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-It will follow the canon plot line but the events and obstacles that lead up to the final battle will be tweaked moderately to accommodate everyone's favorite ninja.

-Naruto will be a little bit OOC, in a way that he's his usual unpredictable, happy, semi-annoying, loud self yet a pinch more feral, serious and subdued when the time calls for it. Not God Like.

-As for the reason he's in the HP universe, it will be explained in flashbacks throughout the first couple of chapters.

The New Kid

The golden trio walked down the narrow hallway of the Hogwarts Express, ignoring the bustling activity and lively chatter around them as they conversed amongst themselves.

"I didn't mean to blow her up I just lost control."

Harry glanced back at his two best friends for their reactions. Ron's was predictable. He just shot him a grin and a thumbs up while Hermione stared at him with exasperation.


"Honestly Ron it's not funny. Harry's lucky not to be expelled."

"I think I was lucky not to be arrested actually."

"But it's still bloody brilliant."

Hermione peered into a semi empty cubicle and saw two figures covered by their cloaks opposite of each other; one had a mop of brown hair and the other a mop of obnoxiously golden spikes.

"Wonder who they are." Ron looked at the two figures suspiciously.

"I'm guessing one of them is professor R.J. Lupin. The other must be his companion."

"Bloody hell, you know everything don't you?"

The only female in the trio rolled her eyes and pointed to the suitcase above the brown haired one's head.

"It's on the suitcase Ronald."


Before the argument could escalate, Harry slid the door shut and glanced at the unknown passengers.

"Think they're really asleep?"

"Think so, why?"

"I gotta tell you guys something."

"What is it mate?"

"When I arrived at the leaky cauldron, minister Fudge told me it was foolish to travel outside alone because Sirius Black escaped, I asked what that had to do with me yet he said it's nothing. Later on Mr. Weasley told me I'm in danger from Black and that he's out looking for me."

"Bloody hell, let me get this straight, he escaped Azkaban to look for you?"

Ron looked at Harry worriedly, his fists clenched in anger at the thought that their lives would yet again be in danger.

"But they'll catch him won't they, I mean everyone's out looking for him. How can one man hide from thousands of people?"

"Well when said man's the only one to break out of Azkaban adding to the fact that he's a raging murderous lunatic… well you get the picture."

Harry shot a blank look at Ron.

"Thanks Ron, that was really reassuring."

The train jerked a couple of times before a loud screeching noise echoed through out the compartments.

"The trains stopping."

"Thank you missus obvious."

Hermione rolled her eyes at her friend's sarcastic attitude.

"I meant we can't possibly be stopping because we are nowhere near Hogwarts."

"Maybe the train broke down or something."

Ron stood up and plastered himself on the window, making sure to avoid the two sleeping stranger as he whimpered when the lights flickered.

"Bloody hell something's moving out there."

Harry looked around and noticed the train wasn't moving. He eyed the window cautiously as it started frosting over. This was not good he thought. His breath became visible as he and Hermione shared a tentative glance when they heard cracking noises outside their door.

"Merlin what's happening!"

Ron's voice cracked and he took in a shaky breath as he wiped his palms against his trousers.


"Kami, can't a bloke get some sleep around here! What's got your bits in a twist man?"

The trio whipped their heads to the now awake blond who rubbed his eyes sluggishly.

"Well? I'm waiting."

The stranger looked at them intensely, his blue eyes had a feral shine to them under the dim lighting and the golden trio couldn't help but shiver. This guy looked like he was about to pounce on them if he didn't get any answers soon.

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately their conversation was cut short by the dark shrouded figure looming over their door. The occupants of the room shifted their attention to the monstrous hand that wedged its way through the door, it poked it's head through the door and the occupants couldn't help but gasp at it's grotesque appearance.

"A dementor… everyone shut it." The stranger hissed through his teeth.

They gave him small nods of acknowledgement as his gaze focused back on the dementor. Mentally, he went through the non-destructive jutsus or spells he knows to ward off the dementor if this encounter were to go bad. He heard a gasp from his left and his eyes widened as he realized the dementor was sucking the happiness outta Harry.

"Damn." He growled.

The stranger jumped between the Dementor's suck range and Harry as he growled low and bared his teeth. He felt the pull on his bubbly feelings but he knew he could trust Kurama to keep 'em safe for him. The tug of war seemed to last forever until a bright light shone from behind the stranger that caused the dementor to screech and flee.

"For fuck's sake dad, you couldn't have waked up say 2 minutes ago when the blasted thing showed up in here?" The boy grumbled and gave his dad the stink eye.

"I apologize son but as you once said, the hero's entry always comes late." Remus grinned at his son then looked at Harry.

"Blimey Harry, you don't look too good. Here have some chocolate, it'll do you good. Excuse me children but I must have a word with the conductor."

The professor's lips curled up in a smirk as he heard his son growl behind him, the damn bastard left him here to answer questions. The blond stranger looked at the trio as he scratched the back of his neck.

"Um I'm Naruto Uzumaki-Lupin, I'm a 3rd year student. Pleasure to meet you guys."

Naruto finished with an exuberant tone unfitting of his gravelly baritone voice. The trio couldn't help but gawk at this guy as he stood there with his thumbs up and a weird shiny glint on his teeth that somehow instilled the image of green spandex in their mind. Cue the shivers.

