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Hello – thoughts/spells

Hello – Kurama


Remus sat in a conjured plush chair in the headmaster's office. Usually, being in the headmaster's presence set his disturbed spirit at ease but this meeting only proved to raise his hackles as they discussed his adopted son's future.

The headmaster reclined casually in his chair and tinkered with one of the random objects on his desk. "Refresh my mind on your son's abilities, will you old friend?" Dumbledore said, eyes twinkling in interest.

The werewolf took a moment to compose his thoughts, tell too much and it could put Naruto in hot water, tell too little and Dumbledore would find out anyhow. He's stuck in a corner anyways so might as well be truthful. "He's highly proficient in stealth and what he dubbed 'Too destructive to show you jutsus' but that's to be expected considering his previous profession. His strength is off the charts as well as his speed; I've seen him take down his bounties before they were even aware of his presence without the aid of magic or jutsu." Remus claimed with a hint of pride lacing his voice.

"His chakra, what he uses to perform these jutsus can somehow be translated into magic which also allows him the ability to cast spells at a greater effect and magnitude… The perplexing thing about it is he can't use a wand, he merely uses his hands to cast spells." Remus trailed off doubtfully, his observations were merely theories after all. "While he is capable of learning most charms and the like, he has a higher aptitude for the more destructive and offensive spells." Namely the dark arts.

Dumbledore nodded pensively, "And what of his other abilities?" He questioned.

Remus sat up straighter, "Naruto is nothing like my kind. He is what I would call the ideal werewolf."

The aged headmaster's brows rose high in surprise. "How so?"

"He expresses greater bloodlust though exhibits a greater amount of control over it, and honestly he's more like an animagus than a werewolf. While he does feel the restlessness and the pain during a full moon he can transform at will, which he often does to 'blow off some steam.' I think he does this to better… behave himself as he's strongly affiliated with his more feral side."

"And why do you think this so, Remus?" Dumbledore asked though he had already had an inkling as to why this was.

"I believe it is because of his tenant." Remus replied. "From what he's told me, the fox, besides being a chakra powerhouse also acts like an advanced regulator, biologically speaking. My theory is that instead of fighting and healing the illness, if that was even possible, the fox modified it genetically to better fit and benefit his host."

Dumbledore nodded at the explanation, with Naruto being the first of his kind to hop from another dimension to theirs there weren't really anything or anyone to use as a basis of comparison for his abilities. "Such power for one so young." He mused. "But what to do with it?"

Remus tensed at the question, this was exactly what he was afraid of; Naruto becoming another pawn in the set. Something his adopted son would not take kindly to.

"Darkness is upon us old friend, and I'm afraid it is all coming down on Harry. Which is why I see it to be most beneficial for the boy to have a friend in the shadows. Naruto to be more precise."

The werewolf relaxed marginally, his boy was friends with Harry so it wouldn't take much, if any arguing and bribing at all to get him to protect the-boy-who-lived. "I see. I shall alert him of his duty to be Harry's shadow."

The headmaster smiled benignly at the professor, "Very good. Also, give word that I'd like to speak with him regarding other matters." He said dismissively and offered a sherbet lemon to the departing professor, one that was promptly declined. Chuckling to himself he popped one of the sweets in his mouth as he went about to update his Pensieve.


Naruto reclined back on the grass and sighed in contentment, the weekend was finally here and he was ecstatic to not have anything to learn not that I was learning anything in the first place, the pile of homework he was assigned can go hex itself for all he cares. No way was he doing that on a weekend, or pretty much ever he decided. Not to mention he was finally freed of the damn constricting (In his honest opinion) school uniform. So instead of the charcoal trousers and crisp oxford shirt with that bloody suffocating tie, he was now garbed in black athletic shorts with an orange stripe running down the side and a bright orange muscle shirt along with a pair of orange sports sandals he fancied on his ventures in the muggle world.

'Kurama.' He called out, chuckling when all he got back was a couple of snores in response. 'Lazy bastard.' The blonde shook his head and looked back at the sky, grumbling to himself about the endless expanse of grey clouds. Whoever said every cloud has a silver lining's clearly never been to Scotland.

"Aren't you cold?" A voice asked to his right.

