, that." He then left the office.

Neuro went back to his search as usual, leaving Yako with a small mystery of her own.

What was she meant to do now? Yako spotted a pile of detective books on Godai's desk and figuring that he'd never need them she decided to do some revision.

She took the books up in her arms and sat on the couch opposite Godai's desk, relaxing her arms and trying to ignore her headache, which was slowly growing worse.

Yako opened the book and began reading, she'd heard from Akane that Neuro often read detective books but that he never finished them due to his figuring out the mystery before the book revealed the criminal; Yako wondered if Neuro had read these yet.

After reading for a couple of minutes she put the book down. She liked to read, maybe not as much as she enjoyed a good meal, but still she enjoyed reading.

The problem was the office was so unusually quiet. Since she'd first come here something was always going on, only now when everything was calm she realised how much she missed the chaos of this place.

Yako closed her eyes and lay back on the couch, exhaling slowly. The throbbing that surrounded her forehead hadn't died down.

Yako gave in and got to her feet. She was sure she wouldn't be missed from the office and while making as little noise as possible she crept toward the door.

Just as her hand closed around the door handle she felt two large hands on either of her shoulders. "Where does my louse think she's going?" Neuro spoke with both a hint of amusement and disapproval in his voice.

Yako didn't dare turn around or even move for that matter. "I was well," She realised that stuttering out the explanation would only make Neuro more irritated with her and so she built up some courage and began again. "I have a headache so I thought I'd leave early, It didn't seem like you needed me here."

"Foolish servant," The smile Neuro so often wore rose on one side. "You should know by now that you can't leave work without my permission." Yako was growing uncomfortable with Neuro's hands on her shoulders but she dreaded what would happen if she removed them.

Godai made his way back to the office, mumbling insults at Neuro under his breath and juggling a can of Pepsi in his hand.

Yako heard the door opening too late; it collided with her back and she stumbled forward. From instinct she closed her eyes and held her hands up in front of her face waiting for the impact of the fall.

However, when she realised it wasn't going to come she opened her eyes and gasped. She was lying in Neuro's lap, his hand lightly curving round the top of her head protectively. He was looking down at her with an expression Yako had never seen him wear before, it was one of worry.

The expression cleared quickly though, replaced with a deep fury. Neuro practically shoved Yako off him and stood, grabbing Godai by the head and slamming his face into the wall.

"Ah, God." Godai grunted and rubbed his nose. "Hey, it wasn't my fault." He really hated Neuro sometimes, gees the guy should take some anger management classes.

Yako was stunned; she hadn't moved a muscle from where she sat on the floor. Had Neuro actually been worried for her?

Neuro was already sat back at his desk by this time, the anger clearing from his eyes. "Servant number one, stop slacking."

Yako blindly followed his orders as her own thoughts were a blank; she resigned in taking up the books again and having a second try at reading them.

After a few minutes Godai came over to where Yako sat, he took a packet of crisps out from behind his back and held them in front of Yako; it was enough to pull her from the trance Neuro had left her in.

"Look, I'm sorry alright. I got these from downstairs. I was going to eat them myself, but I'm not all that hungry." He dropped the packet in Yako's lap and in return she gave him such a look of gratitude he had to take a couple of steps back.


Yako had only just gotten used to the idea of her mum being back home, and it was bliss. She couldn't understand why people were always complaining about their parents, now that her mum was back she didn't need to cook dinner every night! She collapsed back on her bed with a large Its-good-to-be-home sigh.

"Yako, dinner!" Her mum called from downstairs and Yako jumped up and darted for the door.

Her school bag was lying inconveniently on the second to last step and succeeded in tripping her over, much to Yako's distaste. She flew forward and smacked her head on the floor, the ground shuddering and causing a pile of jackets fall off their hooks and land on Yako's head.

Her head always seemed to get hurt and if Neuro wasn't the cause something else would be.

When Yako removed the jackets, which she was buried under, she was greeted by her mum, who was in fits of laughter. "Yako your," She struggled to say anything through the haul of giggles that were now flowing from her lips. "Your dinner's getting cold."

Yako got up and brushed herself down. She then set off to find her food, ignoring her mum but smiling anyway at how clumsy she must be to trip over her school bag.

When both mother and daughter had finished their fifth helpings of dinner, Yako didn't get her love of food from her dad, Yako's mum gestured to the mobile, which was sat across the table.

"Your friend Kanae called," She smiled. "I told her you'd call her back after dinner." Yako thanked her mum and took up the mobile. What could Kanae want; didn't she have another date today?

Yako dialled Kanae's number and held the phone up to her ear. "Hello? Yako is that you?" The usual chime of Kanae's voice hit Yako like the sweet smell of flowers.

"Hello Kanae, you called earlier. Was it important?"

"Was it important? When has anything concerning you not been important?" She waited a few moments and then carried on "Well anyway, let's cut to the chase. I'm bringing you with me and some other friends down to the beach next Saturday, how does that sound?"

Yako had no room to argue so instead she agreed to the trip; Neuro wouldn't mind her absence for a little while, not that Yako intended to tell him her plans.

"It sounds good, I can't wait." Yako's mother was now clearing the table of plates.

"I'll give you the details tomorrow; you'll love it I promise." Yako could hear Kanae's excitement from across the line. "Bye for now." Yako heard the familiar buzz from her cell indicating the call had ended.

It was already dark and Yako was struggling to keep her eyes open so she pushed her chair back and set off for bed. "Night mum; I'm going to bed before I pass out." She hurried upstairs.

Yako cleaned herself up and got changed into her pyjamas before diving into bed. She curled her toes up under the covers and closed her eyes.

The first image that popped into Yako's mind was one of Neuro. Neuro of all people; His large smile teasing her.

"Argh!" Yako pulled a pillow over her head and rolled over in bed. "How am I supposed to sleep now?"