Hermione cleared her throat and gave the blond a quick once over. He wasn't bad looking she decided. With his sapphire like eyes, tan skin, chiseled face, tall, muscular build and oh god she was rambling… not to mention those weird jagged whisker tattoos on his face. Okay pull yourself together Hermione. She looked up into amused blue eyes and scolded herself internally as she felt her cheeks heat up.

"I'm Hermione Granger, this is Ron Weasley, and that over there is Harry Potter, we're 3rd year students as well." She extended her hand to him and she couldn't help but notice how abnormally hot his hand was as he shook hers.

Harry shook his head at his friend and the blond enigma and remembered one important fact. This bloke seemed to know what that weird creature was.

"You said something about a dementor earlier. What exactly is that?" He said around a mouthful of chocolate.

"A dementor is a foul creature that sucks the happiness outta you. It was probably here to check for Sirius Black y'know." Naruto nodded sagely.

"Did you hear it too? The scream-"

"Harry what are you talking about? There was no one here but the five us and no one screamed." Hermione said worriedly.

"It's a common occurrence when attacked by a dementor. It brings up the most negative emotion invoking memory you have or whatever. We can ask my dad when he comes back, he's the new DADA teacher."

Naruto sighed as he practically heard the gears turning in Hermione's head. He mentally prepared himself for the onslaught of questions when he saw her lips part.

"3rd year? but you look to be at least 16, and your father is the new DADA professor? How can you just stand in front of a dementor while Harry's almost passed out? And where were you the past few years? I'd notice someone like you if you've been here with us all two years." She finished out of breath.

Her eyes widened comically when she realized what she said and she looked around to see Harry smiling, Ron gawking, and Naruto with the weirdest expression she's ever seen. He looked like he ate a lemon or something nasty. She assumed that it was his "I'm thinking really hard about something" look based on the way his eyes squinted at her.

"I'm a new student and dad called in a favor with the old man to get me in school. Said I needed a decent education and rubbish like that. I got sorted and assessed this past summer and my assessment put me at 3rd year level based on my knowledge of the magical world and yes. I am 16 years old actually; I have bad study habits hehe… I'm good at the practical stuff though. Just not theories."

He sucked in a deep breath before going on.

"Oh and yeh, my dad's the new DADA professor and I can stand in front of a dementor like that because I'm just that much of a badass."

Naruto puffed his chest out and winked at her as chuckled at her bemused expression. Well hey, you can grow a man out of a child but you can't take the child outta a man. Old habits die hard he supposed, and his cocky larger than life attitude was there to stay.

Hermione rolled her eyes at him, she went into parent mode immediately as she glared at the blond with her hands on her waist. "Does he also approve of your use of such crass language?"

"Of course, with the way I grew up it's inevitable to keep my innocence intact." The blond drawled.

The trio quirked an eyebrow at that, what an odd thing to say they thought. They didn't know if he was joking around with them or being serious. And so an awkward silence descended upon them.

"So you said you were sorted last summer? What house you in mate?" Ron never did like awkward silences.

The blond chuckled a little at their inattentiveness he was wearing a gold and red tie for pete's sake. He pointed at his tie and grinned as understanding dawned on their faces.

"Wicked! We're in the same house all four of us." He smiled excitedly at the blond, being friends with a professors son must have some merit to it. Say hello to easy O.

"Yeh mate, gonna be brilliant."

Naruto flashed him his own grin as he gave the red head a thumbs up. He scratched the back of his neck and looked down at the ground.

"Uh since I'm new here y'guys mind if I kick it with you guys at the feast? I don't wanna look completely daft or anything since I don't know anyone… added to the fact that I'm like three years older than-"

"It's no problem Naruto, if you can stand up to a dementor for someone you don't even know then you're okay in my book." Harry smiled at him encouragingly.

"And you're only two years older than me." Hermione added.

"Sounds good babe." He chuckled at her flustered expression but quieted down immediately at her stern glare. He shifted his weight and let out a groan as he felt his stomach rumble. "Damn, should not have eaten that rubbish they served at the cauldron. See you guys at the feast!" Naruto offered a hasty wave before he ran out of the compartment, leaving behind a bewildered and fish eyed trio in his wake.

"Well that was interesting." Harry shook his head at the blond enigma, he had a feeling this year would be interesting with Naruto around. He spared a glance at Hermione and snickered at her disgusted expression. "Y'know, if you keep making that face it might stick forever."

"Oh shut it Harry. That was the most crass and obnoxious man I have ever met."

"Not to mention good looking." Harry added with mirth.

"Yes and good looking… Hey!" She glared at her friend before her lips curled up into a small smile.

"Oh come off it Hermione, you were clearly drooling over that bloke." Ron grinned at her, ignoring the small tug in his chest.

"I was not, I was thoroughly disgusted with his concept of what to share and what to keep to himself and his rather crude language." She looked away from her friends as she fought a silent battle to keep the blush out of her cheeks.

Both boys looked at her with a smirk before sitting back down.

"Whatever you say Hermione." They both replied with a smile.

Chapter 2 In the works as we speak ;)

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