Naruto tilted his head to the side to look at the speaker, a smile playing on his lips in greeting at the female Weasley. "Nope." He stared at her for a bit, her dark red hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail, bringing out her chocolate brown eyes and exposing her freckle laden button nose, high cheekbones and plump lips perfectly. She wore a thick looking navy blue jumper with a 'G' on it along with a knit scarf and some casual jeans and sneakers. Didn't realize it was that nippy outside, he thought sheepishly.

Ginny shook her head at the boy thinking he was just trying to act tough like the rest of 'em. She fidgeted in her spot awkwardly as the teen didn't break off their eye contact. A blush blossomed on her cheeks at the prolonged silence, she tried to rack her mind for something to say but came up with nothing so instead she ogled the blonde's exposed physique. Are those tattoos on his cheeks? Geez, snap out of it Ginerva! He's going to think you're weird.

The tall blonde coughed to get her attention, "Enjoying the scenery?"

"W-what!" She sputtered.

He quirked a brow at her, "I meant the grounds… What did you think I meant?" He asked with a teasing grin.

The witch blushed scarlet and glared at the lounging teen. Teasing her already? They barely knew each other, the nerve of him.

Naruto laughed at her disgruntled face, "Relax Ginny, I'm just playing. Now don't be shy and pop a squat."

Ginny glanced at the spot he patted skeptically, on one hand it would be good to get to know the guy that's somehow twisting Hermione's knickers but on the other, Ron told her to keep her distance and she was not in the mood to listen to him, pardon her French, bitch if he found out about her associating with her fellow Gryff. And somehow, news of her speaking or even breathing in the direction of any boy always got to him.

"Scared?" Naruto taunted, "I don't bite." He winked.

Ginny snorted, "How cliché." She said, huffing and shrugging before plopping her arse down on the spot beside the blonde. "So why aren't you at Hogsmeade?"

"Why aren't you?" He threw back playfully.

She rolled her eyes at the lounging teen beside her, "I'm a second year. Hogsmeade weekends are only for third years and up."

The blonde nodded, "I see, could've sworn you were older though." He mused, eyes shutting lazily.

Her cooling cheeks reddened again at the offhand compliment the blonde gave her, thanking her lucky stars that the older boy's eyes were shut she took her time observing him. He had an angular face with sharp features, stubble a shade darker than his bright blonde hair covered his chiseled jaw and once again her eyes were drawn to the three dark and jagged lines on his cheeks. He was quite handsome and coupled with his laidback and playful attitude, it wasn't hard to see why he flustered Hermione so much.

"You can ask, you know? I can feel you staring at me." His tone was of amusement.

"Was not." She mumbled indignantly, "What an interesting choice of tattoos."

"Huh?" He grunted, eyes opening to glance at the Weaslette in confusion.

"On your cheeks." She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, "Those are tattoos… aren't they?" Ginny asked hesitantly, she didn't want to offend him if those markings were from a curse or a dark spell as those have been known to leave a mark both physically and mentally on it's victim.

"Ah, nah they're not tattoos. They're birthmarks."

"What're the odds." She mused.


"What're the odds that you'd get six identical birthmarks."

Naruto shrugged casually, "Must mean I'm a lucky guy or something." He winked.

"Cheeseballs." She smiled, "So how come you're not at Hogsmeade?" She repeated, Hermione confided in her about the two's awkward exchange and she briefly wondered if this was the older Gryffindor moping. But then her mind went back to the Gryffindor wide conversation about his rather peculiar friendship and interactions with that bimbo Greengrass and she figured he wasn't really troubled by Hermione's reluctant rejection. She sighed, her friend was once again overthinking things.

"I'm not really low on my supplies of sugar quills and blood pops so I don't see the need to travel there." He spoke, breaking her away from her thoughts.

Ginny's nose scrunched in distaste, "You actually like blood pops?"

He smiled at her widely, inadvertently flashing her his enlarged and sharpened canines. "Of course! They're the next best thing after Ramen." He was definitely not telling her that this preference was due to his special condition.

Ginny eyed his teeth wearily, blood pops plus those way too sharp to be normal teeth? "You're not a vampire are you?" She asked, half serious and half joking as her hand went up to her scarf covered throat slowly.

Heavy blonde brows lifted in amusement as he laughed boisterously she couldn't be any farther from the truth "No." He wheezed out. "Do I look like a vampire to you?"

