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Chap 8

When Grimmjow awoke he felt amazing, sure his body was sore, but it was a pleasing soreness. Ichigo's scent was all over him and it smelled so damn good. Never had sex felt so good, sure he was a virgin bottom but he had his share of rutting partners and none of them compared to Ichigo. He snuggled into the welcoming warmth Ichigo provided and breathed a content sigh. 'I don't want this to end.' He was bathed in the warmth and smell of his mate and the musk of sex, for him it was a good way to wake up.

Knock knock

Grimmjow growled and nuzzled Ichigo's chest. 'Just ignore it maybe they'll go away.'

Knock knock knock

'Just ignore it.' Grimmjow thought, a tick of anger at his temple.

Knock knock knock knock.

'Fuck!' Grimmjow snapped, and despite the soreness he felt he got up and stomped over to the door. The naked Espada through open the door and glared at the messenger. "WHAT?!"

The messenger gulped, and was shaking under the fierce glare of the naked blue haired male. "Uh…uh…um…I…um…Lord Aizen…has called…a meeting for the…espada…"

"Fine now get lost!" Grimmjow snapped, and the messenger ran for it. "Tch, damn Aizen."

"Someone's not a morning person." Ichigo said, and Grimmjow shivered.

"I was fine until we were interrupted." Grimmjow crawled back into bed, and Ichigo hugged him.

"How ya feeling Grimmjow, I was a little rough with you." Ichigo said, rubbing the man's back. Grimmjow leaned into the touch and nuzzled Ichigo's neck.

"I'm fine, I feel amazing actually. Besides I like it rough." Grimmjow said, giving a playful nip to Ichigo's shoulder.

"Good to know." Ichigo gave a swat to Grimmjow's firm ass. Grimmjow moaned, and the two smirked at each other. "Let's hit the showers." Ichigo said, and he scooped Grimmjow up, and with no shame or embarrassment Ichigo carried Grimmjow naked to the showers. He turned the hot water on and immediately began molesting Grimmjow.

As the hot water poured down their bodies Ichigo teased Grimmjow, one hand wrapped around Grimmjow's stiff length while his other hand fingered Grimmjow's hole, causing his cum to spill out and run down Grimmjow's legs only to be washed away. "Ahh Ichigo!"

Ichigo sucked on Grimmjow's neck and gave his cock a squeeze. "Ohh fuck!" Grimmjow moaned, and bucked back against Ichigo's probing fingers. Ichigo chuckled, and began rubbing Grimmjow's sweet spot enjoying the moans he gained from the Espada. "I'm cumming!" Grimmjow howled as he came spraying his seed all over himself, the shower washed away the bluenette's essence.

"That was hot Grimmjow!" Ichigo purred into Grimmjow's ear, he rubbed his arousal against Grimmjow's body.

Grimmjow wasted no time and pinned Ichigo against the wall. He smirked and sank down to his knees. He took Ichigo's huge rod into his mouth and began sucking him hungrily. Grimmjow purred at the taste and began bobbing his head. Ichigo moaned, loving Grimmjow's aggressive actions. He laced his fingers through Grimmjow's hair as the male slurped and sucked his stiff cock. 'Man he's good at this!'

Ichigo closed his eyes in pleasure, and let Grimmjow work. Grimmjow however realized they weren't alone, Espada 1 Starrk was there and watching the whole scene. He had been thrown into the showers by Lilynette as a way of waking him up for the meeting, he never expected to see such things, but he was enjoying it.

Starrk pumped his cock as he watched Grimmjow work Ichigo's cock. 'He's so big!' Starrk thought, watching Grimmjow take each inch into his mouth and nuzzle Ichigo's pubes, before pulling back to the tip. Ichigo moaned Grimmjow's name as he came, and Grimmjow sucked down every drop. Grimmjow pulled off Ichigo's softening cock and licked his lips. "Thanks for the meal!"

"You're welcome, now come here." Ichigo pulled Grimmjow up and kissed him. The two made out under the shower; Starrk found his own release and quickly used sonido to escape.


As Ichigo dried off, Grimmjow took a look at his neck. He placed his hand on the mark and felt the power of their bond. 'I've gained a powerful mate. One who truly loves me, out bond would not be so strong if he didn't.' Grimmjow rubbed their mating mark, and he smiled.

"Oi Grimmjow you should get dressed." Ichigo said, tossing a fresh set of clothes to Grimmjow. Grimmjow turned to Ichigo and when he looked at him he felt a deep sadness coming from him, it was buried deep down but Grimmjow could feel it. "Hey I know I'm hot but don't space out on me." Ichigo said playfully, he tapped Grimmjow's forehead.

"Baka." Grimmjow snapped, and quickly looked away. 'Why didn't I realize it before, of course he's upset he was taken away from his home and family and changed into an arrancar. He tries to hide it and put on a brave front.' Grimmjow got dressed. 'It's all Aizen's fault, one way or another he will pay.'

The two Espada, dressed and presentable entered the meeting room where Aizen and the other Espada had already gathered. Aizen grinned at the two. "Please sit down, we have much to discuss."

Grimmjow took his 6th seat and Ichigo's spot was next to Starrk. Starrk blushed when Ichigo passed by. Szayel noticed the new found connection between Ichigo and Grimmjow and was not pleased. 'I cannot believe that brat got to him first, I'll find a way to get into Ichigo's bed one way or another.'

"Well then my Espada, let's get this meeting underway."

Aizen spoke of the key and how it would help them reach the soul king. When Ichigo heard the price for creating the key his blood ran cold. "So you plan on sacrificing all of Karakura Town for this key. I must object to that!" Ichigo snapped abruptly, shocking most of the Espada.

"I knew you would Ichigo, you need not worry. We don't need to create our own key there's some already made." Ichigo returned to his seat but was still on edge. "There is a reason why hollows are drawn to Karakura Town after all, after some research I learned that keys already exist to enter the palace. They are hidden in select locations, these keys give off unique energy that hollows unconsciously are drawn to. So we'll locate the key and move our plans forward."

"Lord Aizen if I may?" Szayel stood up, Aizen nodded to him. "After some data gathering there's no absolute way to locate the key from here, we will have to go to Karakura Town itself."

"Maybe, for now we will continue to build our forces. I'll consider sending a small group into Karakura town when the time is right." Aizen said, "You Ichigo-kun may need start training your fraccion and get him ready."

"I see." Ichigo said, 'I just need to bide my time here, and find a way to get word to the others.'


"What do you mean, there is no rescue party?! Ichigo was taken by Aizen, how can soul society not take action?" Kensei had gone to Urahara in hopes of hearing something.

"I'm sorry there's not better news, but since Ichigo-kun is a substitute soul reaper, they have no obligation to help him." Urahara said, and Kensei was not happy with that answer. "You can't get angry it's how soul society works. In their minds they cannot do anything with the threat of Aizen looming in the distance. This could all be a part of Aizen's plan capture Ichigo and drive them to go and rescue him and divide our forces."

Renji and Chad overheard this and they were also not happy. "If Soul Society won't help then I'll go myself if I have to." Kensei said, and left the shop.

"You boys feel the same?" Urahara asked Chad and Renji.

"Of course!"

"I see, I'll make some preparations, be patient and hone your skills we will get Ichigo back." Urahara said, although the shop keeper was just as angry as they were, and he couldn't help but feel something bad has happened to Ichigo.

To be continued