I'm baaaaacccckkkk! :D I know I said Tuesday but I missed writing so much I had to publish something! And I only have one exam left, which is Critical Thinking, which doesn't take much revision.

So, this is the prologue to my latest story! I've had a few requests for Arthur not taking the reveal so well, so here is my attempt at it. Not much focus on the reveal itself; more about the aftermath.



The creature roared and let loose a jet of flames as the Knight's dived to the side. He heard the King's cry of pain and the yell of panic at the sight of the blood.

He glanced around himself, his fingers closing around Excalibur's bloodied hilt as he staggered to his feet, raising the blade up, over his head.

The beast turned away from the fallen King towards the new threat. They were calling his name, screaming for him to run, get clear. He paid them no attention, as the beast roared and charged.

He swung Excalibur, his eyes flaring gold.

A flash of blue light, and an explosion followed the sword coming into contact with the beasts' armoured flesh. The beast screamed, causing the ground to shake. He raised his hand to the sky as the creature staggered to its feet. The sky rumbled as dark clouds loomed overhead, and a fork of lightning struck the monster. It gave one final scream before collapsing to the ground.

He let out a sigh of relief, picking up the sword and turning around.

To be met with Arthur's furious, piercing eyes.


Very short, not very sweet, but that's just a teaser to see if I should continue. So drop me a review to let me know?

Once Critical Thinking's done on Tuesday, I'll have a whole three weeks till the start of A2's, so, hopefully, that means lots of updates! Can't really set an update time until my exams are officially over, but once I do I'll let you all know. I have about three other stories on the go at the moment anyway; the plot bunnies never turn up when it's convenient…

Thank you to the wonderful Arthursmol and Hollyblue2 for betaing . They both have brand new stories in the Harry Potter and Alex Rider fandoms respectively you should check out.

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