The witch huffed in annoyance as the blonde kept on laughing at her expense, "I guess not." She conceded as she took in his tan skin and wild blue eyes.

"Sorry, that just came from out of nowhere." He bit out in between his dying laughter, "Have you actually tried one before?"

"No, the name itself is enough to make me cringe." She shivered.

"Well, no time like the present." He said cheerfully.

Ginny groaned, "Do I have to?" She whined.

"Ginny." Naruto tsked, "Hasn't your mum ever told you not to judge a candy by its wrapper?" He mock chided, shaking his head at her.

Said girl merely sighed and shook her head at the blonde, I can see how Hermione 'sort-of fancies' him, but Merlin this boy is a bit thick. "Let's have it then." She grumped, holding her hand out for the bloody pun intended pop.

"Geez, lil Red's so bossy, what happened to the shy lil' girl I met a few nights ago." He joked. He held his hand up, a look of concentration momentarily appearing on his face, "Accio blood pops."

She pursed her lips at him at the nickname, a brow quirking up in amusement, "You make it hard to be shy." She stated with a shrug, Ginny didn't know how she got so comfortable around the blonde but it was nice to not be so reserved around a male that wasn't one of her brothers. "'Sides, you're not as intimidating as everyone thinks you are once you get to talking and was that actually supposed to do anything?" She teased.

Naruto smirked at her, "Just wait. Ah there it is." He saw and heard the suckers zipping towards him and he looked at the witch smugly as she looked at him in slight shock. "Impressed?"

"No, that's not an uncommon spell." She threw back smirking, giggling as he visibly deflated. "What I am surprised by is that you did it without a wand." She said, voice laced with curiosity.

"I can't use a wand." He shrugged haphazardly, tearing into a sucker eagerly. He threw the other unopened candy at her smiling at her wildly around the sucker. "Well, go on then, have a lick."

She ripped the packet hesitantly, brows pulling together in confusion at the blonde's statement, "Can't use a wand? But you can do wandless magic?" She asked perplexed, wand less magic was no joke. It took great discipline and a lot of power and control to pull off, not to mention a lot of time to gain said control.

Ginny looked at the blood pop with semi-disgust as she held it close to her lips, her tongue darted out to take a quick lick but instead of the pure metallic tang that she was expecting, it turned out to be sweeter with a hint of strawberry followed by the metallic flavor of blood but strangely enough the flavors meshed well together and tasted pretty good rather than being downright repulsing. "Not as bad as I thought it'd be." She grinned. "I can see it being an acquired taste."

The blonde snorted and threw the girl an 'I told you so' look, "To answer your question, yes I can use wandless magic, it's actually the only way I can do magic. The last couple of times I tried to use a wand it exploded so dad tried to see if I can cast spells with simple hand gestures or motions and to both of our surprises it worked."

Ginny gaped at him in disbelief, "How is that even possible."

"Dunno." He answered breezily, "I've long since stopped questioning my…" Naruto paused as he searched for the right word. "Talents, instead I've learned to accept them and take it as is." He shrugged. "No need to look a gift horse in the mouth, I always say."

Ginny snickered at his rather blasé attitude regarding a skill many others would kill for. Though her respect for him did go up a notch, not many would be so casual and humble about possessing such a revered skill. Her eyes lit up like the proverbial light bulb as she thought of something brilliant. "Can you teach me?"

Naruto's face scrunched in thought, "I don't know, since it's more of an innate thing for me." At her deflated expression, he quickly rebounded and said, "But we can try!" He smiled widely and gave her a thumbs up. "Let's start with something simple. Agua Eructo."

A jet of water violently gushed from his outstretched hand, his brows drew together in concentration as he went about shaping it. Ginny watched the blonde manipulate the geyser, brown eyes taking every little contortion and shape it morphed into with rapt attention. Until she saw the final product…

"You like?" He waggled his eyebrows at her playfully, whistling at the fruits of his labor, a nude and rather curvy woman. And due to his spell's constant motion, it's figure seemed to be gyrating and moving rather suggestively.

Ginny didn't know if she should laugh herself silly or hex the blonde, so she settled for some good ol' righteous feminine fury, "You bloody pervert." She screeched, lips quivering as she struggled to contain her laughter.

Naruto cackled, "Sorry, sorry, couldn't help myself." His woman morphed into some sort of fish as he sent it shooting forward to do nosedive in the black lake. "Now you try."

She puffed out a breath and looked at the blonde incredulously, he called that simple? "Do you really expect me to do that on my first try? I can't even create that much water with a simple aguamenti."

The blonde's eyes narrowed at her impatiently, "C'mon Red, you definitely can't do it with that attitude." Naruto goaded, "Just focus and think you can instead of can't."

She snorted, "You should be a motivational speaker. But alright, how do I start?"

Naruto looked perplexed for a second, "Uh I guess just hold your hand out and say the incantation…" He trailed off.

Ginny tried it and as expected, nothing happened. She stared at him doubtfully, "It can't be that easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it."

"Did you focus your magic on your hand?"

Her brow rose in question, "What?"

Naruto rested his cheek on his knuckles as he pondered how to better explain it to the younger girl. "Try it with a wand first. Actually try casting lumos with your wand first."

Ginny nodded, and fished her wand out of her pocket, "Lumos."

"Do you feel it?" Naruto asked.

"Feel what?"

"That's a no then. Though it's expected since you grew up with and around magic. Concentrate on your wand, do you feel it pulling at you?"

Her face scrunched in concentration, she didn't feel a physical pull but she assumed her friend turned teacher didn't actually mean a tug on her person. Her eyes shut as she breathed deeply, for a while nothing happened until she felt it. There, her eyes snapped open as she felt her magic siphoning into the wand to power her spell. "I can feel it now." She breathed, amazed.

The teen nodded with a bright smile on his face, "Good. You're well on your way to being as awesome as I am."

Ginny rolled her eyes at him humorously, "Now what?"

"Now it's a matter of channeling your magic to your hands instead of your wand. It might take some time and a lot of concentration but once you figure out how to summon your magic and manipulate it without a medium, doing this, Lumos." His free hand was engulfed in a bright light, "Will be child's play."

"Ah, there you are son. I've been looking all over for you."

Both Gryffs turned to the professor, one with an inquisitive look on his face and the other one donning a sheepish expression at the impromptu out-of-class lesson.

"Did you need something?" Naruto asked.

"What can't your old man hang out with you on a weekend anymore?" Remus said, feigning hurt and chuckling at the blonde's cringe. "You're in luck though seeing as the headmaster would like to speak to you."

"Whatever it was, I didn't do it." Naruto stated solemnly.

Ginny snickered, no wonder the twins thought Naruto to be a 'damn righteous bloke,' he apparently shared the same penchant for troublemaking.

The werewolf grinned at his son mischievously, "I'm sure you had nothing to do with certain unfortunate incidents, but I'm afraid I know naught of what headmaster wishes to see you about."

The blonde grumbled and bit his blood pop, can't he ever get a break in this place? He stood up, stretching and cracking the tension out of his back. His fast reflexes caught the chocolate bar his dad whipped at him, "Orange flavored?" He grinned. "Awesome, see you later Red, dad." Naruto smiled at the girl before he turned and lazily walked back towards the castle.

Remus glanced at the girl thoughtfully, "Do not take wandless magic lightly Ginerva, it's hard to learn and even harder to master for a reason. Don't let Naruto fool you into thinking it's simple; he's a bit thick regarding the expanse of his abilities." Remus said fondly, "A simple error could result in the most disastrous results." He cautioned, having said his piece he bid the young girl goodbye as he ambled off to take a walk around the grounds.

Ginny took a couple of moments to collect herself, she'd be lying if she said the professor's words didn't bother her. He was underestimating her just like everyone else did. Just like Harry, Hermione, Ron and her family did. Her fist clenched in anger, the familiar dark feelings from her time as Tom's puppet crept up on her and she took a few deep breaths to calm herself. I'm stronger than this.

Guilt took over once her anger subsided, if Naruto was getting berated or scolded by the headmaster for teaching her wandless magic at her request then she'd best be there when he comes out to apologize. It wouldn't do to lose her one friend that indirectly expressed his confidence in her abilities as a witch. Nodding at her course of action, she stood up and brushed the grass and dirt of her jeans. She trudged back to the castle, completely unaware of the following events that would shape and tie her future with another.


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